Power Rangers Timeline
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This timeline lists fictional Power Rangers events across various media, most notably the TV series and the Boom! Studios comics.
Spoiler Warning: Includes The Return #1
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[xx] == Millions of years ago #break-mya * This is the time of the Morphin Masters, ancient beings connected to the Morphin Grid. * On Earth, the dinosaurs go extinct (explanations vary). [20 22 xx] == Millions of years ago (("when the battle between good and evil began")) #power-eggs | TV, MMPR i: morphing-masters.jpg | Morphing Masters releasing chest (clearer image from Zyuranger episode 9) | left * The "**[Morphing Masters = Morphin Masters]**" [sic] cast [Power Eggs] into the sea, hoping their ancestors will watch over them. - "Big Sisters" == Unknown (("the birth of the universe")) #emissaries-and-empyreals | Boom!, MMPR i: emissaries-and-empyreals.jpg | Emissaries and Empyreals in Lentinvous's vision | left * Per an [Edenoite vision = #lentinvous], the "[First Ones = Morphin Masters]" create three messengers and their corresponding shadows ((thought to be the **[Emissaries]** and **[Empyreals]**)). - Power Rangers #5 > down | #zeon == Unknown ((age of dinosaurs)) #morphinaut | Boom!, MMPR i: morphinaut.jpg | Morphinaut in the Morphin Grid * The **[Morphin Masters]** study the [Morphin Grid], a life force permeating all universes. They construct [Masterforges] to harness the Grid's power. [= Safehaven] * On prehistoric Earth in the "A47 galaxy," the [Morphinaut] develops a prototype [Master Arch] to prove the Grid is also a physical realm. He seals himself inside upon sensing [Dark Specter]'s enroaching presence. - MMPR #38: Morphin Masters study the Morphin Grid - Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness: Masterforges - Power Rangers Universe: Morphinaut, Earth > down | #squadron-rangers [20 22 xx] == Unknown (("deep in the past")) #morphin-masters-make-powers | TV, Dino Fury i: morphin-masters-making-powers.jpg | Master Red creating Dino Gems | left * The **[Morphin Masters]** use the [Morphin Grid] to create artifacts to power Ranger teams ((including the [Dino Gems], [Energems], and [Ninja Nexus Prism])). - "Unexpected Guest" == Unknown ((long before Zordon's era)) #zeon | Boom!, MMPR i: vitara.jpg | Zeon stabbing Vitara with the Zeo Crystal * According to legend, the [First Ones = Morphin Masters] lament the rule of the [Morphin Realm = Morphin Grid] by the chaos demon Vitara; Zeon slays it with the **[Zeo Crystal]** ((a physical fragment of the [Morphin Grid])). - Mighty Morphin #8 == Unknown ((584 years after Morphinaut's disappearance)) #squadron-rangers | Boom!, MMPR i: squadron-transformed.jpg | Six Emissaries with Phantom Ranger * Across various worlds, [Dark Specter]'s forces try to sabotage the [Morphin Grid] as the [Morphin Masters] ascend into it using [Master Arches = Master Arch] and Morphin Hearts. * On Earth, six teen Morphin Masters meet the [Morphinaut] and morph into [Squadron Rangers]. * Dark Specter corrupts the Morphinaut into the [Phantom Ranger], but the Rangers flood Earth with Morphin energy, repelling Dark Specter and transforming themselves into **[Emissaries]**. * The Phantom Ranger enters the Morphin Grid and later emerges on [Eltar|Zordon]. - MMPR #48 / Power Rangers Universe / MMPR #106: Master Arches, ascension - Power Rangers Universe: Squadron Rangers, Phantom Ranger - Power Rangers Universe / Mighty Morphin #22: Emissaries [xx] == Unknown (("many millennia ago")) #corona-aurora | TV, Operation Overdrive i: corona-scattering.jpg | Sentinel Knight with Corona Aurora | right * [Moltor] and [Flurious] are imprisoned. [Sentinel Knight] sends the **[Corona Aurora]** to Earth; over time, the gems are scattered by continental drift. - "Kick into Overdrive, part 1": Moltor and Flurious, jewels scattered, "many millennia ago" - "Kick into Overdrive, part 1" / "Way Back When": Pangaea, continental drift [xx] == 150 million years ago #q-rex | TV, Time Force i: q-rex.jpg | Q-Rex | right * Lost from the [30th century = #time-force-origin], **[Time Force]**'s [Q-Rex] remains in prehistory until [Wes], [Eric], and a [mutant] take it to [2001 = #ransik-arrives]. The [Quantum Morpher] remains hidden. - "The Quantum Quest": Quantum Morpher, "over 150 million years ago" - "Clash for Control": Q-Rex [xx 25 28] == Unknown ((prior to Keeper incident)) #dark-energem | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension, Negated Timeline i: heckyl-with-dark-energem.jpg | Heckyl holding Dark Energem * **[Heckyl]** is turned evil by the [Dark Energem]. * [Lord Arcanon] destroys Sentai 6. - "Catching Some Rays" / "Recipe for Disaster" / "Wings of Danger": Dark Energem, Arcanon - "Wings of Danger": Heckyl == Unknown ((prior to Keeper incident)) #dark-energem-protected | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension i: heckyl-the-keeper.jpg | Heckyl as he looked before traveling back in time * Future **[Heckyl]** and [Zenowing] arrive from the [future = #end-of-extinction] to protect Sentai 6. - "End of Extinction" > left | #dark-energem == Unknown ((prior to Keeper incident)) #dark-energem-protected-boom | Boom!, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension i: heckyl-dark-ranger.jpg | Heckyl morphed as the Dark Ranger | top * **[Heckyl]** destroys [Arcanon] as the [Dark Ranger]; [Zenowing] dies helping Heckyl control the power he's unleashed. - MMPR #35 > left | #dark-energem-protected [xx] == 65 million years ago #knights-of-rafkon | TV, Dino Fury i: morphin-masters-dino-fury.jpg | Morphin Masters and Dino Fury Rangers * [Rafkon] is ruined by the creation of [Sporix beasts]. The Knights of Rafkon pursue the Sporix to Earth and receive **[Dino Fury]** powers from the **[Morphin Masters]**. * Upon defeating the Sporix, [Zayto] and [Aiyon] survive in suspended animation. Small numbers of Rafkonians survive off-world. The Light and Shadow Zords remain on [Nibyro]. * Hunted by villains, the Morphin Masters hide to protect the [Morphin Grid]. Master Red forbids helping mortals, but [Master Green] continues in secret. - "Destination Dinohenge" / "Ancient History": Sporix - "Waking Nightmares": Nibyro - "The Invasion": survivors - "Morphin Master": hiding, Master Green [30 30 xx] == 65 million years ago #in-space-asteroid | TV, In Space i: ancient-asteroid.jpg | Asteroid striking Earth * A giant asteroid strikes the Earth with catastrophic effects. - "Dark Specter's Revenge, part 1" > right | #dino-gems-arrive == Millions of years ago #dino-gems-arrive | TV, Dino Thunder i: dinosaur-extinction.jpg | Dinosaur extinction (image from Power Rangers In Space) | almost-right * An asteroid containing the **[Dino Gems]** crashes into Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs. - "Day of the Dino, part 2" == 65 million years ago #green-rita | Movie, PR 2017 i: rita-green.jpg | Green Ranger Rita confronts Zordon | right * [Zordon] and his team die protecting the Earth from [Green Ranger] **[Rita]**. The [Power Coins] are buried. * [Alpha]'s meteor strike knocks Rita into the ocean. - Power Rangers (2017 movie) [xx 40] == 65 million years ago #energems | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension, Negated Timeline i: keeper-with-t-rex.jpg | Keeper asking a Tyrannosaurus for help | left * In his dimension, **[Keeper]** entrusts the [Energems] to dinosaurs. * Keeper cripples **[Sledge]**'s ship; his spilled asteroid collection wipes out the dinosaurs. * Later, [Zenowing] finds the silver Energem before being turned evil by [Lord Arcanon]. - "Powers from the Past": Keeper, Sledge, asteroids - "Wings of Danger": Zenowing > right | #end-of-extinction == 65 million years ago #end-of-extinction | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension i: sledge-into-sun.jpg | Sledge being thrown into the sun | left * [Rangers = Dino Charge Rangers|Prince Phillip|Kendall|Heckyl|Tyler|James|Zenowing|Chase|Koda|Ivan|Shelby|Riley] from the [future = #dino-charge] send **[Sledge]** into the sun, saving their dimension's dinosaurs. [= Keeper] * [Heckyl] and [Zenowing] travel [further back in time = #dark-energem-protected], while the others return to their [eras = #now-with-dinosaurs]. - "End of Extinction" [xx] == Thousands of years ago #break-kya * This period contains the origins of Zordon, Rita Repulsa, and Lord Zedd. [45 xx] == 100,000 years ago #koda | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension, Negated Timeline i: koda-finds-energem.jpg | Koda finds the blue Energem * Soon after finding the blue [Energem], **[Koda]** is trapped in ice while saving his brother Taku. ((Dinosaurs are extinct at this point.)) - "A Fool's Hour": time frame - "Return of the Caveman": flashback > right | #koda-returns == 100,000 years ago #koda-returns | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension i: koda-christmas.jpg | Koda greeting Preston * **[Koda]** returns to his time, where dinosaurs now still exist. He continues to interact with other Ranger teams using a [transportal device = Time Force]. - "End of Extinction": Koda returns - Super Ninja Steel: "Dimensions in Danger" / "The Poisy Show": transportal device [33 xx] == Over 16,000 years ago #lentinvous | Boom!, MMPR i: lentinvous.jpg | Modern-day hologram of Lentinvous | top * After seeing a vision of the [birth of the universe = #emissaries-and-empyreals], Lentinvous of [Edenoi] goes mad. - Power Rangers #5 == Unknown (("many millennia ago")) #original-omega-rangers | Boom!, MMPR i: spaark-grief.jpg | Spa'ark's grief * After the Blue [Omega Ranger] dies in battle, Gold Ranger Spa'ark transforms into the **[Death Ranger]**, seeking to reverse death. Spa'ark's essence is sealed in their Morpher and hidden in [Safehaven]. - Power Rangers Unlimited: The Death Ranger [30 32 xx] == Thousands of years ago #zeo-hiding | TV, MMPR i: zeo-crystal-hiding.jpg | Sorcerers hiding Zeo Crystal | left * Sorcerers from the [M51] galaxy hide the **[Zeo Crystal]** in Earth's moon to keep it from [Master Vile]. * [Lord Zedd] claims the [moon palace] at some point. (([Rita] later jokes that Zedd was disfigured while trying to claim the Zeo Crystal.)) - "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, part 1" > down | #boom-zedd-origin == 10,000 years ago #renegade-zeo-crystal | RPG, Renegade, MMPR i: renegade-games-zedd.jpg | Lord Zedd | top * In the [M51] galaxy, [Zordon] flees with the **[Zeo Crystal]** as [Lord Zedd] conquers [Eltar]. * Zedd's general [Rita] ((joined by [Goldar] of [Sirius])) conquers [Edenoi]. Zordon frees thousands of Edenoites, including [Alpha-5]. - Renegade Games Core Rulebook > left | #zeo-hiding == Thousands of years ago #praetor | Boom!, MMPR, Solar Universe i: praetor-history.jpg | Praetor turns against the Solar Rangers (Purple escaping at bottom) * After the [Morphin Masters] discover the Splintered Star ((a planet made of [Zeo Crystals = Zeo Crystal])), the **[Praetor]** and his [Solar Rangers] sever that universe from the [Morphin Grid]. * The Praetor eventually turns against his Rangers. The Purple Ranger hides the [Solarix]. - MMPR #33: "for thousands of years" - MMPR #38: Praetor [xx] == Over 10,000 years ago #boom-zedd-origin | Boom!, MMPR i: zophram-skinless.jpg | Zophram's transformation | almost-top * On [Eltar], young **[Zordon]** serves as a Guardian alongside [Zophram] and [Zartus]. * On Earth's moon, the Guardians discover the **[Zeo Crystal]** in a [moon palace] guarded by [Bandorian monks] from [M51]. Per Zartus's scheme, Zophram is disfigured upon touching the Zeo Crystal ((wiping out the Bandorians and dinosaurs living on the moon)). * Zordon inherits the role of Supreme Guardian and sets up an [outpost = Command Center] on Earth. Zophram survives as **[Lord Zedd]**. - Mighty Morphin #1, et al.: "over ten thousand years ago" - Mighty Morphin #1 and 16: new recruit Zordon - Mighty Morphin #6–7: Guardians discover Zeo Crystal - Mighty Morphin #9–10: Zophram's transformation - Mighty Morphin #12 and 17: Command Center - Mighty Morphin #13 and 15: Zedd's rise, Zordon as Supreme Guardian [xx 50] == Over 10,000 years ago #atlantis | TV, Operation Overdrive i: atlantis.jpg | Temple of Atlantis * The temple of Atlantis is created. ((The black gem of the [Corona Aurora] resides here for a time.)) - "The Underwater World": Atlantis, "over 10,000 years old" - "Heart of Blue" / "Pirate in Pink": black gem == Over 10,000 years ago #beast-war | TV, Jungle Fury i: dai-shi-mural.jpg | Mural depicting beast war * [Dai Shi]'s beast army is defeated. [Pai Zhua] is established. - "Welcome to the Jungle, part 1": Pai Zhua, "over 10,000 years ago" - "Welcome to the Jungle, part 1" / "Bad to the Bone" / "Path of the Rhino": last beast war [xx 45] == Over 10,000 years ago #boom-rita-origin | Boom!, MMPR | 2 rows i: young-rita-with-phantom.jpg | Phantom Ranger and young Rita in the Masterforge * [Fienna] and [Eldin] (([Master Vile]])) receive conflicting visions of their daughter **[Rita]**'s future: Fienna sees her as [Mystic Mother], but Vile seeks to make her a vessel of [Dark Specter]. [= Darkonda] * At a [Masterforge], the [Phantom Ranger] ((sent by [Zordon])) helps Fienna imbue Rita with Morphin energy. Fienna dies, and Master Vile trains Rita to serve Dark Specter in other ways. * At age 17, Rita reluctantly betrays the son of resistance leaders, sealing him in a ruby in her wand. - Go Go Power Rangers #17: Rita's birth - Go Go Power Rangers #19: Fienna flees with Rita - Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness: Phantom Ranger, Master Vile, Fienna and Rita - "The Price of Ambition": age 17, wand > down | #boom-rita-recruits-crew == Unknown (("centuries" ago)) #rito-bones | Boom!, MMPR i: rito-renegade.jpg | Rito (as depicted in the Renegade Games Core Rulebook) * At some point, [Rita]'s brother **[Rito]** is reduced to an addled skeletal form in a failed attempt to provide a vessel for [Dark Specter]. [= Master Vile] - MMPR #104 > left | #boom-rita-origin == Over 10,000 years ago #alpha-1-lost | Boom!, MMPR i: alpha-1-lost.jpg | Alpha-1 drifts through space | almost-right * **[Alpha-1]** of [Edenoi] aids [Zordon] against [Master Vile]'s expanding forces but is later lost in an explosion. - Go Go Power Rangers #18 > left | #boom-rita-origin [xx] == Over 10,000 years ago #boom-rita-recruits-crew | Boom!, MMPR i: boom-rita-zedd-backstory.jpg | Zedd gives Rita her mission (MMPR #104) * In adulthood, **[Rita]** serves [Lord Zedd], who tasks her with conquering a thousand worlds. ((The pair apparently have some sort relationship; also see [Thrax].)) * Rita takes in Montaur ((whom she kills for disloyalty)), [Finster] ((who tries to recreate his dead wife)), [Squatt] ((gifted to Rita as a baby)), [Baboo] ((who accidentally turned his people to stone)), and [Goldar] ((whom Zedd ordered to kill his own brother, [Silverback])). - MMPR Annual 2016: Goldar and Silverback - MMPR Annual 2017: Finster's backstory - Go Go Power Rangers #5: Rita's task - Go Go Power Rangers #5: Rita kills Montaur - Go Go Power Rangers #6: baby Squatt - Go Go Power Rangers #7: Baboo's backstory; Squatt already present - Go Go Power Rangers #8: Goldar's pledge to Rita - MMPR #104 and 106: Rita enters into Zedd's service [30 xx 30] == Unknown #power-coin-map | TV, MMPR i: desert-of-despair.jpg | Distinct mountain in Desert of Despair * [Zordon] and [Alpha] discover the **[Power Coins]** and a map to [Ninjor]'s Temple of Power. - "Ninja Quest, part 2" == 10,000 years ago (("give or take a century")) #papercutz-dragon-coin | Papercutz, MMPR i: papercutz-dragon-coin.jpg | Rita stumbling onto Ninjor statue * While seeking [Ninjor]'s Temple of Power in the Desert of Despair, [Rita] finds the **[Dragon Coin]** inside a statue of Ninjor. - MMPR #2 > left | #power-coin-map == Over 10,000 years ago #boom-dragon-coin-breel | Boom!, MMPR i: loriyan.jpg | Loriyan tries to use the Dragon Coin | almost-right * After sending a thief to steal the **[Dragon Coin]** from [Ninjor], [Rita] seals the coin away on planet [Breel]. - Go Go Power Rangers #16 > left | #papercutz-dragon-coin > up | #boom-rita-recruits-crew > down | #boom-rita-sealed [25 28 xx] == 10,000 years ago #rita-sealed | TV, MMPR i: rita-sealed.jpg | Rita's sealing (image from MMPR Fan Club Video) | right * **[Rita]** and [crew = Goldar|Finster|Squatt|Baboo] are sealed in a [space dumpster]. Rita traps **[Zordon]** in a time warp. - "Day of the Dumpster": space dumpster, "ten thousand years" - "High Five": time warp > up | #power-coin-map == 8,000 years ago #renegade-rita | RPG, Renegade, MMPR i: renegade-games-moon-palace.jpg | Moon palace * [Zordon] hides the **[Zeo Crystal]** on Earth and seals [Rita] and [crew = Goldar|Finster|Squatt|Baboo] on the moon. Rita seals Zordon's essence in the [Morphin Grid]. - Renegade Games Core Rulebook > left | #rita-sealed == 10,000 years ago #boom-rita-sealed | Boom!, MMPR i: boom-rita-imprisoned.jpg | Rita unleashes a spell to kill Zordon while being imprisoned | right * While being imprisoned in a [space dumpster] for rehabilitation, **[Rita]** uses her connection to the [Dragon Coin] to banish **[Zordon]**'s essence into a time warp; his body secretly remains intact. - Go Go Power Rangers #28: attempted rehabilitation - MMPR #101: imprisoning, Rita's spell - MMPR #108: Zordon's body > left | #renegade-rita > down | #young-alpha-5 [xx] == 9,980 years before Rita's escape ((and beyond)) #young-alpha-5 | Boom!, MMPR, Side Story i: young-alpha5.jpg | King Lexian and Alpha-5 * On [Edenoi], King Lexian brings **[Alpha-5]** online and invites him to find his own purpose. * On Earth, Alpha establishes contact with **[Zordon]**'s essence. Zordon eventually warms to Alpha's helpful spirit. [= Command Center] - Forever Rangers: Alpha-5 establishes contact with Zordon - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special: Lexian, Alpha's help [xx 25 28 28] == 6,000 years ago #ivan-ooze | Movie, MMPR:TM i: ivan-ooze.jpg | Ivan Ooze in modern day * [Ivan Ooze] is sealed in a hyper-lock chamber. - MMPR: The Movie == 5,000 years ago #face-stealer | TV, MMPR i: face-stealer.jpg | Face Stealer in modern day * In what will become the nation of Kahmala, masked warriors imprison the [Face Stealer]. - "Final Face-Off" == 5,000 years ago #bansheera | TV, Lightspeed Rescue i: ancient-warlock.jpg | Warlock sealing away Bansheera's generals | right * Following the defeat of [Queen Bansheera]'s [demons = Diabolico|Vypra], [Mariner Bay] will eventually be built over the ruins of her palace. - "Operation Lightspeed" == Unknown ((ancient Egypt)) #tutenhawken | TV, Dino Thunder i: tutenhawken.jpg | Tutenhawken * The sorcerer [Tutenhawken] is entombed after a fearsome reign as pharaoh. - "Tutenhawken's Curse": events, Tutenhawken among artifacts "over 4,000 years old" [xx 35] == 3,000 years ago #lost-galaxy-pre | TV, Lost Galaxy i: quasar-sabers-appearing.jpg | Quasar Sabers appearing * Three [Galactabeasts] perish in a great battle. The [Quasar Sabers] are left on **[Mirinoi]**. * After his son is killed by [Scorpius], the [Magna Defender] releases the [Lights of Orion] on Mirinoi. - "Quasar Quest, part 1": Quasar Sabers - "Race to the Rescue": five Galactabeasts - "The Magna Defender": Lights of Orion - "Sunflower Search": Magna Defender's son - "The Lost Galactabeasts, part 2": three lifeless Galactabeasts == 3,000 years ago #animaria | TV, Wild Force i: animarium-rising.jpg | Animarium rising * When the [Orgs] invade **[Animaria]**, [Princess Shayla] and some of the [Wild Zords] escape aboard the [Animarium]. * [Animus] is destroyed in battle. [Merrick] destroys [Master Org] and transforms into [Zen-Aku]. - "Click, Click, Zoom": Animaria, Shayla - "The Ancient Warrior": Animus, Zen-Aku [xx 50] == 2,000 years ago #shimazu | TV, Ninja Storm i: shimazu.jpg | Shimazu's statue * The warlord [Shimazu] terrorizes Asian villages until being turned into a statue. - "Shimazu Returns, part 1" == 2,000 years ago #baskin | TV, SPD i: the-evil.jpg | The Evil awakens * A warrior named [Baskin] begins guarding "the Evil," a stone from Hades that awakens every century. - "Abandoned" [xx] == Centuries ago #break-centuries-ago * Assorted villain and ally backstories take place in this period. The Samurai Rangers debut in Japan. [xx 30] == 6th century #hyperforce-knights | RPG, Hyperforce i: chloe-receives-gem.jpg | Meghan Camarena roleplaying as Chloe in episode 11 | top * The **[Hyperforce Rangers|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** meet the Knights of the Round Table. [Chloe] gets a Battlizer. * [Merlin] helps against the future [Alliance]. - Hyperforce episode 10: "sixth century" - Hyperforce episode 11: Knights of the Round Table, Battlizer - Hyperforce episodes 24 and 25: Merlin time travels p: [Dr. Oliver = #hyperforce-dr-o] n: [Mystic Mother = #hyperforce-mystic-mother], [Merlin time travels = #hyperforce-banquet] == Medieval London #eddie-wedding | Boom!, Hyperforce i: eddie-wedding.jpg | Vesper interrupts Eddie's wedding * After his breakup with [Vesper], [Eddie] is dropped off in the past. Vesper later stops him from marrying a princess, and he rejoins the team. [= Hyperforce Rangers] - Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce p: [Ruined timeline = #hyperforce-aftermath] n: [Chloe's betrayal = #hyperforce-aftermath] > left | #hyperforce-knights [23 xx 33] == Over 1,000 years before MMAR #battle-borgs | TV, Alien Rangers i: battle-borgs.jpg | Battle Borgs in modern day * [Ninjor] grants Battle Borgs to the **[Aquitians]**. - "Alien Rangers of Aquitar, part 2": Battle Borgs, "over a millennium ago" == Over 1,000 years before Zeo #damocles | TV, Zeo i: mondo-damocles.jpg | King Mondo and Damocles Sword in modern day * Following his defeat in battle, [King Mondo] buries the Damocles Sword on Earth. * The [Super Zeo Gems], keys to the Super Zeo Zords, fall under the care of the [Triforians]. - "A Golden Homecoming": Super Zeo Gems, "over a millennium" - "Mondo's Last Stand": Damocles Sword, "a thousand years ago" == 1,000 years before Turbo #divatox-pharaoh | TV, Turbo i: pharaoh.jpg | Pharaoh in modern day * **[Divatox]** ((possibly [Dimitria]'s lost sister)) will spend a century in therapy after Pharaoh dumps her. - "Transmission Impossible": Dimitria's sister - "Glyph Hanger": Pharaoh, "a thousand years ago" - In Space: "Countdown to Destruction, part 2": Divatox and Dimitria's resemblance [xx 27] == 800 years before Dino Charge #sir-ivan | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension, Negated Timeline i: fury-captures-ivan.jpg | Fury capturing Ivan * In his dimension, **[Sir Ivan]** is absorbed by [Fury]. The gold [Energem] will be passed down through the royal family. ((Dinosaurs are extinct at this point.)) - "The Royal Rangers" / "Break Out" / "Knight After Knights": Ivan, Fury - "Break Out": "800 years ago" > right | #sir-ivan-returns == 800 years before Dino Charge #sir-ivan-returns | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension i: ivan.jpg | Ivan prior to traveling home * Time-traveling **[Ivan]** returns to his time, where [dinosaurs = #end-of-extinction] now still exist. - "End of Extinction" [30 xx 24] == Centuries before Zeo #gasket-archerina | TV, Zeo i: gasket-and-archerina.jpg | Archerina and Gasket in modern day | left * [King Mondo]'s heir, [Prince Gasket = Machine Empire], elopes with [Archerina = King Aradon] ((daughter of Mondo's rival, [King Aradon])). - "The Joke's on Blue": Gasket and Archerina, "several centuries ago" == Centuries before Megaforce #robo-knight | TV, Megaforce i: robo-knight-dormant.jpg | Dormant Robo Knight * Mentored by [Zordon], [Gosei] creates [Robo Knight], who lies dormant for centuries. - "Mega Mission": Gosei and Zordon - "Robo Knight": Robo Knight, time frame == Unknown ((medieval Ireland)) #mystic-knights | TV, Saban Show, Other i: mystic-knights.jpg | Mystic Knights * The **Mystic Knights** defend Kells from Queen Maeve. - Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog [xx 35] == Centuries before Samurai ((17 generations ago)) #original-samurai-rangers | TV, Samurai i: ancient-samurai-rangers.jpg | Original Samurai Rangers * The first **[Samurai Rangers]** defeat [Nighlok] forces in Japan. - Samurai / Super Samurai prologue: Nighlok invaded Japan - "Origins, part 1": Samurai Rangers, 18th leader, "centuries" - "The Tengen Gate": Nighlok defeat > right | #bullzord == 300 years before Samurai ((early 1700s est.)) #bullzord | TV, Samurai i: grand-shogun.jpg | Grand Shogun's spirit in modern day * The Grand Shogun ((a Red Ranger?)) entrusts a family with guarding the Bullzord, the first [Samurai Zord = Samurai Rangers]. - "The Bullzord" [xx 35] == Late 1700s #colonial-angel-grove | TV, MMPR i: tommy-clone.jpg | Tommy's clone stays behind * [Rangers = MMPR|Billy|Rocky|Adam|Aisha|Kimberly] from the [future = #mmpr2-wedding] are stranded in colonial [Angel Grove]. * [Tommy|White Ranger] retrieves his friends, but his [Green Ranger] clone remains in the past. - "Return of the Green Ranger, part 1": stranded, "late 1700s" - "Return of the Green Ranger, part 3": rescue, clone remains // - Old powerrangers.com episode summary (1774) == Late 1700s ((est.)) #walter-brown | TV, Time Force i: walter-and-gwen.jpg | Walter and Gwen | left * In [Silver Hills], time traveler [Katie] helps [clock tower] resident [Walter Brown] find love, changing [history = #ransik-arrives]. - "The Legend of the Clock Tower" [31 25 xx] == 200 years before Samurai ((early 1800s est.)) #dayu-and-deker | TV, Samurai i: dalia-tempted.jpg | Serrator's offer | right * [Serrator] transforms a human couple into [Dayu] and [Deker]. - "The Tengen Gate" / "Broken Dreams": transformation - "A Sticky Situation" / "The Master Returns" / "A Crack in the World": 200 years == 160 years before SPD era ((1865)) #katana | TV, SPD i: katana.jpg | Katana and his master * [Katana], Earth's first alien samurai, visits [2025 = #spd-late]. - "Samurai": Katana, "160 years" - "Messenger, part 1": series date of 2025 == 1870s ((nearly 100 years before 1969)) #psycho-green | Boom!, MMPR i: treks-betrayal.jpg | Trek betrays the Supersonic Rangers | left * Trek betrays the [Supersonic Rangers] of [Xybria]. [Dark Specter] turns him into **[Psycho Green]**. * Seeking [Rita]'s [Dragon Coin], Psycho Green crash-lands on Earth's moon. - MMPR #20: Psycho Green shot down, "nearly one hundred years" before 1969 - "Psychotic": Trek, Supersonic Rangers [xx 36] == 1880 #wild-west-rangers | TV, MMPR i: wild-west-rangers.jpg | Wild West Rangers * [Kimberly] travels back to Wild West [Angel Grove]. The ancestors of her [teammates = Billy|Rocky|Adam|Aisha] become [Wild West Rangers = MMPR] (("the first Earthlings to use the [Power Coins]")). They also meet the White Stranger, [Tommy]'s apparent ancestor. [= Command Center] - "Wild West Rangers" == Roughly 100 years before Turbo ((late 1890s est.)) #space-base-order | TV, Turbo i: havoc.jpg | General Havoc in modern day | almost-left * **[Divatox]** orders a space base from her brother, [General Havoc]. - "The Darkest Day": space base, "about a hundred years ago" [xx] == Pre-MMPR era #break-pre-mmpr * In the comics, an early Mighty Morphin team led by Grace Sterling has a single fateful mission in 1969. * The childhoods of many Rangers take place in this period. [xx xx xx xx] == Unknown #zeo-quest-blue | TV, Alien Rangers i: rocky-meets-pablo.jpg | Rocky and Pablo | right * In Mexico, young [Rocky] meets his apparent grandfather as a boy and retrieves the blue [Zeo Subcrystal] ((see [below = #mmar])). - "Water You Thinking?" > right | #zeo-quest-green == Unknown #zeo-quest-green | TV, Alien Rangers i: adam-and-kai-ogi.jpg | Adam and Kai-Ogi * At his grandmother's birthplace in Korea, young [Adam] retrieves the green [Zeo Subcrystal] ((see [below = #mmar])). - "Along Came a Spider" > right | #zeo-quest-pink == Unknown #zeo-quest-pink | TV, Alien Rangers i: agatha.jpg | Kat and some lady * In Australia, young [Kat] meets her possible relative and retrieves the pink [Zeo Subcrystal] ((see [below = #mmar])). - "Sowing the Seas of Evil" > right | #zeo-quest-red == Unknown #zeo-quest-red | TV, Alien Rangers i: young-tommy-with-arrowhead.jpg | Tommy with arrowhead * In North America, young [Tommy] retrieves the red [Zeo Subcrystal] and a half-[arrowhead] ((see [below = #mmar])). - "Sowing the Seas of Evil" [28 xx] == Decades before MMPR ((1960s est.)) #ernie-burble | TV, MMPR i: burble-baby-food.jpg | Ernie as the Burbling Burble Baby * Baby **[Ernie]** ((nephew of Randolph B. Burble)) is photographed for Burble Baby Food. He will later play football in college. - MMPR: "Football Season": football - Zeo: "Mondo's Last Stand": Burble Baby Food == 1969 #moon-landing | Boom!, MMPR i: mmpr-1969.jpg | Grace's Ranger team | bottom * During the moon landing, [NASADA] astronauts awaken **[Psycho Green]**. [Zordon] and [Alpha] select **[Grace Sterling]** to lead a team of [Rangers = MMPR]. Psycho Green is defeated, but three Rangers die. Grace keeps Psycho Green's dagger. * Grace later founds [Promethea] ((the origin of [Terra Venture])). - MMPR #17 / MMPR #21: Promethea - MMPR #20: Psycho Green, Grace's team - MMPR #29: Terra Venture [50 xx] == Decades before RPM ((1970s est.)) #go-onger | TV, RPM, RPM Dimension i: go-onger.jpg | Project GO-ONGER in modern day * [Mason Truman = Col. Truman] oversees Project GO-ONGER in an installation beneath the Nevada desert. He will later have two sons, Marcus and [Scott]. - "Embodied": GO-ONGER, Summer guesses 1975 == Years before Wild Force ((1982)) #adler | TV, Wild Force i: evil-adler.jpg | Dr. Adler after consuming seeds * In the Amazon, [Dr. Adler] consumes the remains of [Master Org] and murders his associates. Infant [Cole] survives. - "The Master's Last Stand" [25 xx] == Years before In Space ((1980s est.)) #karone-kidnapped | TV, In Space i: darkonda-kidnapping-karone.jpg | Darkonda kidnapping Karone * On [KO-35], [Darkonda] kidnaps **[Karone]**, whom [Ecliptor] will raise as [Astronema]. [Andros] will spend years searching for her. - "Never Stop Searching": kidnapping - "Astronema Thinks Twice": raised by Ecliptor == Years before In Space ((12 years before Omegas meet Astronema; 13 years before Omegas meet Andros)) #karone-ctr | Boom!, In Space, Side Story i: young-zhane-hugs-andros.jpg | Young Zhane hugs orphaned Andros | top * [Space Rangers] protect [KO-35] and other worlds, their technology owing to centuries of contact with [Zordon]. * After [Karone] is kidnapped and **[Andros]** is orphaned, the Blue and Pink Rangers offer Andros, **[Zhane]**, and other children a home aboard the [Astro Megaship]. Andros and Zhane later depart to train with the Planetary Defense Syndicate. [= Darkonda] - Power Rangers #6: "twelve years ago", flashbacks of Karone's kidnapping - Power Rangers #19: Zordon - Power Rangers #20: centuries - Power Rangers Unlimited: Countdown to Ruin: Andros and Zhane, Space Rangers, "thirteen years ago" > left | #karone-kidnapped [35 xx] == Years before Lightspeed Rescue ((1980s est.)) #ryan-taken | TV, Lightspeed Rescue i: diabolico-with-young-ryan.jpg | Diabolico holding Ryan | right * [Bill Mitchell = Lightspeed] surrenders his son [Ryan] to [Diabolico]. * Mitchell later saves young [Carter] and goes on to head **[Lightspeed]**. - "Operation Lightspeed": Lightspeed - "Truth Revealed": Ryan - "A Face from the Past": Carter == Years before Ninja Storm ((1980s est.)) #miko | TV, Ninja Storm i: cam-with-amulet.jpg | Cam with Samurai Amulet * Time-traveling **[Cam]** retrieves the [Samurai Amulet] from his future mother, Miko, who will later die in Cam's childhood. * Banished, Cam's uncle Kiya adopts the name [Lothor]. - "Nowhere to Grow": Miko's illness - "The Samurai's Journey, part 1": amulet originally destroyed - "The Samurai's Journey, part 2": Cam visits past - "Storm Before the Calm, part 1": Lothor and the Scroll of Destiny [40 xx] == Christmas Eve, 1985 #hyperforce-christmas | RPG, Hyperforce i: hyper-force-santa.jpg | Zac Eubank roleplaying as Santa * The **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Vesper|Chloe]** help Santa against Krampus and the Naughties. Santa morphs using a Battlizer. - Hyperforce episode 8 p: [RPM = #hyperforce-rpm] n: [Dr. Oliver = #hyperforce-dr-o] == Unknown year, July #vesper-high-elf | Boom!, Hyperforce i: vesper-high-elf.jpg | Vesper fights alongside Santa | almost-top * Following her breakup with [Eddie], [Vesper] appoints herself High Elf and again aids Santa against the Naughties. She later rejoins the team. [= Hyperforce Rangers] - Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce p: [Ruined timeline = #hyperforce-aftermath] n: [Chloe's betrayal = #hyperforce-aftermath] > left | #hyperforce-christmas [xx 23] == 19–20 years before Mystic Force ((1986–87 est.)) #mystic-battle | TV, Mystic Force i: niella-seals-gate.jpg | Niella sealing gate * In another dimension, [Morticon], [Daggeron], [Jenji], and [Callindor = Imperious] are sealed away by **[Udonna]**'s sister ((who dies)). * Udonna's husband [Leanbow] is sealed as Koragg, and her son is raised in the human world as [Nick]. - "Broken Spell, part 1" / "The Gatekeeper, part 1": Leanbow, sister - "Scaredy Cat": Jenji refers to "19 years" - "Long Ago" / "Ranger Down" / "Heir Apparent, part 1": Daggeron vs. Callindor - "Ranger Down": Nick left "20 years ago" - "Heir Apparent, part 2": Koragg == Years before Mystic Force #boom-25th-mystic-force | Boom!, Mystic Force, Side Story i: udonna-with-mystic-mother.jpg | Udonna with Mystic Mother * **[Udonna]** uses a stolen [Xenotome = Mystic Rangers] to visit the astral plane in search of [Leanbow]. (([Mystic Mother] guides her.)) - MMPR 25th Anniversary Special > left | #mystic-battle [30 20 xx] == Years before MMPR ((1986–87 est.)) #popsicle-incident | TV, MMPR, Zeo i: young-bulk-and-skull-after-popsicle.jpg | Popsicle incident * In second grade, young **[Bulk]** and **[Skull]** become friends following a popsicle incident. ((Skull hides his piano skills he's been practicing since age 3.)) - MMPR: "Rangers Back in Time, part 1": popsicle incident - Zeo: "Instrument of Destruction": piano == Years before Wild Force ((late 1980s est.)) #young-taylor | TV, Wild Force i: young-taylor-seeing-animarium.jpg | Young Taylor seeing the Animarium * On a flight, young **[Taylor]** sees the [Animarium] in the clouds. She will later join the Air Force. - "The Bear Necessities" == 5–6 years before Arrival Day #juice-bar-opening | Boom!, MMPR i: juice-bar-opening.jpg | Juice Bar grand opening * In [Angel Grove], young [Billy] and [Skull] are friends, but Skull will later hang out with [Bulk] instead. * Young **[Jason]** is a bully until starting karate lessons. The following year, Jason meets [Zack] at the grand opening of [Ernie]'s [Juice Bar]. - Go Go Power Rangers #1 and 14: Jason the bully - Go Go Power Rangers #3: Billy and Skull - Go Go Power Rangers #20: Zack and Jason [33 xx] == Unknown #zeo-quest-yellow | TV, Alien Rangers | 2 rows i: young-aisha-and-tanya.jpg | Young Aisha and Tanya * In Africa, young **[Aisha]** stays to help with an animal plague. **[Tanya]** travels in her place with the yellow [Zeo Subcrystal]. * Aisha's family joins her when [time is restored = #mmar]. Tanya becomes a teenager. * Aisha will later send Tanya a map to [Mysterio Island]. - "Hogday Afternoon": Aisha stays, time restored - Zeo: "The Lore of Auric": Mysterio Island == Unknown #boom-tanya | Boom!, Alien Rangers i: tanya-boom.jpg | Tanya * **[Tanya]** experiences years of "altered time streams," allowing her mind to acclimate to her time skip. - MMPR #36 > left | #zeo-quest-yellow == Unknown #boom-aisha-time-travels | Boom!, Alien Rangers, Side Story i: aisha-at-wedding.jpg | Aisha at Tommy and Kat's wedding | top * At some point, **[Aisha]** time-travels to attend [Tommy] and [Kat]'s wedding. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special > left | #zeo-quest-yellow [xx] == 3 years before Arrival Day #young-trini-boom | Boom!, MMPR i: young-trini-brief-friendship.jpg | Trini makes a friend (for a while) * Young **[Trini]** forms another of many short-lived friendships on a military base. She will later move to [Angel Grove] and meet [Jason] and [friends = Zack|Billy|Matt]. - Go Go Power Rangers #15 [xx] == 4 months before Arrival Day #salad-girl | Boom!, MMPR i: salad-girl.jpg | Kimberly having a bad time * At an unhappy dinner with her ((soon-to-be divorced)) parents, **[Kimberly]** accidentally gets [Zack] fired. Zack's [friends = Jason|Billy|Trini|Matt] subsequently know of her as "salad girl." * The following month, Kim and **[Matt]** start dating. ((He learns of her identity as salad girl a month afterward and smooths things over.)) - Go Go Power Rangers #1 and 2: Kim and Matt dating for 97 days - Go Go Power Rangers #2: Matt learns Kim is salad girl - Go Go Power Rangers #4: salad incident - MMPR #102: Matt smooths things over [xx] == MMPR era ((season 1)) #break-mmpr1 * Teenagers from Angel Grove become Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to battle Rita's forces. (The TV series began in 1993, but not all retellings stick to this time frame.) * As Rita's Green Ranger, Tommy battles the Rangers before joining their side. * In the comics, an alternate-universe Tommy stays evil, calling himself Lord Drakkon. [xx 25 25] == MMPR era ((1993 est.)) #mmpr1 | TV, MMPR i: rita-freed.jpg | Rita escapes * Freed, [Rita] and [crew = Goldar|Squatt|Baboo|Finster|moon palace] attack the Earth. [Zordon] recruits five [teens = Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] to become **[Mighty Morphin Power Rangers]**. [= Angel Grove|Dinozords|Command Center] * [Billy] invents communicators and the [RADBUG]. The Rangers return the [Power Eggs] to the sea. - "Day of the Dumpster" through "Switching Places": 1993 airdates - "Day of the Dumpster": Rangers debut - "High Five": communicators - "Big Sisters": RADBUG, Power Eggs == MMPR era ((1993)) #renegade-rita-freed | RPG, Renegade, MMPR i: renegade-games-rita.jpg | Rita * When astronauts release [Rita and crew = Rita|Goldar|Squatt|Baboo|Finster|moon palace], [Alpha-5] uses the reawakened [Zeo Crystal] to reestablish contact with [Zordon]. The [Power Rangers = MMPR] debut. [= Angel Grove|Dinozords|Command Center] - Renegade Games Core Rulebook == MMPR era ((30 years before The Return: 1993)) #the-return-dotd | Boom!, MMPR, The Return i: the-return-dotd.jpg | Rangers selected | right * [Zordon] selects [Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] to battle [Rita]. [= Angel Grove|Dinozords|Command Center] * [Kimberly] and [Tommy] later begin dating. In this timeline, Tommy never loses his [Green Ranger] powers. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special [xx xx] == MMPR era ((2017 est.)) #pr2017 | Movie, PR 2017 i: power-rangers-2017.jpg | Rangers with helmets open | almost-right * Five [teens = Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] discover the [Power Coins] and eventually learn to morph. [= Angel Grove|Zordon|Dinozords] * [Rita] resurrects [Goldar], but the Rangers defeat him and swat Rita into space. - Power Rangers (2017 movie) == MMPR era ((after Rita's defeat)) #pr-aftershock | Boom!, PR 2017, Side Story i: pr-aftershock.jpg | Rangers on mop-up duty * While battling residual creations of [Goldar]'s dust, the [Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] are monitored by an agency known as Apex. - Power Rangers Aftershock > left | #pr2017 [xx] == MMPR era ((fall 2021)) #day-of-destiny | RPG, Renegade, MMPR i: day-of-destiny-cast.jpg | Day of Destiny cast | left * The [Mighty Morphin Power Rangers] debut as five college students are chosen to battle [Rita]'s forces. The Rangers later battle their alternate-universe doppelgangers. * [Leena Song = Lina Song] [sic] joins the team as the [Green Ranger], having received the Dragon Coin from her father. * [Goldar] is absorbed by [Silverback]. [Lord Drakkon] apparently arrives. ((story unresolved)) - "Day of Destiny" web series [xx 43] == MMPR era ((age of smartphones)) #go-go-pr | Boom!, MMPR i: go-go-teens.jpg | Ranger teens (from Go Go #5) | bottom i: ranger-slayer.jpg | Ranger Slayer * When [Rita and crew = Rita|Goldar|Squatt|Baboo|Finster|moon palace] are freed (("Arrival Day")), the [Power Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] beat [Goldar] and free [NASADA] astronauts from the moon. [= Angel Grove|Zordon|Dinozords] * A shapeshifting [Putty] impersonates **[Matt]** for a time. [Billy] declines to join [Promethea]. * **[Ranger Slayer]** arrives from [Drakkon's time = #drakkon]. Once freed from her spell, she plants a special arrow in [Tommy] and joins Promethea. Matt learns the Rangers' identities. - MMPR #10: Billy scared, introduces communicators - MMPR Free Comic Book Day 2018: Zordon recruits five teens - Go Go Power Rangers #1: first Goldar battle - Go Go Power Rangers #2: astronauts freed // - Go Go Power Rangers #2 (Billy working on communication module) - Go Go Power Rangers #4–8: Matt's impostor // - Go Go Power Rangers #6 (communicators first seen in Go Go) - Go Go Power Rangers #6–8: Billy and Promethea - Go Go Power Rangers #9–12: Ranger Slayer - Go Go Power Rangers #12: Ranger Slayer's arrow, Matt learns identities > down | #go-go-pr2 == MMPR era #mmpr-boom-extras | Boom!, MMPR, Side Story i: forever-mm-black.jpg | Forever Mighty Morphin Black * [Bulk] and [Skull] become the [Purple and Orange Rangers = MMPR], capture a [Putty], meet [Lt. Stone], and pilot a monster. * [Squatt] and [Baboo] travel the multiverse. * [Zack] joins many [Mighty Morphin] Black Rangers summoned across dimensions by an older [Adam]. ((Notable Zacks include those resembling TV seasons [1 = #mmpr1] and [2 = #mmpr2-zedd], Ninja Ranger Zack, Zack from [MMPR Pink = #mmpr-pink], and a female counterpart. Adams include [Wild West = #wild-west-rangers] Abraham, [Ninja Ranger = #mmpr3] Adam, "[Always a Chance = #in-space]" Adam, and "[Once a Ranger = #oo]" Adam.)) - MMPR Annual 2016: Purple and Orange Rangers - The Ongoing Adventures of Bulk and Skull: Bulk and Skull capture a Putty, etc. - The Ongoing Misadventures of Squatt & Baboo: Squatt and Baboo - MMPR Annual 2017: Black Rangers [xx] == MMPR era ((6 weeks after Arrival Day and beyond)) #go-go-pr2 | Boom!, MMPR i: alpha-1.jpg | Alpha-1 * [Rita] reclaims the [Dragon Coin] from [Breel] and then uses her [mother = Fienna]'s spirit to unlock its power ((binding Fienna's [Dragon Shield] to the Green Ranger powers)). * The [Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] meet and defeat **[Alpha-1]**. - Go Go Power Rangers #13–16: Breel - Go Go Power Rangers #16–20, Forever Rangers: Alpha-1 - Go Go Power Rangers #17–20, Forever Rangers: Rita's mother [33 xx | 2 rows] == MMPR era ((1993 est.)) #green-with-evil | TV, MMPR i: green-ranger.jpg | Green Ranger * [Rita] turns **[Tommy]** into her evil [Green Ranger]. [Scorpina] debuts. * Tommy joins the [Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly]' side. - "Green with Evil" > up | #go-go-pr2 == MMPR era ((7–9 months after Arrival Day)) #boom-tommy-joins | Boom!, MMPR i: boom-six-mmpr.jpg | Green Ranger with team * [Rita] turns **[Tommy]** into her evil [Green Ranger]. (([Zack] has previously rejected her offer.)) * Tommy joins the [Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly]' side. - MMPR #0: spell broken - MMPR #5 / Forever Rangers: Rita's offer to Zack - MMPR Free Comic Book Day 2018 / Forever Rangers: teens meet Tommy - Go Go Power Rangers #22: team debates Tommy joining while he's still under his spell "nine months after Arrival Day" - Go Go Power Rangers #26: Tommy recently turned evil "seven months after Arrival Day" > up | #green-with-evil > right | #drakkon-origin == MMPR era ((alternate)) #drakkon-origin | Boom!, MMPR, Coinless | 2 rows i: drakkon-with-wand.jpg | Drakkon after killing Rita * In another timeline, [Tommy|Green Ranger] remains allied with [Rita] and adopts the name **[Lord Drakkon]**. [= Angel Grove] * Years later, the [Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] and their allies ((the [Alien Rangers], [Blue Senturion], and the [Phantom Ranger])) fight a great battle against Rita's forces. (([Goldar] and [Scorpina] die.)) * Drakkon steals [White Ranger] powers intended for [Jason], then kills [Zordon], [Ninjor], and Rita. He keeps Jason as his prisoner. * [Saba] goes into hiding. [Billy] dies protecting [Trini] and the Triceratops Coin. [Finster-5] helps Drakkon create [Ranger Sentries] from the other [coins = Power Coins]. * [Trini] and [Zack] lead a rebellion known as the **[Coinless]**. ((While [Bulk] joins the Coinless, [Skull] becomes a mole in Drakkon's forces.)) Placed under a spell, [Kimberly] serves Drakkon as the [Ranger Slayer]. ((She commands the Gravezord, formed from the broken [Thunderzords].)) - MMPR Annual 2017: Tommy agrees to help Rita - MMPR #12: allies, Power Coins, years before great battle - MMPR #12, "From Here to Despair": Ninjor, White Ranger powers - MMPR #12 and 13: Coinless - MMPR #13: Skull - MMPR #13 and 14: Billy's death - MMPR #13–15: Power Coins - MMPR #15: Saba hides; Ninjor, Goldar, and Scorpina apparently dead; Zordon dies - MMPR Free Comic Book Day 2018: Drakkon kills Rita - Go Go Power Rangers #9–10: Gravezord - Go Go Power Rangers #11–12, "A Promise to Keep", MMPR #116: Kimberly, Ranger Slayer - Drakkon New Dawn: Jason captured [xx 33 22] == MMPR era ((Tommy/Kim not dating, Billy has Promethea contacts)) #mmpr-tmnt | Boom!, IDW, MMPR, MMPR/TMNT i: turtle-rangers.jpg | Turtle Rangers | top * In New York, [Tommy] infiltrates the Foot Clan, but Shredder steals his [Morpher = Green Ranger] and allies with [Rita]. The **[Ninja Turtles]** team up with the [Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Trini|Billy|Kimberly] ((the Turtles and April O'Neil briefly serve as Rangers)). * Upon losing the Green Ranger powers, Shredder takes Rita to Dimension X. - MMPR / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vol. 1 n: [Rita returns = #mmpr-tmnt2] == MMPR era ((after Tommy joins)) #godzilla | IDW, MMPR i: godzilla-vs-dragonzord2.jpg | Godzilla vs. Dragonzord | left * In another dimension, [Rita] allies with aliens from Planet X. The [Rangers = MMPR|Green Ranger|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly|Tommy] battle **Godzilla** before teaming up to battle other kaiju. * The Rangers return home, while Rita and crew remain trapped between dimensions. - Godzilla vs. MMPR == MMPR era ((after Tommy joins, before Zedd arrives)) #ernie-30th | Boom!, MMPR, Side Story i: rangers-talk-with-ernie.jpg | Rangers giving Ernie encouragement | right * **[Ernie]** nearly sells the [Juice Bar] until the [Rangers = MMPR|Green Ranger|Jason|Trini|Billy|Kimberly|Zack|Tommy] tell him they're his customers. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special [xx 40] == MMPR era ((after Tommy joins)) #mmpr-boom | Boom!, MMPR i: black-dragon.jpg | Black Dragon * [Rita] uses a [Chaos crystal] to summon the [Black Dragon] from the Coinless universe ((right)), where [Scorpina] becomes stranded. * The Black Dragon's defeat warps [Tommy] and [Billy] to the Coinless universe. They return with alternate-universe [Saba]. Powerless [Drakkon] is captured by [Promethea]. - MMPR #0–4: Scorpina charges Chaos crystal - MMPR #4–9: Black Dragon - MMPR #4, 13, 14, 16: Scorpina in Drakkon's world - MMPR #9–16: Tommy and Billy in Drakkon's world - MMPR #16, 23, 24: Drakkon held at Promethea > right | #drakkon == Coinless world ((nearly 10 years since Drakkon's rise)) #drakkon | Boom!, MMPR, Coinless i: trini-scrambling-drakkon.jpg | Coinless Trini scrambles Drakkon | left * With [Tommy] and [Billy]'s help ((left)), Coinless [Trini] uses the [Triceratops Coin] to scramble **[Drakkon]**'s powers. [= Coinless] * [Saba] and Drakkon accompany Tommy and Billy back to their world. * [Ranger Slayer] uses a [Chaos crystal] to cross [timelines = #go-go-pr] in search of Drakkon. - MMPR #16: Drakkon's powers scrambled, vanishes - Go Go Power Rangers #8–9: Ranger Slayer - Drakkon New Dawn #2: "almost ten years" since Trini has seen Jason [27 20 xx] == MMPR era ((after Black Dragon)) #shattered-grid-pre | Boom!, MMPR i: drakkon-escapes.jpg | Drakkon escapes | almost-top * The [Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly|Tommy] team up with **[Promethea]** against [Finster]'s hidden monsters. * [Drakkon] breaks [Saba] and escapes from Promethea. - MMPR #18–24: Finster's hidden monsters - MMPR #24: Drakkon escapes - Go Go Power Rangers #22, 26: Rangers later remember Drakkon battle and Saba's fate but not Tommy's death > up | #mmpr-boom == Coinless world #shattered-grid-trailer | Boom!, Coinless, Shattered Grid, Other i: shattered-grid-trailer.jpg | Lord Drakkon * In the [Coinless] universe, **[Lord Drakkon]** reviews Ranger history before beginning his assault. - [Shattered Grid trailer = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT94jm8fXZA] > down | #shattered-grid-drakkon == Coinless world ((months after Drakkon's disappearance)) #hyperforce-drakkon | RPG, Hyperforce, Coinless, Shattered Grid i: hyper-force-drakkon.jpg | Jason David Frank roleplaying as Lord Drakkon in episode 20 | top * In the [Newtech City] of the [Coinless|Ranger Sentries] universe, the **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** meet an older [Lina Song] ((here, a colonel in the Coinless)). * [Scorpina] reactivates [Serpentera], but **[Lord Drakkon]** returns and coerces the Hyperforce team to help stop her. A [Tyrannosaurus Sentry = Skull] ((see below)) secretly helps the Rangers. * Drakkon severs [Vesper]'s arm. ((In the aftermath of this event, the Hyperforce team loses their recent memories, and Vesper finds she has a new arm.)) - Hyperforce episode 19: Newtech City, Col. Song - Hyperforce episode 20: Serpentera, Drakkon, Tyrannosaurus Sentry - Hyperforce episode 21: aftermath p: [Legendary Battle = #hyperforce-legendary-battle] n: [Joe's wedding = #hyperforce-wedding] [27 xx 26] == MMPR era ((months after Drakkon's capture)) #shattered-grid-mmpr | Boom!, MMPR, Shattered Grid i: drakkon-kills-tommy.jpg | Drakkon kills Tommy | almost-top * **[Drakkon]** captures [Ninjor], kills [Tommy], and returns to his world ((center)). [Jen] arrives from the [future = #shattered-grid-time-force]. * While Drakkon collects Morphers from various eras, the [Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] recruit allies. [Zordon] speaks with three [Emissaries]. * [Rita], the Rangers, and the [Promethea] embark into Drakkon's world. - Hyperforce episode 19: "months" - MMPR #25: Drakkon kills Tommy, Jen arrives - MMPR #25–26: Ninjor captured - MMPR #26–29 / MMPR Annual 2018: Drakkon collects Morphers - MMPR Free Comic Book Day 2018: Emissaries - MMPR #27–29: allies - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: into Drakkon's world > up | #shattered-grid-pre > right | #shattered-grid-drakkon == Coinless world ((months after Drakkon's disappearance)) #shattered-grid-drakkon | Boom!, MMPR, Coinless, Shattered Grid i: drakkon-god.jpg | Godlike Drakkon | left * **[Lord Drakkon]** returns to the [Coinless] universe with his powers restored ((and alternate [Ninjor] captive)). He kills [Tommys = Tommy] throughout time while stealing Morphers to boost his powers and [armies = Ranger Sentries]. * [Skull] ((a Tyrannosaurus Sentry)) helps the Coinless free Ninjor. [Zack] and Skull are killed. * Remaining Rangers converge on Drakkon's base and contend with [Serpentera], Drakkon, and his armies. Captive Rangers escape aboard the [Promethea] ((right)). * Drakkon enters the [Morphin Grid] and claims the heart of a [Morphin Master]. He remakes the world to his liking, but [Tommy]'s spirit reclaims the heart, allowing the Rangers to restore some approximation of their original timeline. * The [Emissaries] leave Drakkon imprisoned in his dream reality. ((He passes the time by creating robotic minions.)) - Hyperforce episode 19: months - MMPR #25–26: Drakkon returns - MMPR #27: Skull helps - MMPR #28: Ninjor freed, Zack dies - MMPR #29: Skull dies - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base, reality reshaped - Power Rangers #4: Drakkon's prison > up | #hyperforce-drakkon | 75% > down | #shattered-grid-aftermath == MMPR era ((after Shattered Grid)) #beyond-the-grid | Boom!, MMPR, Solar Universe i: ellarien-and-remi.jpg | Ellarien and Remi | top * Upon escaping Drakkon's world ((left)), the [Promethea] arrives in the [Praetor]'s universe. [Older Kim] and her team (([Andros], [Tanya], [Mike], [Cam], and [Heckyl])) meet **[Ellarien]**, current keeper of the [Solarix]. * Kim's team uses the [Solar Ranger = Solar Rangers] powers to defeat the Praetor and reconnect Solar Universe to the [Morphin Grid]. Ellarien and her partner [Remi] then recruit new Solar Rangers. - MMPR #31–32: Rangers meet Ellarien - MMPR #38–39: Solar Ranger powers - MMPR #39 / MMPR #50: new Solar Rangers - "What's It Worth to You?": Ellarien and Remi's backstory > left | #shattered-grid-mmpr [xx] == Coinless world ((months before Ranger Slayer's return)) #shattered-grid-aftermath | Boom!, MMPR, Coinless i: trini-conjures-rita.jpg | Trini conjuring Rita | left * In [Drakkon]'s absence, [Scorpina], [Finster-5], and [Lord Zedd] vie for power. (([Zack] and [Skull] remain alive, and [Adam] serves among Scorpina's forces.)) * Eventually, [Trini] conjures [Rita]'s spirit to aid the **[Coinless]**, but Rita amasses an undead army of fallen [Ranger Sentries]. - Ranger Slayer #1: events, "a few months" [xx 22 20] == MMPR era ((1993–94 est.)) #green-candle | TV, MMPR i: tommy-loses-powers.jpg | Tommy's powers vanish | top * [Rita] drains **[Tommy]**'s powers with a [Green Candle]. Tommy passes the [Dragon Coin] to [Jason]. * The [Rangers = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] destroy [Cyclopsis]. [Lokar] makes two appearances around this time. * Tommy later returns with temporary [powers = Green Ranger]. - "The Green Candle" through "An Oyster Stew": 1993–94 airdates - "The Green Candle": Tommy's powers drained - "Island of Illusion" / "Doomsday": Lokar - "Doomsday": Cyclopsis - "Return of an Old Friend, part 2": Tommy returns with temporary powers // - "Grumble Bee": exams, late spring? // - "Enter... the Lizzinator" / "Second Chance" / "Football Season": athletic tryouts, late summer? // - "Second Chance" / "On Fins and Needles" / "Football Season" / "Mighty Morphin' Mutants" / "An Oyster Stew": classes ongoing throughout summer? == MMPR era ((one year after Arrival Day; after Shattered Grid)) #tommy-not-killed | Boom!, MMPR i: boom-tommy-kim-dating.jpg | Kim and Tommy | top * **[Tommy]** and [Kimberly] begin dating. In this timeline, [Drakkon] never returns to kill Tommy. * Later, [Rita] uses the [Green Candle]. [= Green Ranger|MMPR] - Go Go Power Rangers #21 > left | #green-candle == Unknown ((at least 2 years before Kim's tryouts)) #kat-diving-accident | TV, MMPR i: kat-on-diving-board.jpg | Kat at the Pan Global trials | top * **[Katherine]** narrowly loses the Australian Pan Global trials due to a diving accident. - "A Different Shade of Pink, part 3" [33 xx] == MMPR era #justice-league-pr | Boom!, MMPR, Side Story i: justice-league-pr.jpg | Justice League / Power Rangers * The [Rangers = MMPR|Green Ranger|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly|Tommy] cross dimensions and meet the **Justice League**. ((Oddly, the Rangers still have [Dinozords] with [Lord Zedd] around.)) * Brainiac survives within [Alpha-5]. ((story unresolved)) - Justice League / Power Rangers == MMPR era ((6 months after [MMPR/TMNT vol.1 = #mmpr-tmnt])) #mmpr-tmnt2 | Boom!, IDW, MMPR, MMPR/TMNT i: mutant-rangers-tmnt.jpg | Mutant Rangers * The [Rangers = MMPR|Green Ranger|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly|Tommy] mutate into dinosaur-like forms as [Rita] and Krang's forces invade. With Shredder's help, the **[Ninja Turtles]** borrow Morphers from Dimension X, and Rita and Krang are sealed in [space dumpsters = space dumpster]. * As April O'Neil and Casey Jones depart to return the Dimension X Morphers to the Neutrinos, Shredder forges an alliance with [Lord Zedd]. ((to be continued?)) - MMPR / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vol. 2 [xx 25] == Pre–In Space era ((10–11 years after Karone's kidnapping)) #zhane-and-andros | Boom!, In Space, Side Story i: ko-35-bros.jpg | Andros and Zhane | top * **[Andros]** and **[Zhane]** return to [KO-35] in the [Astro Megashuttle]. Zhane and friends inherit the [Space Ranger = Space Rangers] powers, but Andros declines to join them. * The following year, Andros joins Zhane on an off-world distress call and meets [Darkonda] ((but forgets due a [Barillian bug])). Andros becomes the Red Ranger and begins a happy partnership with Zhane. - Power Rangers Unlimited: Countdown to Ruin == Unknown ((years before Zordon's wave)) #scorpina-banished | Boom!, MMPR, Side Story i: talos-dimension.jpg | Scorpina before Lokar * **[Scorpina]** is banished to [Lokar]'s dimension after stealing one of [Rita]'s spellbooks. - Soul of the Dragon [xx] == MMPR era ((season 2)) #break-mmpr2 * Lord Zedd arrives. * Tommy becomes the White Ranger. Jason, Trini, and Zack leave for a peace conference. (In the comics, they go into space as Omega Rangers.) * In the comics, Matt becomes the new Green Ranger. As Mistress Vile, Rita infects the Morphin Grid. [32 28 xx] == MMPR era ((1994 est.)) #mmpr2-zedd | TV, MMPR i: lord-zedd.jpg | Lord Zedd * **[Lord Zedd]** banishes [Rita|space dumpster]. The [Rangers = MMPR|Green Ranger|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly|Tommy] acquire [Thunderzords|Dinozords]. - "The Mutiny" through "The Song of Guitardo": 1994 airdates - "The Mutiny": Zedd, Thunderzords == MMPR era ((months before Rita's return)) #rita-banished-boom | Boom!, MMPR i: space-dumpster-in-space-boom.jpg | Space dumpster * Banished by [Lord Zedd], **[Rita]** broods in her [space dumpster] as [Master Vile] works to secure her release. - MMPR #104 > left | #mmpr2-zedd == MMPR era ((29 years before The Return: 1994)) #the-return-rita-knows | Boom!, MMPR, The Return i: the-return-love-potion.jpg | Rita receiving love potion from Finster * In an alternate timeline, **[Rita]** anticipates [Lord Zedd]'s arrival and subdues him with a love potion. The [Rangers = MMPR] retain their [Dinozords]. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special [30 xx] == MMPR era ((1994 est.)) #white-ranger | TV, MMPR | 2 rows i: white-ranger.jpg | White Ranger | almost-left * **[Tommy]**'s [powers = Green Ranger] are depleted. (([Zedd] also briefly creates [Dark Rangers].)) * Soon, Tommy returns as the [White Ranger|Saba]. [Rita] lands on Earth but is returned to space. - "Green No More" through "Zedd Waves": 1994 airdates - "Green No More": Dark Rangers, Tommy's powers lost - "White Light": White Ranger, Rita's brief return - "Zedd's Monster Mash": Halloween video > up | #mmpr2-zedd > down | #power-transfer == MMPR era (("several months" after Kim and Tommy begin dating)) #boom-white-light | Boom!, MMPR i: tommy-returns-with-white-light.jpg | Tommy returns with the White Light * The [Blue Emissary] facilitates **[Tommy]**'s [White Ranger|Saba] quest. [= MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] - Go Go Power Rangers #26–27 > left | #white-ranger == MMPR era ((White Ranger's debut)) #radbug-papercutz | Papercutz, MMPR i: radbug-monster.jpg | Tigerzord vs. RADBUG monster * [Zedd] turns the [RADBUG] into a monster ((it gets better)). [Rita|space dumpster] is returned to space. [= MMPR|White Ranger|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly|Tommy] - MMPR Free Comic Book Day (Papercutz) > left | #white-ranger [33 xx 24] == MMPR era ((1994 est.)) #power-transfer | TV, MMPR i: power-transfer.jpg | Aisha, Adam, and Rocky during the power transfer * [Zedd] completes [Serpentera]. * Using the [Sword of Light], **[Rocky]**, **[Aisha]**, and **[Adam]** receive powers from peace conference selectees [Jason], [Trini], and [Zack]. [= MMPR|Billy|Kimberly] - "The Power Transfer" through "A Reel Fish Story": 1994 airdates - "The Power Transfer": Serpentera, power transfer - "Alpha's Magical Christmas": Christmas video == MMPR era ((after White Ranger)) #omega-rangers | Boom!, MMPR i: omega-rangers-four.jpg | Omega Rangers | left * [Jason], [Trini], and [Zack] befriend [Kiya] and imprison [Yale] as part of a secret mission to pacify beings empowered by cracks in the [Morphin Grid]. The trio then pass their powers to [Rocky], [Aisha], and [Adam] and become **[Omega Rangers]** with Kiya. [= Sword of Light|Safehaven] * [Zedd] completes [Serpentera]. - Go Go Power Rangers #29–31: Kiya - Go Go Power Rangers #31: Yale imprisoned - Go Go Power Rangers #31–32: power transfer, Serpentera > left | #power-transfer == MMPR era ((28 years before The Return: 1995)) #the-return-peace-conference | Boom!, MMPR, The Return i: the-return-peace-conference.jpg | Teens discuss the upcoming peace conference * In an alternate timeline, [Jason], [Trini], and [Zack] remain [Rangers = MMPR] while attending the peace conference. * The six [teens = Jason|Trini|Zack|Kimberly|Billy|Tommy] will later graduate together. Tommy remains the [Green Ranger]. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special [25 xx] == MMPR era ((soon after Power Transfer)) #boom-25th | Boom!, MMPR, Side Story i: radbug-destroyed.jpg | Goldar attacks the RADBUG * [Aisha] and [Adam] test a growth formula. [Goldar] destroys the [RADBUG]. [= MMPR|Tommy|Billy|Kimberly|Rocky|Adam|Aisha] - MMPR 25th Anniversary Special == MMPR era ((late 1994; after Power Transfer)) #hyperforce-aisha | RPG, Hyperforce, MMPR i: hyper-force-aisha.jpg | Karan Ashley roleplaying as Aisha in episode 4 | top * The **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** team up with [Aisha]. [Scorpina] joins the [Alliance]. * Aisha later helps Hyperforce against the future Alliance ((she returns with no memories of the [event = #hyperforce-banquet])). - Hyperforce episode 2: Halloween 1994 - Hyperforce episodes 3, 4: Scorpina // - Hyperforce episodes 3, 5: MMPR off-world - Hyperforce episode 4: Aisha - Hyperforce episodes 24–25: Aisha time travels p: [3016 = #hyperforce] n: [RPM = #hyperforce-rpm] [25 30 xx] == Unknown ((1994–96 est.)) #vr-troopers | TV, Saban Show, Other i: vr-troopers.jpg | VR Troopers * The **VR Troopers** battle Grimlord's forces. - VR Troopers == Years before Ninja Storm ((1990s est.)) #skyla | TV, Ninja Storm i: young-shane-freeing-skyla.jpg | Young Shane freeing Skyla * Young [Shane] helps an alien named [Skyla] escape from the bounty hunter [Vexacus]. - "Shane's Karma" == MMPR era ((2 years after Rita's release)) #chef-alpha | Boom!, MMPR, Side Story i: chef-alpha.jpg | Chef Alpha * **[Alpha-5]** cooks a meal for [Rocky], [Adam], and [Aisha]. Adam considers being a stunt performer someday. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special [xx] == MMPR era ((after Zedd's arrival)) #divatox-frees-rita | Boom!, MMPR, Turbo i: mistress-vile-with-zordons-body.jpg | Mistress Vile having released Zordon's body * [Divatox] frees **[Rita]** from her [space dumpster] (([Master Vile] repays her by revealing [Maligore]'s location)). * Rita recruits [Alpha-1] and claims the title "Mistress Vile" by offering [Dark Specter] a **vessel** in the form of [Zordon]'s body. - MMPR #104: Divatox, Mistress Vile - MMPR #104 and 108: Zordon's body [xx 38] == MMPR era ((soon after Omega Rangers' debut)) #necessary-evil | Boom!, MMPR i: kiya.jpg | Kiya | top * [Skull] begins dating [Candice] ((secretly Zelya, a Guardian of [Eltar])). * After crashing a banquet on [Breel|Machine Empire|Elgar|General Havoc|Darkonda], the [Omega Rangers] help defeat **[Dayne]** of [Sirius] ((who has previously killed Sirius's former commander Berus)). * Leading an uprising, **[Kiya]** kills the Blue Emissary, allowing [Zartus] to resurrect the orange **[Empyreal]**. Kiya's forces lose their powers when [older Kim] arrives with [Ellarien] and [Remi] ((via a [Master Arch])). [= Solar Rangers] * The [Red Emissary]'s death in [Drakkon]'s dream world revives the green Empyreal. Zartus uses the Empyreals to destroy worlds deemed unfit for his [Eltarian] empire. - MMPR #40: Skull dating Candice, Dayne arrives - MMPR #42–43: Breel - MMPR #44–45: Omegas defeat Dayne - MMPR #45–47: Kiya's uprising - MMPR #48 / MMPR #50: Master Arch, older Kim, Ellarien and Remi - Mighty Morphin #1 and 4: Candice's identity - "Everything in Its Place", Power Rangers #4: Red Emissary killed - Power Rangers #8 and 11 / Mighty Morphin #12: Zartus - "Old Dogs": Dayne kills Berus == Coinless world ((6 months after Drakkon's disappearance)) #ranger-slayer-returns | Boom!, MMPR, Coinless i: ranger-slayer-in-charge.jpg | Older Kim in charge | almost-top * [Kimberly = older Kim] ((@left)) returns to the **[Coinless]** universe, where she unites [Scorpina]'s forces and the Coinless against [Rita]'s spirit hordes. [Finster-5] controls [Zedd] ((having fused him with parts from the [Dragonzord])). * Kim frees [Jason] from Drakkon's prison, signaling [Dark Specter]'s forces. * [Adam] dies to [Eclipta = Ecliptor]. The four [Power Coins|Ranger Sentries] are shattered as Eclipta is defeated. * Following evil [Andros]'s arrival on Earth, Dark Specter's forces conquer the Coinless world. [Zack] and [Skull] are among many people turned into lava monsters. - Ranger Slayer #1: spirit hordes, "six months" since Drakkon - Drakkon New Dawn: Jason, Eclipta, Andros - Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless: Dark Specter's invasion, Zack and Skull > left | #necessary-evil [30 xx 24] == Years before In Space ((12 years after Karone's kidnapping)) #heir-to-darkness | Boom!, In Space, Side Story i: young-astronema.jpg | Young Astronema | top * Now a teenager serving under [Ecliptor], [Karone] kills some of the [Prism Rangers]. * Karone defeats her rival Dee ((apparently young [Divatox])), earning the name **Astronema** and her role as [Dark Specter]'s heir. * Dee's boyfriend Mal is sent on a special mission, apparently as an ill-fated vessel for Dark Specter (([Maligore]?)). - Power Rangers Unlimited: Heir to Darkness: name, role, Divatox, Mal's mission - Power Rangers #6: "twelve years" - MMPR #104: Mal is a failed vessel, Master Vile knows Maligore's whereabouts > right | #new-green-ranger == MMPR era (("a few months" after Drakkon's escape)) #new-green-ranger | Boom!, MMPR i: green-matt.jpg | Matt as the Green Ranger | almost-top * The [Empyreals] return **[Drakkon]** to Earth. * With [Billy]'s help, [Grace] restores the [Dragon Coin] and chooses **[Matt]** as her Green Ranger. Matt helps defeat the [Dark Rangers|Goldar|Finster|Squatt|Baboo]. [Putty Rita] escapes to a faraway planet ((@right)). [= MMPR|Tommy|Billy|Kimberly|Rocky|Adam|Aisha] * Matt publicly reveals his identity. [= Angel Grove] * The [Omega Rangers] take Drakkon into space. On [Onyx], they cross paths with [Astronema] and [SPD]. The orange Empyreal destroys [Hartunia]. [= Gruumm] - MMPR #50–51 / Power Rangers #12: Drakkon's release - MMPR #53 / Mighty Morphin #5: Dragon Coin restored, Matt chosen - MMPR #53–55: Dark Rangers - Power Rangers #1: Omegas take Drakkon, Yale accompanies - Mighty Morphin #4–5: Matt goes public - Power Rangers #5–6: Onyx, Astronema, SPD - Power Rangers #7 and 8: Hartunia > down | #eltarian-war > up | #necessary-evil | 40 == MMPR era ((soon after Empyreals attack Hartunia)) #girl-he-left-behind | Boom!, MMPR, Side Story i: putty-rita-good.jpg | Putty Rita | top * With the [Phantom Ranger]'s encouragement, [Putty Rita] turns good and helps overthrow a despotic alien regime. * After visiting [Zordon], Phantom Ranger surveys the ruins of [Hartunia] and discovers [Dark Specter] has finally "crossed over." - "The Girl He Left Behind": Putty Rita, Phantom visits Zordon - Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness: Dark Specter > left | #new-green-ranger [24 xx] == MMPR era ((during Eltarian War)) #ko-35-falls-boom | Boom!, In Space i: ko-35-invasion-boom.jpg | Andros fighting Xurix | left * [Dark Specter] unleashes the Xurix ((and [Barillian Bugs])) upon [KO-35]. * When **[Zhane]** is critically injured in battle, **[Andros]** places him in suspended animation, but the [Astro Megaship] is then stolen. [Darkonda] places a bounty on the Red Ranger. - Power Rangers #18: Darkonda's bounty - Power Rangers #19: invasion, Megaship stolen - Power Rangers Unlimited: Countdown to Ruin: Zhane c: [TV show = #ko-35-falls] > down | #death-ranger == MMPR era ((Eltarian War)) #eltarian-war | Boom!, MMPR i: empyreals-fused.jpg | Empyreals' fused form * **[Yale]** becomes the Blue [Omega Ranger]. * The [Yellow Emissary]'s death revives the purple [Empyreal]. The **Empyreals** restore [Drakkon]'s powers and destroy [Promethea], the [moon palace], and the [Command Center] as part of [Zartus]'s [Eltarian = Eltar] invasion. ((Prior to this, [Finster] has hidden a Morpher in the [Power Chamber] to drain [Zordon]'s power for [Zedd].)) * With [Grace] and Drakkon's help, the [Mighty Morphin = MMPR|White Ranger|Green Ranger|Tommy|Billy|Kimberly|Rocky|Adam|Aisha|Matt] and [Omega = Omega Rangers|Jason|Trini|Zack|Yale] teams defeat the orange and green Empyreals. The [Blue Emissary] then destroys the Empyreals' fused form. * In a robot body, [Zordon] kills Zartus with the [Zeo Crystal]. [Zelya] departs to demilitarize [Eltar], and Drakkon escapes again. - Power Rangers #10 and 12: Yale becomes Blue - Power Rangers #11: purple Empyreal, Drakkon's powers restored - Mighty Morphin #13 / Power Rangers #16 / MMPR #107: hidden Morpher - Power Rangers #13: Promethea, moon palace, and Command Center destroyed - Mighty Morphin #14 through Power Rangers #16: Zordon's body - Mighty Morphin #15–16: Grace and Drakkon weaken the Empyreals - Mighty Morphin #16: Empyreals destroyed, Zartus killed - Power Rangers #16: Zelya departs, Drakkon escapes > down | #death-ranger [xx] == MMPR era ((after Eltarian War)) #death-ranger | Boom!, MMPR i: death-ranger-mmpr100.jpg | Death Ranger | top * [Rocky] and [Matt|Green Ranger] repel [King Aradon]'s forces while [Lord Zedd] is absent. Meanwhile, the other [Rangers = MMPR|White Ranger|Tommy|Billy|Kimberly|Adam|Aisha] retrieve a new [Command Center] from the [Lion Galaxy] ((where they meet [Mick])). * [Kimberly] meets the [Pink Emissary] and learns ((again)) of future Ranger teams. * The [Omega Rangers = Omega Rangers|Jason|Yale] help [Andros] recover the [Astro Megaship]. Seeking to revive [Zhane], Andros releases the **[Death Ranger]**. After losing his powers while helping defeat Spa'ark, [Jason] returns to Earth. [Trini] becomes Omega Red, and a [Hartunian = Hartunia] named [Kevor] becomes Yellow. [= Safehaven|Zack] - Mighty Morphin #16: Zedd and crew depart // - Power Rangers #17 (Omega Rangers' broadcast) - Mighty Morphin #17–20: Aradon - Power Rangers #18–21: Andros, Megaship - Mighty Morphin #19–20: Lion Galaxy - Mighty Morphin #22: Pink Emissary - Power Rangers #20–22, MMPR #100: Death Ranger [34 xx 32] == MMPR era ((1995 est.)) #mmpr2-wedding | TV, MMPR i: rita-zedd-happy.jpg | Rita and Zedd | almost-left * **[Rita|space dumpster]** returns and marries [Zedd] with a love potion. * The Wizard of Deception clones [Tommy|White Ranger|Green Ranger] and banishes the [Rangers = MMPR|Billy|Kimberly|Rocky|Adam|Aisha] into the [past = #colonial-angel-grove]. Both Tommys save the day ((the clone remains in the past)). * [Kimberly] later visits the [Old West = #wild-west-rangers]. - "Rangers Back in Time" through "Blue Ranger Gone Bad": 1995 airdates - "The Wedding": wedding - "Return of the Green Ranger": Tommy clone - "Wild West Rangers": Old West == MMPR era ((three years after "salad girl")) #mistress-vile | Boom!, MMPR i: mistress-vile-with-zeo-crystal.jpg | Mistress Vile holding the Zeo Crystal | top * **[Mistress Vile]** injures [Zedd], captures [Matt], and acquires the [Zeo Crystal]. Zedd morphs using his hidden [Morpher = #eltarian-war]. * [Drakkon] takes [Kiya] to his world ((right)). - MMPR #101: Zedd injured - MMPR #102: Matt captured, "three years" - MMPR #102–103: Rita acquires Zeo Crystal - MMPR #105: Zedd retrieves Morpher - MMPR #106: Zedd morphs - MMPR #107 and 109: Drakkon frees Kiya, both enter Master Arch > up | #death-ranger > down | #darkest-hour-mmpr == Coinless world ((after Dark Specter's invasion)) #drakkon-rangers | Boom!, MMPR, Coinless i: drakkon-rangers.jpg | Drakkon Rangers | left * While [Jason] shelters alone from [Dark Specter]'s forces, [Kimberly = older Kim], [Trini], [Bulk], [Scorpina], and [Finster-5] ((the last of the [Coinless])) struggle to survive in a bunker. * **[Drakkon]** arrives with [Kiya]. Finster-5 uses Trini's [Triceratops Coin] and its broken counterparts to empower Drakkon's makeshift team ((Trini, Kim, Drakkon, and Kiya are joined by Bulk as Red and Scorpina as Black)). Kim is captured. - Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless > left | #mistress-vile > down | #darkest-hour-mmpr [xx] == MMPR era (("several years" after Matt becomes the Green Ranger)) #darkest-hour-mmpr | Boom!, MMPR, Darkest Hour i: darkest-hour-dark-specter.jpg | Vessel possessed by Dark Specter | top * [Zedd] takes [Serpentera] to [Safehaven|Omega Rangers|Trini|Zack|Yale|Kevor], where Rita's forces include [Alpha-1], [Dayne], the [Death Ranger], and ((via time travel)) three possessed [Wild Force Rangers|Cole|Alyssa|Max]. * **[Mistress Vile]** uses the [Zeo Crystal] and the [Proto-Arch = Master Arch] on Earth to infect the [Morphin Grid], and **[Dark Specter]** possesses the [Vessel]. The [[Drakkon Rangers = Drakkon|Kiya|Trini|Bulk|Scorpina|MMPR]] arrive. * Killed by [Matt], [Grace] leaves the [Rangers = MMPR|Rocky|Aisha|Adam|Billy|Kim|Tommy] the [Power Eggs]. Dark Specter enslaves Rangers from various eras. The [Hyperforce Rangers||Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe|Joe], [Taylor|Wild Force Rangers], [Kendall|Dino Charge Rangers], and [Phantom Ranger] aid the [Mighty Morphin = MMPR|Kimberly|Billy|Tommy|Rocky|Adam|Aisha] team. * Inside the [Morphin Grid], [Drakkon] sacrifices his life to free [older Kim] from Dark Specter's control. Joined by the [Pink Emissary], Kim discovers the [Morphin Masters] are useless. ((to be continued)) - Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce: Taylor and Shayla - MMPR #110: Safehaven invaded, Mistress Vile uses Master Arch, Grace killed - MMPR #111: "several years", Drakkon Rangers arrive, Dark Specter inhabits Vessel - MMPR #112: Grace's message, Power Eggs - MMPR #113: Dino Charge Rangers enslaved, allies arrive - MMPR #114: Dark Specter's additional morphed minions - MMPR #116: Drakkon dies - Power Rangers Unlimited: The Morphin Masters: Kim and Pink Emissary p: [Hyperforce = #hyperforce-aftermath] [xx] == MMPR era ((season 3)) #break-mmpr3 * Ninjor gives the Rangers new Ninja powers and Zords. * Kimberly passes her powers to Katherine. * The Alien Rangers of Aquitar defend Earth as the Rangers assemble the Zeo Crystal. [30 xx] == MMPR era ((1995 est.)) #mmpr3 | TV, MMPR | 2 rows i: ninjor.jpg | Ninjor | almost-left * The [Rangers = MMPR|White Ranger|Tommy|Billy|Rocky|Adam|Aisha] travel to [Edenoi] and help **[Masked Rider]** against [Count Dregon]. [= Kimberly] * [Rito] destroys the [Thunderzords] and ruins the [Power Coins]. **[Ninjor]** gives the Rangers new [powers = MMPR|White Ranger] and [Zords = Ninjazords]. * [Bulk] and [Skull] join the [Junior Police = Lt. Stone]. * The Rangers re-imprison the [Face Stealer]. - "A Friend in Need" through "The Potion Notion": 1995 airdates - "A Friend in Need": Masked Rider; Count Dregon sets his sights on Earth - "Ninja Quest": Rito, Ninjazords, Junior Police - "Final Face-Off": Face Stealer, fourth full moon of the year > down | #mmpr3-kat == MMPR era ((1995 est.)) #mmprtm | Movie, MMPR:TM i: dulcea.jpg | Rangers meet Dulcea | right * Freed, [Ivan Ooze] destroys the [Rangers = MMPR|White Ranger|Tommy|Billy|Kimberly|Rocky|Adam|Aisha]' powers. * Dulcea gives the Rangers new powers and [Zords = Ninjazords], and Ivan is destroyed. - MMPR: The Movie > left | #mmpr3 == Unknown ((1995–96 est.)) #masked-rider | TV, Saban Show, Other i: masked-rider2.jpg | Masked Rider (screenshot from Kamen Rider Black RX) * **[Masked Rider]** pursues [Count Dregon] to Earth. * Dex later receives upgrades and teams up with the Masked Rider Warriors. - Masked Rider: 1995–96 airdates - "Escape from Edenoi": Dex pursues Dregon - "Super Gold" / "Unmasked Rider": upgrades - "The Invasion of Leawood": Masked Rider Warriors > left | #mmpr3 [30 25 xx] == MMPR era ((1995 est.)) #mmpr3-kat | TV, MMPR | 3 rows i: kim-and-kat.jpg | Kimberly passes her powers to Kat * **[Katherine]** steals [Kimberly]'s [Power Coin] but returns it upon breaking [Rita]'s spell. Around this time, the Rangers obtain [Shogunzords] ((resembling the [Alien Rangers]' Battle Borgs)) after [Finster] finds them on [Zordnia]. * Kim moves away, leaving her coin with Kat. * Having conquered [M51], [Master Vile] arrives seeking the **[Zeo Crystal]**, which the [Rangers = MMPR|White Ranger|Tommy|Billy|Rocky|Adam|Aisha|Kat] scatter into a [time hole = #zeo-quest-blue]. - "A Ranger Catastrophe" through "Rangers in Reverse": 1995 airdates - "A Ranger Catastrophe" / "A Different Shade of Pink": Kat, pink Power Coin - "A Ranger Catastrophe, part 2": summer - "Changing of the Zords": Shogunzords - "Lord Zedd's Monster Heads": Halloween video - "A Chimp in Charge": last school assignment of "the year" - "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger": Christmas special - "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor": Vile, Zeo Crystal > down | #mmar == MMPR era ((after Kim's departure)) #dark-rangers-marvel | Marvel, MMPR i: marvel-dark-rangers.jpg | Dark Rangers | almost-left * [Zedd] and [Rita] create new [Dark Rangers] and resurrect the [Thunderzords]. ((story unresolved)) [= MMPR|Tommy|Billy|Rocky|Adam|Aisha|Kat] - Ninja Rangers #3 > left | #mmpr3-kat == MMPR era ((after Kim's departure, also after "Super Gold")) #masked-rider-marvel | Marvel, MMPR i: ninja-rangers-help-dex.jpg | Ninja Rangers help Masked Rider * The [Ninja Rangers|Tommy|Billy|Rocky|Adam|Aisha|Kat] help out in Leawood, allowing **[Masked Rider]** to return to [Edenoi] in an emergency. - MMPR #6 / Ninja Rangers #5: Kat present when Rangers called to help (different retellings) - Masked Rider #1: Rangers provide help > up | #masked-rider == MMPR era ((age of smartphones)) ((after Kim's departure)) #mmpr-pink | Boom!, MMPR, Side Story | 2 cols | col 2 i: mmpr-pink-team.jpg | Kim's new team * While the [Rangers = MMPR|White Ranger|Tommy|Billy|Rocky|Adam|Aisha|Kat] are off-world, [Goldar] activates Typhonis, a War Zord created from [Cyclopsis] and the [Thunderzords]. * **[Kimberly]** recruits two new friends Serge and Britt to join [Trini] and [Zack] ((now a couple)) as backup Rangers using the [Sword of Light]. They use Typhonis to help Tommy's team against [Serpentera]. - MMPR Pink n: [one year later = #mmpr-pink-post] > left | #mmpr3-kat == MMPR era ((Master Vile present)) #young-tj-cassie | Boom!, MMPR, Turbo, Side Story | 2 cols | col 2 i: young-tj-cassie.jpg | Young Cassie and TJ | almost-top * At [Angel Grove] Middle School, **[TJ]** and **[Cassie]** ((age 13)) protect classmates from bullies and [Tengas]. - "A Ranger in the Making" > left | #mmpr3-kat [43 xx] == Alien Ranger era ((1996 est., plus time reversal)) #mmar | TV, Alien Rangers | 2 rows i: aquitian-rangers.jpg | Alien Rangers * [Master Vile] reverts the Earth to a past-like state (([Billy] soon re-ages himself)). [Rita] and [Zedd] destroy the [Power Coins]. * While the **[Alien Rangers]** defend the Earth, the young [ex-Rangers = Tommy|Rocky|Adam|Aisha|Kat] travel through time seeking the [Zeo Subcrystals] ((see [above = #zeo-quest-blue])). * The Alien Rangers defeat [Hydro Hog]. [Tanya] returns in [Aisha]'s stead, and the Zeo Crystal restores the Earth. * [Rito] and [Goldar] blow up the [Command Center] and get amnesia. - "Rangers in Reverse": 1995 airdate / MMAR: 1996 airdates - "Rangers in Reverse" / "Alien Rangers of Aquitar": time reversal - "Climb Every Fountain": Billy re-aged, Power Coins destroyed - "Attack of the 60' Bulk" through "Hogday Afternoon": Zeo quest - "Hogday Afternoon": Hydro Hog, Aisha, Tanya, Earth restored, Command Center blown up - "A Zeo Beginning": Rito and Goldar's amnesia == Alien Ranger era #shattered-grid-mmar | Boom!, MMPR, Alien Rangers, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-mmar.jpg | Shogun Megazord here to help * **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces may invade the Alien Ranger era. The [Alien Rangers] ((and [Shogun Megazord = Shogunzords])) later join in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR #27: invasion everywhere - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - MMPR #30: Shogun Megazord - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone > left | #mmar == Post-MMPR era ((1996 est.)) #its-coming | TV, Zeo, Other i: zeo-serial-scientists.jpg | Dr. Jewel and Dr. Kender being interviewed about approaching fleet | right * As [Rita] and [Zedd] celebrate the Rangers' defeat, the [Machine Empire] reaches Earth. - "It's Coming" promos (1996) > left | #mmar [xx] == Zeo era #break-zeo * The Zeo Rangers battle the Machine Empire. Jason returns as the Gold Ranger. [48 xx] == Zeo era ((1996 est.)) #zeo | TV, Zeo | 2 rows i: zeo-rangers.jpg | Zeo Rangers in Power Chamber * The **[Zeo Rangers = Zeo Rangers|Tommy|Adam|Rocky|Tanya|Kat]** debut as [Rita] and [Zedd] flee from the [Machine Empire] in [Serpentera]. [Bulk] and [Skull] take in [Rito] and [Goldar] for a time. * [Kimberly] breaks up with [Tommy] before the Pan Global Games. Tommy meets his brother [David], and their [arrowhead] is briefly reassembled. * [Lt. Stone] hires [Bulk] and [Skull] as detectives. - Power Rangers Zeo: 1996 airdates - "A Zeo Beginning": Machine Empire, Zeo Rangers - "A Zeo Beginning" through "A Golden Homecoming": Rito and Goldar live with Bulk and Skull - "There's No Business Like Snow Business, part 1": winter, Kimberly's letter - "Inner Spirit" / "Challenges" / "Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?": David, arrowhead - "Song Sung Yellow" through "Good as Gold": detective agency > down | #zeo2 == Zeo era ((before Gold Ranger)) #zeo-image | Image Comics, Zeo i: zeo-image.jpg | Billy and Tommy * When the [Machine Empire] attacks his homeworld, [Master Vile] surrenders the [Power Coin] energies previously stolen by [Rita] and [Zedd]. ((story unresolved)) - Power Rangers Zeo #1 > left | #zeo == Zeo era ((1 year after Typhonis incident)) #mmpr-pink-post | Boom!, MMPR, Side Story i: mmpr-pink-one-year-later.jpg | One year later | bottom * **[Kimberly]** breaks up with [Tommy] ((believing they have different paths, she writes of an imaginary romantic interest)). - MMPR Pink p: [Typhonis = #mmpr-pink] > left | #zeo [xx] == Zeo era ((1996 est.)) #zeo2 | TV, Zeo i: gold-ranger.jpg | Gold Ranger * [Jason] receives the [Gold Ranger] powers after [Trey] is shot down over [Aquitar]. The [Rangers = Zeo Rangers|Tommy|Adam|Rocky|Tanya|Kat] receive the [Super Zeo Gems]. * Using a map sent by [Aisha], [Tanya] rescues her parents from [Mysterio Island] ((where they have been missing for years)). * The [Alien Rangers] help the Zeo Rangers. [Billy] moves to Aquitar, having formed a deep connection with an Aquitian named [Cestria]. * [Tommy] and [Kat] start dating. * Jason returns the Gold powers to Trey. [Rita] and [Zedd] blow up [King Mondo] and his family. - Power Rangers Zeo: 1996 airdates - "The Power of Gold" / "A Golden Homecoming": Gold Ranger, Jason - "A Golden Homecoming": Super Zeo Gems - "Bomber in the Summer" through "The Lore of Auric": summer - "The Lore of Auric": Mysterio Island - "The Joke's on Blue": classes in session - "Rangers of Two Worlds": Alien Rangers, Billy's departure - "Hawaii Zeo": Tommy and Kat dating - "Good as Gold": Gold powers returned, Machine Empire falls - "It Came from Angel Grove": Halloween special - "A Season to Remember": Christmas special - Turbo: "Shift into Turbo, part 2": senior year ends [xx] == Post-Zeo era ((soon after Jason returns Gold powers)) #shattered-grid-zeo | Boom!, MMPR, Shattered Grid i: jason-farewell-party.jpg | Jason's farewell party * After [Jason]'s farewell party, **[Lord Drakkon]** kills this era's [Tommy] and takes the Red and Green [Zeonizers = Zeo Rangers]. [= Adam] * [Kat], [Rocky], and the [Gold Ranger] later join in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon] while [Tanya] helps rescue prisoners. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated, but Tanya survives aboard the [Promethea]. - MMPR Annual 2018: Drakkon, Tommy, Zeonizers - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone n: [Promethea = #beyond-the-grid] > up | #zeo2 [30 xx 38] == 2 years before In Space ((1996 est.)) #ko-35-falls | TV, In Space i: andros-and-zhane.jpg | Andros and Zhane during the invasion | right * [Dark Specter] assaults [KO-35] ((including with [Barillian Bugs])), and the planet is evacuated. [Andros] places **[Zhane]** in cryogenic suspension. - "Survival of the Silver": events, "two years" c: [Comics = #ko-35-falls-boom] == Years before Ninja Storm ((mid-1990s est.)) #bradleys | TV, Ninja Storm i: young-blake-and-hunter.jpg | Young Blake and Hunter with Thunder Ninja Academy's Sensei Omino * Their parents secretly killed by [Lothor], young [Hunter] and [Blake] join the [Thunder Ninja Academy]. - "Thunder Strangers, part 3": parents' death - "Return of Thunder, part 3": Thunder Ninja Academy == Unknown ((1996–98 est.)) #beetleborgs | TV, Saban Show, Other i: beetleborgs.jpg | Beetleborgs * A ghost transforms three kids into **[Beetleborgs]**. They later gain Metallix powers. - Big Bad Beetleborgs / Beetleborgs Metallix: 1996–98 airdates - "Beetle Rock": kids become Beetleborgs - "Crush of the Crustaceans" / "Metallix Rising": Metallix powers [xx] == Turbo era #break-turbo * The Turbo Rangers battle Divatox's forces. After graduation, Tommy's team passes their powers to new teens. * Zordon is captured by Dark Specter. [22 xx 33] == Pre-Turbo era ((1997 est.)) #weird-week | TV, Turbo, Other i: weird-week.jpg | Rita and Divatox during Weird Week * **[Divatox]** goofs around with [Rita] and [Zedd] on the moon. - Weird Week promos (1997) == Early Turbo era ((1997 est.)) #turbo-movie | Movie, TV, Turbo i: turbo-rangers.jpg | Turbo Rangers * **[Divatox]** chases [Lerigot] to Earth. [Kimberly] and [Jason] are briefly turned evil. * The [Rangers = Tommy|Adam|Tanya|Kat] ((with [Justin] now in [Rocky]'s place)) use new [Turbo powers = Turbo Rangers] to destroy [Maligore] ((who resembles [Dark Specter])). - Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie == Early Turbo era ((4 years after Rita's escape)) #alpha6-origin | Boom!, Turbo, Side Story i: alphas-hug.jpg | Alpha-5 and Alpha-6 hugging * In preparation for his departure to [Eltar] ((below)), **[Alpha-5]** builds [Alpha-6] and invites him to find his own purpose. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special [25 xx 33] == Turbo era ((and beyond)) #millennium-message | TV, Turbo, Negated Timeline | 2 rows i: millennium-message.jpg | Millennium Message projection from timeline at right * In an "estimated future" described by [Blue Senturion] ((@right)), the universe will be conquered by an **evil alliance** ((including [Rita] and [Zedd], the [Machine Empire], and [Divatox])). * A message dated [2000 = #lightspeed] reveals the force capable of saving the universe. ((This force may include [Carlos] and [Ashley], @right.)) - "The Millennium Message": Blue Senturion, message - "A Drive to Win": Carlos and Ashley conspicuously targeted > right | #turbo == Turbo era ((1997)) #turbo | TV, Turbo | 2 rows i: new-turbo-rangers.jpg | New Turbo Rangers * The [teens = Tommy|Adam|Tanya|Kat|Rocky] graduate as the class of 1997. [Lt. Stone] buys [Ernie]'s [Juice Bar]. * [Zordon] and [Alpha-5] depart for [Eltar], replaced by [Dimitria] and [Alpha-6]. * [Blue Senturion] arrives from the future, warning of an evil alliance ((@left)). * Four of the Turbo Rangers retire; **[TJ]** and **[Cassie]** join **[Carlos]** and **[Ashley]** as replacements. [= Justin] - "Shift into Turbo" through "Passing the Torch": 1997 airdates - "Shift into Turbo": graduation, Zordon's departure, Dimitria - "Shadow Rangers": Juice Bar - "The Millennium Message": Blue Senturion arrives - "Passing the Torch, part 2": retirement > up | #turbo-movie | 25% == Turbo era ((before Turbo power transfer, after Metallix powers)) #turbo-vs-metallix | Acclaim Comics, Turbo, Saban Show i: turbo-rangers-vs-beetleborgs.jpg | Turbo Rangers vs. Beetleborgs * The [Turbo Rangers|Tommy|Justin|Adam|Tanya|Kat] meet the **[Beetleborgs]**. - Power Rangers Turbo vs. Beetleborgs Metallix > left | #turbo == Turbo era #tommy-and-kat-break-up | Boom!, Turbo, Side Story i: tommy-and-kat-break-up.jpg | Tommy and Kat break up | right * **[Tommy]** and **[Kat]** part ways to attend MIT and the University of Sydney, respectively. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special > left | #turbo [40 xx] == Turbo era ((1997 est.)) #turbo2 | TV, Turbo | 2 rows i: phantom-ranger.jpg | Phantom Ranger | almost-left * [Lightning Cruiser] and [Storm Blaster] arrive. The **[Phantom Ranger]** helps out for a time. * Robot duplicates of the [Rangers = Turbo Rangers|Justin|TJ|Cassie|Carlos|Ashley] travel to [Eltar]. * [Dark Specter] assaults Eltar and captures **[Zordon]** ((despite [Dimitria] and [Blue Senturion]'s efforts)). The Turbo Rangers and [Alpha-6] lose to [Divatox] but chase her into space ((without [Justin])) aboard [NASADA]'s [shuttle = Astro Megashuttle]. - "Stitch Witchery" through "Chase into Space": 1997 airdates - "The Wheel of Fate": Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster arrive - "The Phantom Phenomenon" through "Clash of the Megazords": Phantom Ranger - "The Robot Ranger": Robot Rangers - "Chase into Space": Eltar, Rangers into space == Turbo era #shattered-grid-turbo | Boom!, Turbo, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-phantom-ranger.jpg | Phantom Ranger here to help | top * **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces may invade the [Turbo = Turbo Rangers] era. (([Tommy] may not fare well.)) * The [Phantom Ranger] ((from this era?)) later joins in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR #27: invasion everywhere - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone, Drakkon reportedly killed all Tommys he found > left | #turbo2 == End of Turbo era ((5 years after Rita's escape)) #invasion-of-eltar-boom | Boom!, Turbo, Side Story i: invasion-of-eltar-boom.jpg | Invasion of Eltar * **[Alpha-5]** refuses to leave [Zordon]'s side during [Dark Specter]'s invasion of [Eltar]. [= Ecliptor] - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special > left | #turbo2 [xx xx] == Unknown ((1997 est.)) #next-mutation | TV, Saban Show, Other i: venus-de-milo.jpg | Venus * The **[Ninja Turtles]** gain a fifth member, Venus de Milo. - Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation: events, 1997–98 airdates == 20 years before Ninja Steel ((1997 est.)) #lion-galaxy | TV, Ninja Steel i: galvanax-ship.jpg | Galvanax's ship circa Ninja Steel * The royal family of the [Lion Galaxy] sells **[Mick]** and others to [Galvanax]. - "The Royal Rumble" [xx] == In Space era #break-in-space * The ex-Turbo Rangers join Andros as Space Rangers. * Zordon's sacrifice purges Dark Specter's forces. [36 xx 20] == In Space era ((1998 est.)) #in-space | TV, In Space | 3 rows i: space-rangers.jpg | Space Rangers * After spying on [Dark Specter]'s [banquet = Rita|Zedd|Goldar|Master Vile|Machine Empire|Divatox|General Havoc|Astronema], **[Andros]** accepts the [ex-Turbo teens = Carlos|TJ|Ashley|Cassie] as [Space Rangers]. Dark Specter pits **[Astronema]** against the team (([Ecliptor] soon joins her)). [= Astro Megaship] * [Bulk] and [Skull] begin working for Professor Phenomenus. * Astronema briefly puts the [Ninja Turtles] under a spell. * The Rangers receive a Zord from [Phantom Ranger] and find more hidden by [Zordon] on Jupiter's moon ((after swiping their keycards from [Darkonda] on [Onyx])). * [Justin|Turbo Rangers] and [Storm Blaster] help rescue [Lightning Cruiser] from [Divatox]'s forces, and [Adam] mentors [Carlos]. After awakening, **[Zhane]** leaves to help the survivors of [KO-35]. - Power Rangers in Space: 1998 airdates - "From out of Nowhere": Dark Specter's banquet, teens join Andros - "Save Our Ship": Bulk and Skull meet Phenomenus - "Shell Shocked": Ninja Turtles - "The Delta Discovery": Delta Megaship from Phantom Ranger - "Flashes of Darkonda" / "The Rangers' Mega Voyage": Mega Vehicles - "True Blue to the Rescue": Justin - "Survival of the Silver": Zhane awakens - "Zhane's Destiny": Zhane leaves - "Always a Chance": Adam > down | #in-space2 == In Space era ((8 months before Zordon's wave)) #hyperforce-banquet | RPG, Hyperforce, In Space, Alternate Timeline | 2 cols | col 2 i: dark-specters-conference.jpg | Dark Specter's banquet (image from TV series) * [Thrax], the **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Chloe|Joe]**, and assorted heroes (([Aisha], [Andros], [Gem], [Merlin], and [Lina Song])) crash [Dark Specter]'s [banquet = Rita|Zedd|Goldar|Master Vile|Machine Empire|Divatox|General Havoc|Astronema] ((@left)). * After absorbing Dark Specter and others, Thrax is destroyed. [Rita] and [Zedd] grow more powerful. [Vesper] gets a new body. * [Chloe] is conflicted upon speaking with her [father = Alliance]. The Rangers free the captive [Time Force Rangers|Wes|Lucas|Trip|Katie], but the [Alliance] escapes with [Zordon]. - Hyperforce episode 24: banquet, Thrax destroyed - Hyperforce episodes 24–25: Alliance escapes with Zordon - Hyperforce episode 25: Vesper, Time Force Rangers, "8 months" p: [Aisha = #hyperforce-aisha], [Gem = #hyperforce-rpm], [Merlin = #hyperforce-knights], [Lina Song = #hyperforce-a-squad] n: [bad future = #hyperforce-bad-future] > left | #in-space == In Space era ((before Astronema defects)) #shattered-grid-in-space | Boom!, In Space, Shattered Grid i: drakkon-vs-space.jpg | Drakkon attacks TJ * **[Lord Drakkon]** boards the [Megaship] and captures [TJ]; [Andros] escapes, but the other [Rangers = Space Rangers|Carlos|Ashley|Cassie|Zhane] die. At least two [Psycho Rangers] join Drakkon's forces. ((Drakkon's forces will include Silver Space [Sentries].)) * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated, but Andros and powerless TJ survive aboard the [Promethea]. - MMPR Annual 2018: Drakkon attacks - MMPR #27: Drakkon attacks - again? - MMPR #27, 28, 30: Psycho Rangers - MMPR #29: time frame, Andros escapes, TJ captive - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault, Silver Space Sentries - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone n: [Promethea = #beyond-the-grid] > left | #in-space == In Space era or before ((before Astronema defects)) #boom-25th-in-space-pre | Boom!, In Space, SPD i: astronema-25th.jpg | Astronema | top * At some point, **[Astronema]** gives shield codes to [Emperor Gruumm], allowing him to conquer [Sirius]. - MMPR 25th Anniversary Special [xx 28] == In Space era ((1998 est.)) #in-space2 | TV, In Space | 2 rows i: andros-shatters-tube.jpg | Andros shattering Zordon's tube | left * **[Astronema]** defects, but [Dark Specter] recaptures her. The **[Psycho Rangers]** attack but are digitized onto data cards. * Across the universe, assorted [heroes = Alien Rangers|Gold Ranger|Blue Senturion|Phantom Ranger] struggle against the [United Alliance of Evil = Rita|Zedd|Goldar|Finster|Squatt|Machine Empire|Divatox]. [Darkonda] and Dark Specter destroy each other, and [Zordon]'s sacrifice purges Astronema's forces. Astronema awakens as [Karone]. * Now good, [Rita] will later resurface as [Mystic Mother]. ((Rita and [Zedd]'s son [Thrax] will appear years later, the circumstances of his birth/creation unknown.)) * Survivors return to [KO-35]. The [Space Rangers|Andros|Ashley|Carlos|Cassie|TJ] leave their Morphers and [Megaship] under the care of [Alpha-6]. - Power Rangers in Space: 1998 airdates - "The Secret of the Locket" through "The Rangers' Leap of Faith": Astronema defects - "Dark Specter's Revenge": Astronema recaptured - "Rangers Gone Psycho": Psycho Rangers debut - "Ghosts in the Machine": Psycho Rangers digitized - "Countdown to Destruction": Dark Specter's war, evil defeated - Lost Galaxy: "Quasar Quest, part 2" / "To the Tenth Power": Megaship and Morphers left with Alpha-6 - Mystic Force: "Mystic Fate": Mystic Mother - Operation Overdrive: "Once a Ranger": Thrax - Cosmic Fury: "Master Plan": "United Alliance of Evil" == In Space era ((decades before Soul of the Dragon)) #boom-ctd | Boom!, In Space, Side Story i: z-wave-sotd.jpg | Zedd and Rita being purified | almost-left * **[Lord Zedd]**, **[Rita]**, and [Finster] are purified by [Zordon]'s energy wave. - Soul of the Dragon > left | #in-space2 == Unknown ((after Zordon's wave)) #zedd-super-legends | Game, MMPR i: zedd-super-legends.jpg | Lord Zedd with time crystal * **[Lord Zedd]**'s purified form ((now an archaeologist)) discovers a time crystal. Corrupted through time by his evil self, Zedd loses to an assortment of Rangers and vanishes into a time void. - Power Rangers Super Legends > left | #in-space2 [xx] == 8+ years before Venjix ((1998 or earlier est.)) #k-abducted | TV, RPM, RPM Dimension i: young-k.jpg | Young K in Alphabet Soup * [Alphabet Soup] abducts a child prodigy later known as **[Dr. K]**; she will turn six in the facility. - "Doctor K": origin, 6th through 14th birthdays at Alphabet Soup [xx] == Lost Galaxy era #break-lost-galaxy * The Galaxy Rangers protect the space colony Terra Venture from Scorpius and Trakeena. [xx] == Lost Galaxy era ((1999 est.)) #lost-galaxy | TV, Lost Galaxy | 2 rows i: terra-venture.jpg | Terra Venture * As [Scorpius] attacks [Mirinoi], [Maya] and [four Earthlings = Leo|Damon|Kai|Kendrix] become **[Galaxy Rangers]**. The [Astro Megaship] is brought back online. * [Skull] is left behind as **[Terra Venture]** leaves Earth. * Revived by [Mike = Mike Corbett]'s spirit, [Magna Defender] seeks the [Lights of Orion]. He dies saving the colony and leaves his powers to Mike. * [Deviot] brings three reconstructed [Galactabeasts]. Trakeena trains with Villamax on [Onyx] and returns when Scorpius falls to the Rangers. - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: 1999 airdates - "Quasar Quest": Mirinoi attack, Galaxy Rangers debut, Terra Venture departs - "The Magna Defender": Magna Defender returns - "Redemption Day": Magna Defender's sacrifice - "Destined for Greatness": Mike receives Magna Defender's powers - "The Lost Galactabeasts": Deviot's Galactabeasts - "Heir to the Throne": Trakeena on Onyx, Scorpius destroyed [40 xx] == Lost Galaxy era ((1999 est.)) #lost-galaxy2 | TV, Lost Galaxy | 2 rows i: kendrixs-sacrifice.jpg | Kendrix's sacrifice * When [Deviot] resurrects the [Psycho Rangers] from their data cards, the [Space Rangers|Andros|Carlos|TJ|Ashley|Cassie] reclaim their Morphers to help. * After [Kendrix] apparently dies saving the colony, her [Quasar Saber] flies away; **[Karone]** later finds it on [Onyx] and receives the Galaxy Pink powers from Kendrix's spirit. * The colonists escape to Mirinoi as [Trakeena] ((crazed from fusing with Deviot)) destroys Terra Venture. The Rangers self-destruct the [Megaship], but Trakeena survives for a final battle. * Kendrix returns as Mirinoi is restored. [Bulk] and [Alpha-6] will somehow make their way back to Earth. - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: 1999 airdates - "To the Tenth Power" / "The Power of Pink": Psycho Rangers, Space Rangers - "The Power of Pink": Kendrix apparently dies - "Protect the Quasar Saber": Karone becomes Pink - "Journey's End": Terra Venture destroyed, Mirinoi restored - Wild Force: "Forever Red": Bulk back on Earth - Operation Overdrive: "Once a Ranger": Alpha-6 back on Earth > up | #lost-galaxy == Lost Galaxy era ((after Karone becomes Pink, before Mirinoi landing)) #shattered-grid-lost-galaxy | Boom!, Lost Galaxy, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-karone.jpg | Karone meets Grace Sterling (off-panel) | left * [Lord Drakkon]'s forces invade [Terra Venture]. **[Karone]** is reportedly the last [Galaxy Ranger = Galaxy Rangers|Leo|Damon|Kai|Maya] when [Kim] and [Jen] find her ((Drakkon has at least two Transmorphers)). * [Mike = Mike Corbett|Magna Defender] later arrives to help the Rangers. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated, but Karone and Mike survive aboard the [Promethea]. - MMPR #27: Galaxy Rangers vs. Drakkon's forces - MMPR #28: Kim and Jen pick up Karone - MMPR #30: two stolen Transmorphers seen - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone - MMPR #32: Leo left behind, possibly dead n: [Promethea = #beyond-the-grid] > left | #lost-galaxy2 == Lost Galaxy era #darkest-hour-lost-galaxy | Boom!, Lost Galaxy, Darkest Hour i: darkest-hour-lost-galaxy.jpg | Maya captive | top * Accompanied by [Mistress Vile], **[Dark Specter]** invades the Lost Galaxy era. [Maya|Galaxy Rangers] is later among his unmorphed captives. - MMPR #114 > left | #lost-galaxy2 [29 xx 20] == Post–Lost Galaxy era ((after Mirinoi landing)) #karone-trial | Boom!, In Space, Side Story i: karone-on-trial.jpg | Karone on trial * **[Karone]** is abducted from [Mirinoi] to stand trial for her crimes as Astronema. * [Andros] fakes Astronema's continued existence ((and death)) to spare Karone from execution. Karone leaves in disgust. - MMPR 25th Anniversary Special > up | #lost-galaxy2 == Post–Lost Galaxy era ((after Karone's trial)) #psycho-path | Boom!, In Space, Side Story i: psycho-path-family.jpg | Karone with unmorphed Psycho Rangers * [Psycho Green] emerges from the moon and recreates the **[Psycho Rangers]** from modified data cards. They find **[Karone]** on [KO-35], where she has learned to connect with the parts of her that were Astronema. [Zhane] contacts the other [Space Rangers|Andros|Carlos|TJ|Ashley|Cassie]. * Karone teaches her former creations to be better people and prevents Green from resetting them further. When the Space Rangers attack, Karone knocks out [Andros] and lets the Psychos go free ((with Green as their prisoner)). - The Psycho Path > left | #karone-trial == Post–Lost Galaxy era #ranger-academy-leo | Boom!, Lost Galaxy, Ranger Academy i: ranger-academy-leo.jpg | Professor Corbett * At some point, [Leo] speaks through time as a professor at [Ranger Academy]. - Ranger Academy [xx] == Lightspeed era #break-lightspeed * The Lightspeed Rangers battle Queen Bansheera's demons. [xx 40] == Lightspeed era ((2000 est.)) #lightspeed | TV, Lightspeed Rescue i: lightspeed-rangers.jpg | Lightspeed Rangers * [Queen Bansheera]'s [demons = Diabolico|Vypra] escape and attack [Mariner Bay]. [Captain Mitchell = Lightspeed] recruits **[Lightspeed Rangers|Carter|Chad|Joel|Kelsey|Dana]**. * [Ryan] steals the Titanium Morpher but later allies with the Rangers. * The [Galaxy Rangers|Leo|Damon|Kai|Maya|Kendrix] ((with [Kendrix] again as Pink)) travel from [Mirinoi] to battle [Trakeena]. * Bansheera seeks to unlock the Shadow World, but [Diabolico] helps the Rangers seal her within. - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: 2000 airdates - "Operation Lightspeed": demons freed, Lightspeed Rangers recruited - "From Deep in the Shadows": Titanium Morpher - "Truth Revealed" / "Ryan's Destiny": Ryan joins Rangers - "Trakeena's Revenge": Trakeena, Galaxy Rangers - "The Fate of Lightspeed": Bansheera sealed away == Lightspeed era ((after Carter gets Trans-Armor Cycle)) #shattered-grid-lightspeed-rescue | Boom!, Lightspeed Rescue, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-lightspeed.jpg | Carter helps Karone | left * [Kelsey] is captured when **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces invade the [Lightspeed = Lightspeed Rangers|Carter|Chad|Joel|Kelsey|Dana|Ryan] era. [Carter] joins [Kim] and [Jen]'s forces for the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated, but powerless Kelsey escapes aboard the [Promethea] ((with [Dana]?)). - MMPR #27: Lightspeed Rangers vs. Drakkon's forces - MMPR #28–30 / Shattered Grid #1: Carter present - MMPR #29 / Shattered Grid #1: Kelsey - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault, Trans-Armor Cycle - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone - MMPR #36: Dana apparently visible n: [Promethea = #beyond-the-grid] > left | #lightspeed [xx 20] == Years before Samurai ((early 2000s est.)) #young-shibas | TV, Samurai i: jayden-dad2.jpg | Lauren and Jayden's father prepares to attempt the sealing symbol * As contemporary [Samurai Rangers] battle the [Nighlok], Red sends his daughter **[Lauren]** to safety, then seals [Master Xandred] away and dies. * The Rangers' [children = Kevin|Mia|Mike] will train to become Samurai Rangers, with Lauren's brother **[Jayden]** substituting as Red. Jayden becomes friends with [Antonio]. * When her sister later grows ill, young [Emily] trains in her stead to be the Yellow Ranger. - Power Rangers Samurai: 2011 airdates / Power Rangers Super Samurai: 2012 airdates - "Origins, part 1" / "Test of the Leader" / "Fight Fire with Fire": battle, sealing, Red's apparent death - "Sticks and Stones": Emily - "Unexpected Arrival" / "Room for One More" / "Evil Reborn": Antonio - "Fight Fire with Fire": Lauren, ages estimated == Post-MMPR era ((23 years before The Return: 2000)) #kim-tommy-wedding | Boom!, MMPR, The Return i: kim-tommy-wedding.jpg | Kimberly and Tommy's wedding * In an alternate timeline, **[Kimberly]** and **[Tommy]** marry, as do [Rita] and [Zedd]. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special [xx] == Time Force era #break-time-force * Time Force Rangers from the future pursue Ransik and his gang of mutants to modern day (the year 2001 in the TV series). [xx] == Time Force era ((2001, with Ransik)) #ransik-arrives | TV, Time Force i: time-force-rangers.jpg | Time Force Rangers * In [Silver Hills], **[Ransik]** and a prison full of [mutant|Nadira] criminals arrive from [3000 = #ransik-escapes]. Four [Time Force|Jen|Lucas|Trip|Katie] officers recruit [Wes] ((whose DNA is similar to [Alex])) to unlock their [Morphers = Time Force Rangers]. Wes moves into the [clock tower] with his new teammates. * [Frax] synthesizes [Trizyrium crystals]. The Raimei Destroyer fails, and the [Time Shadow] arrives from the future. * Soon after joining the [Silver Guardians], [Eric] claims the recently unearthed [Quantum Morpher]. Wes and Eric follow a mutant into [prehistory = #q-rex] and retrieve the [Q-Rex]. * [Katie] sees the ghost of [Walter Brown] and falls through a [time hole = #walter-brown]. She wakes to find Walter's history has changed. * [Jen] arrests her rogue ex-partner, [Steelix]. After Frax destroys his [serum] supply, Ransik raids [Bio-Lab] for more and critically injures [Mr. Collins]. - "Force from the Future": Ransik chased by Time Force Rangers from 3000 to 2001 - "Force from the Future, part 2" / "Something to Fight For": Wes recruited - "Ransik Lives" / "A Parting of Ways": clock tower - "The Time Shadow": Trizyrium crystals, Raimei, Time Shadow - "Worlds Apart": Silver Guardians, Eric - "The Quantum Quest": Quantum Morpher - "Clash for Control": Q-Rex - "The Legend of the Clock Tower": Walter Brown - "Time Force Traitor": Steelix, shift in history - "Frax's Fury": Frax destroys serum supply - "Dawn of Destiny": raid on Bio-Lab [xx] == Time Force era ((2001, with Alex)) #alex-arrives | TV, Time Force i: alex.jpg | Alex takes charge * **[Alex]** arrives from [3000 = #alex-in-charge] and takes [Wes]'s place as Red Ranger, telling him of his fate to lead [Bio-Lab] after his father dies; Wes instead leads the [Rangers = Time Force Rangers|Lucas|Trip|Katie|Jen] to victory against [Dragontron]. Inspired, Alex revives [Mr. Collins] and returns to the future. * The [Lightspeed Rangers|Carter|Chad|Joel|Kelsey|Dana|Ryan] help against [Vypra]. (([Joel] and [Ms. Fairweather = Lightspeed] are newlyweds.)) * Accessing history banks from 3000, [Circuit] foresees the destruction of [Silver Hills] by time holes ((below)). * Wes convinces Bio-Lab to halt the anachronistic production of [Trizyrium crystals]. - "Dawn of Destiny" / "Fight Against Fate" / "Destiny Defeated": Dragontron, Alex, Mr. Collins - "Time for Lightspeed": Vypra - "Circuit Unsure": Circuit's vision - "A Calm Before the Storm": Trizyrium crystals > up | #ransik-arrives [xx] == Time Force era ((2001, with Timeship)) #time-holes-timeship | TV, Time Force i: nadira-with-baby.jpg | Nadira reconsiders | right * [Alex] sends a Timeship to rescue his [teammates = Time Force Rangers|Lucas|Trip|Katie|Jen] from impending doom, but they opt to stay with [Wes]. * On [Trip]'s urging, **[Nadira]** helps deliver a baby, softening her stance on humans. * His humanity erased by [Ransik], [Frax] pilots [Doomtron], threatening [Silver Hills] with time holes. * Wes sends the others to [3000 = #alex-in-charge] for their safety. Injured, [Eric] passes his powers to Wes. - "The End of Time, part 1": Timeship, Nadira, Doomtron, Wes sends others - "The End of Time, part 2": Eric injured > up | #alex-arrives [45 xx] == Time Force era ((2001, without four Rangers)) #wes-dies | TV, Time Force, Negated Timeline i: wes-surrounded.jpg | Wes surrounded * **[Wes]** dies in battle, but his efforts somehow help "save the future." [= Silver Hills] * The fates of [Nadira] ((pacified)), [Eric] ((injured)), and [Ransik] ((still angry)) are unknown. [Time Force] will still exist in [3000 = #alex-in-charge]. - "The End of Time, part 2" > up | #time-holes-timeship > right | #ransik-surrenders == Time Force era ((2001, with four Rangers)) #ransik-surrenders | TV, Time Force i: trizyrium-crystal-nullified.jpg | Doomtron nullified * [Wes]'s [teammates = Time Force Rangers|Lucas|Trip|Katie|Jen] return, and [Trip] helps nullify [Doomtron]. [Frax] dies. * **[Ransik]** surrenders after injuring [Nadira]; all return to the future. Wes and [Eric] head the [Silver Guardians]. [= Silver Hills] - "The End of Time, part 3" n: [3001 = #mut-orgs-escape] > up | #time-holes-timeship [45 xx] == Post–Time Force era ((2001, after Ransik's capture)) #wes-jen-date | Boom!, Time Force, Side Story i: wes-jen-outpost-one.jpg | Wes and Jen in Outpost One | almost-top * During a mission in the past, **[Jen]** helps **[Wes]** and [Eric] against masterless [Cyclobots = Frax]. * Jen later breaks up with Wes, and [Cyra] attacks, but these events are undone following changes to history. Wes and Jen begin meeting for dates outside the timestream at [Outpost One]. - Sins of the Future == Time Force era or beyond ((after Eric gains Mega Battle)) #shattered-grid-time-force-pre | Boom!, Time Force, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-quantum-ranger.jpg | Eric here to help | top * **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces may invade the contemporary [Time Force = Time Force Rangers|Wes|Lucas|Trip|Katie|Jen|Eric] era. [Eric] later joins in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR #27: invasion everywhere - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone > up | #ransik-surrenders [25 xx 29] == Over a year before Wild Force ((2001 est.)) #wild-force-pre | TV, Wild Force i: taylor-on-animarium.jpg | Taylor on Animarium * [Master Org] reopens the [Org Nexus = Orgs]; [Shayla] and the [Wild Zords] awaken. * **[Taylor]** lands on the [Animarium] and becomes the Yellow [Wild Force Ranger = Wild Force Rangers]. - "Darkness Awakening": Taylor a Ranger for "over a year" - "Click, Click, Zoom": seal weakened, Wild Zords and Shayla awakened - "The Bear Necessities": Taylor == Years before Dino Thunder ((2001 est.)) #dino-thunder-pre | TV, Dino Thunder i: photo-with-smitty.jpg | Tommy, Mercer, and Smitty | left * [Anton Mercer] selects **[Tommy]** to assist in his cyborg dinosaur research. Upon finding three [Dino Gems], Tommy recruits [Hayley] to build Dino Morphers. * Mercer is transformed into [Mesogog]; Tommy escapes the destruction of their lab. * Mesogog transforms Tommy's rival Smitty into [Zeltrax]. Mercer also takes in young **[Trent]** when his parents die in a cave-in. [= Reefside] - "Day of the Dino": Tommy/Mercer, Dino Gems, lab destroyed, "some years" - "Legacy of Power": Hayley - "Golden Boy": Trent - "Bully for Ethan": Smitty/Zeltrax - "Copy That": Mesogog's origin == Post-MMPR era ((Billy's second day of grad school)) #billy-ranger-academy | Boom!, MMPR, Ranger Academy, Side Story i: billy-ranger-academy.jpg | Billy speaks with the headmaster of Ranger Academy | right * On his second day at the [Angel Grove] Institute of Technology, **[Billy]** is contacted across time by [Ranger Academy]. He briefly mentors an aspiring Blue Ranger. * Seemingly older, Billy (("Professor Cranston")) later teaches Ranger Academy classes as well. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special: initial mentorship - Ranger Academy: Professor Cranston [xx] == Extended MMPR era ((22 years before The Return: 2001)) #the-return-serpentera | Boom!, MMPR, The Return i: the-return-serpentera-aftermath.jpg | Rangers in the aftermath of Serpentera's attack * In an alternate timeline, [Jason] is now a firefighter, [Trini] works in Washington DC, [Billy] is a scientist or grad student, [Zack] is a DJ, [Kimberly] is a gymnastics coach, and [Tommy] teaches karate at the [Youth Center]. [= MMPR|Green Ranger] * [Rita] and [Zedd] use [Serpentera] to destroy the [Command Center|Zordon|Alpha-5]. The Rangers launch a counterattack which breaks a piece off of the moon; Tommy apparently dies at this point. * After urging the team never to morph again, Kimberly assumes an alias and moves to Canada ((with a child?)). Zack eventually takes his identity public ((claiming his teammates were from other parts of the world)). Trini will serve as mayor of [Angel Grove] and High Commissioner for Human Rights for the UN. Billy will run a telecom company while secretly researching teleportation. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special / The Return [xx] == Wild Force era #break-wild-force * The Wild Force Rangers battle Org forces. [24 xx 38] == 6 months before Wild Force ((2001–02 est.)) #wild-force-pre2 | TV, Wild Force i: max-recruited.jpg | Alyssa and Taylor recruit Max * [Alyssa] and then [Max] join [Taylor] as **[Wild Force Rangers]**. Months later, [Danny] joins. [= Orgs] - "Darkness Awakening": Alyssa, Danny, time frame, "about 6 months" - "The Tornado Spin": Max > down | #wild-force == Years before SPD era ((2001)) #spd-pioneers | TV, SPD i: sirius-falls.jpg | The fall of Sirius i: spd-pioneers.jpg | Kat and her assistants | left * At some point, [Emperor Gruumm] conquers [Sirius], homeworld of **[SPD]** ((Space Patrol Delta)). [Doggie Cruger] will later lead SPD's Earth branch. * [Kat Manx]'s [Ranger-tech = SPD Rangers] experiments accidentally result in her assistants later having [metahuman offspring = B-Squad]. ((One of those children, [Syd], will become a pop idol.)) - "Confronted" / "Samurai" / "Zapped": Syd the idol // - "Dogged" / "Stakeout": Syd's family - "Sam, part 2": SPD pioneers in 2001, metahuman children - "Idol" / "Shadow, part 1": Sirius == 6–7 years before Jungle Fury ((2001–02 est.)) #rj-dominic | TV, Jungle Fury i: dominic-departs.jpg | Dominic receives Control Dagger | left * [RJ], son of [Master Finn = Pai Zhua], trains with [Master Swoop = Pai Zhua] before discovering his [wolf spirit = Jungle Fury Rangers]. * [Dominic] leaves [Pai Zhua] to find his calling; [Master Mao = Pai Zhua] gives him the [Control Dagger = Jungle Fury Rangers]. - "Sigh of the Tiger" / "Blind Leading the Blind": RJ trained with Master Swoop - "One Master Too Many": "6... 7 years", wolf spirit - "Path of the Rhino": Dominic sets out, wanders for six years - "Dash for the Dagger": Control Dagger //- "Path of the Righteous": roommates [xx 45] == Wild Force era ((2002)) #wild-force | TV, Wild Force | 2 rows i: wild-force.jpg | Wild Force Rangers and Wild Zords i: red-rangers.jpg | Red Rangers * [Cole] completes the **[Wild Force = Wild Force Rangers|Taylor|Max|Danny|Alyssa]** team as the Red Ranger. * [Zen-Aku] is freed; once restored to human form, [Merrick] becomes the Lunar Wolf Ranger. * [Animus] returns to help the Rangers ((spending some time disguised as a boy named Kite)). * [Jen] tracks [Mut-Orgs] from [3001 = #mut-orgs-escape]; the Wild Force Rangers ally with [Wes] and [Eric]. The other [Time Force Rangers|Lucas|Trip|Katie] bring [Ransik] and [Nadira] from the future, and Ransik's [mutant DNA] is nullified in battle. * [Bulk] and [Skull] have reunited; Bulk runs a resort. * When remnants of the [Machine Empire] dig up [Serpentera], [Tommy] gathers a team of Red Rangers (([Jason|MMPR], [Aurico = Alien Rangers], [TJ|Turbo Rangers], [Andros|Space Rangers], [Leo|Galaxy Rangers], [Carter|Lightspeed Rangers], [Wes|Time Force Rangers], [Eric|Quantum Ranger], and Cole)) to destroy it. (([Alpha-7] is seen aboard the [Megaship Mark II = Megaship].)) * [Master Org] is destroyed. [Shayla] and the [Wild Zords] return to the sky, and Merrick departs with the spirit of Zen-Aku. - "Lionheart": Cole - "Curse of the Wolf": Zen-Aku released - "The Ancient Warrior" / "The Lone Wolf": Merrick - "The Ancient Warrior" / "The Wings of Animaria" / "Homecoming" / "The Flute": Animus returns - "Reinforcements from the Future": Mut-Orgs, Ransik, year 2002 - "Forever Red": Bulk and Skull, Tommy, Red Rangers, Alpha-7 - "The End of the Power Rangers": Master Org destroyed == Wild Force era ((after Merrick joins)) #shattered-grid-wild-force | Boom!, Wild Force, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-wild-force.jpg | Merrick during assault on Drakkon's base | left * **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces may invade the Wild Force era. The six [Wild Force Rangers|Cole|Taylor|Max|Danny|Alyssa|Merrick] ((and their [Megazord = Wild Zords])) later join in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR #27: invasion everywhere - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone > left | #wild-force == Wild Force era #darkest-hour-wild-force | Boom!, Wild Force, Darkest Hour i: taylor-darkest-hour.jpg | Taylor defending Shayla | almost-top * Serving [Mistress Vile = #darkest-hour-mmpr], the [Death Ranger] places [Cole|Wild Force Rangers], [Alyssa|Wild Force Rangers], and [Max|Wild Force Rangers] under their control ((they possess a stolen [transportal device = Time Force])). * **[Taylor]** remains with [Princess Shayla] on the [Animarium], where she is initially wary of the [Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Joe|Eddie|Vesper|Chloe|Jack], but she joins the resistance against Dark Specter. * [Danny] is later among [Dark Specter]'s unmorphed captives. - Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce (Death Ranger, Taylor) - MMPR #114: Danny captive p: [Hyperforce = #hyperforce-aftermath] n: [Darkest Hour = #darkest-hour-mmpr] > left | #wild-force [xx] == Nearly a year before Dino Thunder ((2002 est.)) #white-dino-gem-hidden | TV, Dino Thunder i: elsa.jpg | Elsa | left * [Mesogog] turns Principal Randall ((if that's her real name)) into [Elsa] at some point. She hides the White [Dino Gem]. - "White Thunder, part 1": White Dino Gem, "nearly a year" - "Thunder Struck, part 1": Elsa given powers and mind-controlled [xx] == Ninja Storm era #break-ninja-storm * The Ninja Storm Rangers battle Lothor's forces. [xx 28] == Ninja Storm era ((2003 est.)) #ninja-storm | TV, Ninja Storm i: wind-rangers.jpg | Wind Rangers * [Lothor] attacks the [Thunder Ninja Academy] and later the **[Wind Ninja Academy]**. The [Wind Rangers|Shane|Dustin|Tori] are eventually joined by [Thunder Rangers] [Blake] and [Hunter]. * [Cam] uses the Scroll of Time to meet his parents in the [past = #miko]; he returns as the [Green Samurai Ranger = Ninja Storm Rangers]. * [Vexacus] again pursues [Skyla] to Earth; she passes her powers to [Shane]. * [Shimazu] awakens and joins Lothor's forces. * Lothor sacrifices his generals to open the [Abyss of Evil], but the Rangers seal him ((and their own powers)) within. - Power Rangers Ninja Storm: 2003 airdates - "Prelude to a Storm": Lothor attacks Wind Ninja Academy, Wind Rangers chosen - "There's No 'I' in Team": Marah and Kapri with Lothor for the summer - "Beauty and the Beach" through "Thunder Strangers": Thunder Rangers - "Thunder Strangers, part 3" / "Return of Thunder, part 3": Thunder Ninja Academy - "The Samurai's Journey": Cam - "Shane's Karma": Skyla, Vexacus - "Shimazu Returns": Shimazu - "Storm Before the Calm": Abyss of Evil - "Thunder Struck, part 2": summer estimated from Dino team's school year == Ninja Storm era ((after Cam becomes Green)) #shattered-grid-ninja-storm | Boom!, Ninja Storm, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-hammers.jpg | Dustin talks with Jack | right * **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces may invade the Ninja Storm era. The [Wind and Thunder Rangers = Ninja Storm Rangers|Shane|Dustin|Tori|Hunter|Blake] ((and Thunderstorm Megazord)) later join in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon] while [Cam] helps rescue prisoners. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated, but Cam survives aboard the [Promethea]. - MMPR #27: invasion everywhere - MMPR #30: Thunderstorm Megazord - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone n: [Promethea = #beyond-the-grid] > left | #ninja-storm [xx 42] == 3 years before Venjix ((2003 est.)) #bio-field | TV, RPM, RPM Dimension i: bio-field.jpg | Bio-field research | almost-right * In the RPM dimension, **[Dr. K]**'s engineers use the "[bio-field = Morphin Grid]" to develop [Ranger suits = RPM Rangers] for [Alphabet Soup]. The [Paleozord] and other failed technology will be buried in a mountain range and later sealed inside [Corinth]. * At some point, Dr. K meets test pilots [Gem] and [Gemma], and Alphabet Soup asks Dr. K to create a "very special computer program" (([Venjix]?)). - "Rain": bio-field discovery, bio-suits, "3 years before the Venjix virus attack" - "Doctor K": Dr. K meets Gem and Gemma; computer program requested on a birthday prior to 14th - "Ancient History": mountain range, Paleozord == Years before Dino Fury ((2000–03 est.)) #area-62 | TV, Dino Fury i: baby-amelia.jpg | Tarrick and Santaura with baby Amelia * Seeking supplies for their fellow [Rafkonians], [Tarrick] and [Santaura] are imprisoned in [Area 62]. * As explosions rock the facility, the couple entrusts their infant daughter to a janitor, who raises her as **[Amelia]** ((though they believe she died)). Tarrick survives and places Santaura in suspended animation. He later finds a [Dino Knight Morpher = Dino Fury Rangers] in the now-abandoned facility and becomes [Void Knight]. - "The Invasion" / "The Truth" [xx] == Dino Thunder era #break-dino-thunder * The Dino Thunder Rangers battle Mesogog's forces, with Tommy as their mentor and Black Ranger. [xx 28] == Dino Thunder era ((2003–04 est.)) #dino-thunder | TV, Dino Thunder i: dino-rangers2.jpg | Dino Rangers * **[Tommy]** (("Dr. Oliver")) begins teaching at [Reefside High]. Three [students = Conner|Kira|Ethan] use his **[Dino Gems]** to battle [Mesogog]; Tommy uses a fourth gem to become the Black Ranger. ((Files on various [Ranger teams = Blitz Rangers|Prism Rangers|Lightning Rangers|Supersonic Rangers|Squadron Rangers] can be seen in Tommy's lab.)) * The white Dino Gem turns [Trent] evil, but he's later purified. * [Tutenhawken] awakens but falls to the Rangers. * [Lothor] escapes; the [Ninja Storm = Ninja Storm Rangers|Shane|Dustin|Tori|Hunter|Blake|Cam] team helps out, and Mesogog seals Lothor in a bottle. * [Emperor Gruumm] visits from [2025 = #spd], pursued by the [SPD Rangers|Jack Landors|Sky|Bridge|Z|Syd|Doggie Cruger|Sam]. ((Contemporary [Bridge] is a week old.)) * Mesogog splits from [Anton Mercer]'s body. [Elsa] is freed. The Dino Rangers sacrifice their powers in a final battle with [Zeltrax] and Mesogog. * The teens attend senior prom. - "Day of the Dino": Reefside High, Dino Gems - "Back in Black": Black Ranger - "White Thunder": White Ranger - "Bully for Ethan": Tommy's Ranger files - "Copy That": Trent purified - "Tutenhawken's Curse": Tutenhawken - "Thunder Storm": Lothor, Ninja Storm - "In Your Dreams": Christmastime - "A Test of Trust": Mesogog splits from Mercer - "Thunder Struck": final battle, senior prom, class of 2004 - SPD: "Wormhole": SPD teamup, Bridge == Dino Thunder era #shattered-grid-dino-thunder | Boom!, Dino Thunder, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-dino-thunder.jpg | Kira * **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces invade the [Dino Thunder = Dino Rangers|Conner|Kira|Ethan|Trent] era. (([Tommy] presumably doesn't fare well. Also, Drakkon later has the Blue and Red Dino Morphers.)) [= Reefside] * [Kira] joins [Kim] and [Jen]'s forces for the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated, but powerless [Conner] survives aboard the [Promethea]. - MMPR #27: Dino Rangers vs. Drakkon's forces - MMPR #28–30 / Shattered Grid #1: Kira - MMPR #30: stolen Morphers seen - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone, Drakkon reportedly killed all Tommys he found - MMPR #36: Conner n: [Promethea = #beyond-the-grid] > left | #dino-thunder [xx xx] == Post–Dino Thunder era ((summer 2004 est.)) #dino-thunder-lost-episode | TV, Dino Thunder, SPD, Other i: prspd-preview.jpg | Ethan and Kira with Morphin Grid stone * As [Ethan] chronicles the history of the [Dino Rangers], he and [Kira] discover a [Morphin Grid] stone beneath [Hayley]'s Cyber Cafe. They see visions of the future **[SPD Rangers]**. - "Before It Began" > up | #dino-thunder == Post–Dino Thunder era #kat-and-tommy-reunite | Boom!, Dino Thunder, Side Story i: kat-and-tommy-reunite.jpg | Kat and Tommy talk | top * **[Kat]** and **[Tommy]** rekindle their romance in [Angel Grove]. ((After working with Amnesty International, Kat intends to start a foundation with help from [Kim], [Zack], and [Trini].)) - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special [35 28 xx] == Post–Dino Thunder era ((January 2, 2005)) #hyperforce-dr-o | RPG, Hyperforce, Dino Thunder i: hyper-force-dr-o.jpg | Jason David Frank roleplaying as Dr. Oliver in episode 9 | top * The **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** team up with [Tommy] ((temporarily recharging his [Dino Gem])). - Hyperforce episode 9: Tommy, date p: [Santa = #hyperforce-christmas] n: [Knights = #hyperforce-knights] == 1 year after Dino Thunder ((2005)) #dino-thunder-reunion | TV, Dino Thunder, SPD i: dino-class-reunion.jpg | Dino Thunder teens at their reunion * During their one-year reunion, the **[Dino Thunder = Conner|Kira|Ethan]** teens visit [2025 = #spd]. ((They return with no memories of the future.)) [= Reefside] - SPD: "History": events, 2005 == 2 years before Overdrive era ((2005 est.)) #mack | TV, Operation Overdrive i: mack.jpg | Mack under repair 2 years later * [Andrew Hartford] constructs an android son, **[Mack]**, and imbues him with false memories. - "One Fine Day": "two years" / "Things Not Said": "a little over 2 years" - "Things Not Said": Mack's origin, false memories [35 xx] == Pre–Mystic Force era ((2005)) #hyperforce-mystic-mother | RPG, Hyperforce, Mystic Force i: mystic-mother.jpg | Mystic Mother (image from TV series) * As the other **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Chloe]** meet [Mystic Mother], [Vesper] makes a backup of her mind. - Hyperforce episode 13: Mystic Mother, 2005 - Hyperforce episodes 13, 23: Vesper's nap/backup p: [Knights = #hyperforce-knights] n: [SPD = #hyperforce-spd] == 10 years before Dino Charge ((2005 est.)) #james | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension, Negated Timeline i: james-finds-energem.jpg | James finds the Aqua Energem * **[Tyler]**'s father [James] survives a cave-in by bonding with the Aqua [Energem]. Stalked by [Fury], James remains in hiding. - "Powers from the Past" / "Forged Under Fire": "ten years" - "A Date with Danger" / "Roar of the Red Ranger" / "Forged Under Fire": cave-in - "Forged Under Fire": Fury, hiding [xx] == Mystic Force era #break-mystic-force * The Mystic Rangers battle Underworld forces. [33 xx 25 | 2 rows] == Mystic Force era ((2006 est.)) #mystic-force | TV, Mystic Force | 2 rows i: mystic-rangers2.jpg | Mystic Rangers * An earthquake in Briarwood cracks the gate to the Underworld. [Udonna] recruits [Nick] and others as **[Mystic Rangers|Nick|Chip|Madison|Vida|Xander]**. * [Daggeron] and [Imperious] ((formerly Callindor)) are freed. [Jenji] meets new arrival [Piggy], who expects more aliens in the [future = #young-z]. * Koragg remembers his identity as [Leanbow]. * The Master overpowers [Mystic Mother], but the Rangers destroy him. The humans and forest creatures of Briarwood intermingle. - Power Rangers Mystic Force: 2006 airdates - "Broken Spell": earthquake, Mystic Rangers - "Scaredy Cat" / "Long Ago": Imperious, Daggeron - "Ranger Down": Piggy - "Heir Apparent": Koragg/Leanbow - "Mystic Fate": Master, Mystic Mother, victory - Super Ninja Steel: "Tough Love": Barbarian Beasts' defeat dated 2006 in book == Mystic Force era ((before Koragg reverts to Leanbow)) #shattered-grid-mystic-force | Boom!, Mystic Force, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-koragg.jpg | Koragg working for Drakkon * **[Lord Drakkon]** recruits [Koragg] from the Mystic Force era. * [Udonna] and the five [Mystic Rangers|Nick|Chip|Madison|Vida|Xander] join in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon] ((the Titan Megazord appears)). * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR #27: invasion everywhere, Koragg - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault, Titan Megazord - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone > left | #mystic-force == Mystic Force era #darkest-hour-mystic-force | Boom!, Mystic Force, Darkest Hour i: darkest-hour-mystic-force.jpg | Xander captive | top * Accompanied by [Mistress Vile], **[Dark Specter]** invades the Mystic Force era. [Xander|Mystic Rangers] is later among his unmorphed captives. - MMPR #114 > left | #mystic-force == 3 years before Battle of Corinth((2006 est.)) #venjix-unleashed | TV, RPM, RPM Dimension | 2 rows i: venjix-unleashed.jpg | Venjix * Some time after her 14th birthday, **[Dr. K]** discovers she isn't allergic to sunlight. * Dr. K soon unveils **[Project Venjix = Venjix]**, a computer virus designed to help her escape [Alphabet Soup] with [Gem] and [Gemma], but it instead spreads across alternate Earth. ((Venjix previously assisted with [Project Ranger = RPM Rangers].)) - "The Road to Corinth": Venjix released 3 years prior to Battle of Corinth - "Doctor K": 14th birthday, sunlight, Venjix's release - "Ancient History": Dr. K trains Venjix, it helps with Project Ranger [xx] == 6 months before Overdrive era ((2006–07 est.)) #oo-pre | TV, Operation Overdrive i: corona-aurora-found.jpg | Hartford discovers the Corona Aurora | left * [Andrew Hartford] discovers the **[Corona Aurora]**, awakening [Moltor] and [Flurious]. * Having previously imprisoned [Thrax|space dumpster], the weakened [Sentinel Knight] advises Hartford on [Operation Overdrive = Overdrive Rangers]. - "Kick into Overdrive, part 1": crown found, six months pass, Sentinel Knight weak - "Once a Ranger, part 1": Thrax - "One Fine Day": at least six more months pass within PROO; crown's discovery therefore backed up to 2006 [xx] == Overdrive era #break-overdrive * The Overdrive Rangers try to prevent assorted villains from assembling the Corona Aurora. [xx 40 | 2 rows] == Overdrive era ((2007 est.)) #oo | TV, Operation Overdrive | 2 rows i: overdrive-team.jpg | Overdrive Rangers i: retro-rangers.jpg | Veteran Rangers * [Moltor] and [Flurious] arrive on Earth. [Mack] joins [Hartford = Andrew Hartford]'s **[Overdrive Rangers|Will|Dax|Ronny|Rose]**. Moltor steals the [Corona Aurora]. * Previously transformed by Moltor, [Tyzonn] returns to normal and becomes the Mercury Ranger. * [Thrax] and crew damage a portion of the [Morphin Grid]. The [Sentinel Knight] re-powers veteran Rangers (([Adam|MMPR], [Tori|Wind Rangers], [Kira|Dino Rangers], [Xander|Mystic Rangers], and future [Bridge|SPD Rangers])). [Alpha-6] repairs the Morphin Grid from within, and Thrax is destroyed. * Mack is revealed as a robot. * Flurious destroys Moltor and assembles the Corona Aurora's gems. Mack sacrifices himself to destroy Flurious; Sentinel Knight revives him as a human. - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: 2007 airdates - "Kick into Overdrive, part 1": six months pass, Moltor and Flurious arrive, Overdrive Rangers debut - "Kick into Overdrive, part 2": Moltor steals crown - "Face to Face" / "Man of Mercury": Tyzonn, Mercury Ranger - "Once a Ranger": Thrax, Sentinel Knight's team, Alpha-6 - "Ronny on Empty": Halloween - "Things Not Said": Mack revealed - "Nothing to Lose": Moltor's demise - "Crown and Punishment": Flurious destroyed, Mack reborn == Overdrive era ((after Tyzonn arrives)) #shattered-grid-operation-overdrive | Boom!, Operation Overdrive, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-overdrive.jpg | Overdrive Blue here to help | top * **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces invade the [Overdrive = Overdrive Rangers|Mack|Will|Dax|Ronny|Rose|Tyzonn] era. ((Drakkon later has the Mercury Morpher and an unidentified Overdrive Tracker.)) [Dax] later joins in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR #27: invasion everywhere - MMPR #30: stolen Morphers seen - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone > left | #oo == Overdrive era #darkest-hour-oo | Boom!, Operation Overdrive, Darkest Hour i: darkest-hour-overdrive.jpg | Rose captured | top * Accompanied by [Mistress Vile], **[Dark Specter]** invades the Overdrive era. [Rose|Overdrive Rangers] is later among his unmorphed captives. - MMPR #114 > left | #oo [xx 30 25] == Post-Overdrive era ((December, 2007)) #hyperforce-corona-aurora | RPG, Hyperforce, Operation Overdrive, Alternate Timeline i: sentinel-knight-original.jpg | Sentinel Knight with the Corona Aurora (image from TV series) | top * The **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe|Joe]** help [Sentinel Knight] retrieve the **[Corona Aurora]** from its new hiding place on [Aquitar]. [Hydro Hog]'s offspring are destroyed. * On Earth, [Thrax] kills [Vesper]. [Chloe] destroys the Corona Aurora, changing history. * Vesper's backup consciousness wakes up in [Alpha-55]'s body. - Hyperforce episode 21: Aquitar, date - Hyperforce episode 22: Vesper killed - Hyperforce episode 23: Corona Aurora destroyed, timeline changed, Vesper wakes up p: [Joe's wedding = #hyperforce-wedding] n: [evil banquet = #hyperforce-banquet] > up | #oo == 10 years before Ninja Steel ((2007 est.)) #dane | TV, Ninja Steel i: dane-with-star.jpg | Dane with the Ninja Nexus Star * [Dane Romero = Dane] finds the [Ninja Nexus Prism]. When [Galvanax] attacks, Dane breaks the Nexus Star into six Power Stars and vanishes into the prism. * **[Brody]** is taken ((along with the Nexus Prism)) to Galvanax's ship. His brother Aiden goes into hiding as [Levi Weston = Levi]. - "Return of the Prism": Dane and sons, "ten years" - "Galvanax Rises": Dane's spirit held in prism == Years before Trini's death ((2007 est.)) #minh-born | TV, MMPR i: minh-drawing.jpg | Minh's childhood drawing * **[Minh]** is born. She will be raised alone by her mother, [Trini]. * **[Billy]** visits Trini over the years. At some point, he founds Cranston Technologies and also constructs a new [RADBUG]. - "Once and Always": Minh can drive in 2023: age estimated as 16 [xx] == Jungle Fury era #break-jungle-fury * The Jungle Fury Rangers battle Dai Shi's forces. [xx 37] == Jungle Fury era ((2008 est.)) #jungle-fury | TV, Jungle Fury i: jungle-fury-with-allies.jpg | Jungle Fury Rangers with Camille and Jarrod * Passed over as a [Pai Zhua] protector, [Jarrod] frees [Dai Shi], who possesses his body. The **[Jungle Fury Rangers|Casey|Lily|Theo]** debut. * [RJ] becomes the Wolf Ranger, and [Dominic] joins as the Rhino Ranger. * The [Phantom Beast = Dai Shi] generals capture three Pai Zhua masters and create the Spirit Rangers. * [Casey] confronts Jarrod, who ejects Dai Shi from his body. Dai Shi unleashes his spirit army; masters living and dead aid the Rangers, and Dai Shi is destroyed. - "Welcome to the Jungle, part 1": Dai Shi's escape - "Bad to the Bone" / "Friends Don't Fade Away": Wolf Ranger - "Path of the Rhino": Rhino Ranger - "Fear and the Phantoms": Spirit Rangers - "Path of the Righteous": Casey rescues Jarrod - "Now the Final Fury": spirit army, Dai Shi destroyed == Jungle Fury era ((after Dominic joins)) #shattered-grid-jungle-fury | Boom!, Jungle Fury, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-rj.jpg | RJ prior to assault on Drakkon's base * When **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces invade the [Jungle Fury = Jungle Fury Rangers|Casey|Lily|Theo|RJ|Dominic] era, [Casey] is captured. ((Drakkon's forces will later include Rhino [Sentries].)) * [RJ] joins [Kim] and [Jen]'s forces for the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated, but powerless Casey survives aboard the [Promethea]. - MMPR #27: Jungle Fury Rangers vs. Drakkon's forces - MMPR #28–30 / Shattered Grid #1: RJ - MMPR #30: Rhino Sentries - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone, Casey escapes n: [Promethea = #beyond-the-grid] > left | #jungle-fury [xx] == RPM era #break-rpm * In a post-apocalyptic dimension, the RPM Rangers protect Corinth from Venjix's forces. [26 xx] == Before Battle of Corinth ((2009 est.)) #venjix-attacks | TV, RPM, RPM Dimension | 2 rows i: grinders.jpg | Venjix's Grinders * In the RPM dimension, **[Venjix]**'s robot armies wage war with humanity. * When [Alphabet Soup] is hit by Venjix's air strikes, [Dr. K] journeys to [Corinth|Col. Truman] with a case of [Ranger-tech = RPM Rangers]. [Gem] and [Gemma] battle Venjix's forces ((spending some time in captivity)). * Among the exodus to Corinth are [Flynn], [Summer], and [Ziggy]. - "The Road to Corinth": summary of attacks - "Ranger Green": Ziggy's backstory - "Ranger Red" / "Ranger Yellow, part 1" / "Ranger Blue": attacks quick and unexpected - "Ranger Yellow": Summer's backstory - "Ranger Blue": Flynn's backstory - "Doctor K": Dr. K's escape // - "Embodied" / "Ghosts": "post-apocalyptic" - "Embodied" / "Ghosts" / "In or Out": Gem and Gemma's survival // - "In or Out" / "Belly of the Beast": Corinth said to be last human city on Earth - "Prisoners": Gem and Gemma's time in captivity > down | #battle-of-corinth == Before Battle of Corinth((2009 est.)) #hybrids | TV, RPM, RPM Dimension i: dillon-escape.jpg | Dillon and Tenaya * [General Kilobyte] supervises the creation of unwitting human/robot [hybrids = Venjix]; among them are siblings later named **[Dillon]** and **[Tenaya]** ((Tenaya has previously met [Gem] and [Gemma] in captivity)). * Dillon somehow escapes Venjix's facility with damaged memories. Kilobyte also ends up lost in the wasteland through unknown circumstances ((but see below)). - "The Road to Corinth" / "Rain": Dillon's search - "Fade to Black" / "Heroes Among Us" / "End Game": hybrids - "Rain" / "Blitz" / "Heroes Among Us" / "Key to the Past": Dillon and sister turned into hybrids - "Blitz": memories stolen, modifications incomplete - "The Dome Dolls": Kilobyte > left | #venjix-attacks == Before Battle of Corinth ((2009)) #hyperforce-rpm | RPG, Hyperforce, RPM, RPM Dimension i: hyper-force-gem.jpg | Mike Ginn roleplaying as Gem in episode 7 * The **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** help humans en route to [Corinth] ((@left)). As they battle [General Kilobyte], [Vesper] is placed under [Venjix]'s control. * In captivity, the Rangers meet [Gem], who helps Vesper regain control. Kilobyte is sent flying. * Gem later helps Hyperforce against the [Alliance] ((he returns with no memories of the [event = #hyperforce-banquet])). - Hyperforce episodes 5–7: Corinth, 2009 - Hyperforce episode 7: Gem - Hyperforce episodes 24–25: Gem time travels p: [Aisha = #hyperforce-aisha] n: [Santa = #hyperforce-christmas] > up | #hybrids > left | #venjix-attacks [xx] == Battle of Corinth ((2009 est.)) #battle-of-corinth | TV, RPM, RPM Dimension i: summer-saves-scott.jpg | Summer rescues Scott * After surviving an air battle against [Venjix]'s forces over **[Corinth]**, [Scott] is rescued by [Summer] just before the city's shields are raised. [Col. Truman] oversees efforts to "outlast" Venjix. * Scott, Summer, and [Flynn] will eventually be chosen for [Dr. K]'s [Ranger = RPM Rangers] program. Summer postpones an arranged marriage. - Power Rangers RPM: 2009 airdates - "The Road to Corinth": Battle of Corinth - "Rain": Ranger program - "Ranger Red": air battle - "The Road to Corinth" / "Ranger Red" / "Ranger Yellow, part 2": Summer's rescue - "Ranger Yellow": Summer's arranged marriage - "Embodied": plan to "outlast" Venjix - Hyperforce episode 6: exodus to Corinth in 2009 [42 xx] == RPM era ((1 year after Battle of Corinth; 2010 est.)) #rpm | TV, RPM, RPM Dimension | 2 rows i: rpm-trio.jpg | Initial three RPM Rangers * [Ziggy] flees [Corinth] after stealing medical supplies from the Scorpion Cartel to give to orphans. He then meets [Dillon] in the wastelands. * Detected as a [hybrid = Venjix] inside the city, Dillon is arrested but allowed to join the **[RPM Rangers|Scott|Summer|Flynn]**. [= Dr. K] * [Venjix] debuts his human-like general, [Tenaya 7 = Tenaya]. Ziggy joins the Rangers. * [Gem] and [Gemma] join the Rangers during a battle with one of Venjix's bodily forms. * Venjix activates his hybrid infiltrators, but Dr. K's antidote frees Dillon and Tenaya. Venjix's body is destroyed, but he survives within a [Cell Shift Morpher = RPM Rangers]. * Dillon, Tenaya, and Summer set out to rebuild the world. - "The Road to Corinth": "1 year later," Dillon meets Ziggy - "Fade to Black": Dillon arrested and joins, Tenaya 7 debuts - "Go for the Green": Ziggy becomes Green - "Ranger Green": Ziggy steals from the mob - "Embodied" / "Ghosts": Gem and Gemma help - "End Game": hybrids, antidote in development - "Danger and Destiny": Venjix destroyed but survives > up | #battle-of-corinth == RPM era ((after Gem and Gemma join)) #shattered-grid-rpm | Boom!, RPM, RPM Dimension, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-dr-k.jpg | Dr. K rejects Drakkon's invitation | bottom * **[Lord Drakkon]** infiltrates [Corinth] with a [Venjix]-made doppelganger, but the [RPM Rangers] and [Dr. K] successfully repel his invasion. * Drakkon later returns and steals [Summer]'s Morpher. The Rangers and Dr. K then join in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR Annual 2018: Drakkon repelled - MMPR #27–28: Drakkon returns - MMPR #28: Summer - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone > left | #rpm == RPM era #darkest-hour-rpm | Boom!, RPM, RPM dimension, Darkest Hour i: darkest-hour-rpm.jpg | RPM Rangers seen during Grid infection * Accompanied by [Mistress Vile], **[Dark Specter]** invades the RPM era. [Summer|RPM Rangers] and [Ziggy|RPM Rangers] are later among his morphed minions. - MMPR #114 > left | #rpm [xx] == Samurai era #break-samurai * The Samurai Rangers battle Nighlok forces. [xx 26 30] == Samurai era ((2011–12 est.)) #samurai | TV, Samurai | 2 rows i: samurai-rangers.jpg | Samurai Rangers * When the [Nighlok] resurface, the latest generation of **[Samurai Rangers|Jayden|Kevin|Mia|Mike|Emily]** assemble. [Skull]'s son Spike begins training with [Bulk]. * Having built his own Morpher, [Antonio] joins the team as the Gold Ranger. * [Scott|RPM Rangers] pursues [Professor Cog] out of the RPM dimension. The Samurai Rangers ((minus Jayden)) visit [Corinth|Flynn|Summer|Ziggy|Dillon|Gem|Gemma]. * [Lauren] returns and leads the Rangers for a time. [Deker] and [Dayu] die, and the Rangers destroy [Master Xandred]. - Power Rangers Samurai: 2011 airdates / Power Rangers Super Samurai: 2012 airdates - "Origins, part 1": Samurai Rangers assemble - "Origins, part 2" / "The Team Unites": Spike begins training - "Unexpected Arrival" / "Room for One More": Antonio joins - "Party Monsters": Halloween special - "Christmas Together, Friends Forever": Christmas special - "Clash of the Red Rangers": Scott, Corinth - "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother": start of summer break - "Fight Fire with Fire" through "The Sealing Symbol": Lauren returns, leads the team - "The Great Duel" / "The Sealing Symbol": Deker and Dayu die - "Samurai Forever": Xandred destroyed, Kevin tries out for Summer Olympics: 2012? - "Trickster Treat": Halloween special - "Stuck on Christmas": Christmas special == Samurai era #darkest-hour-samurai | Boom!, Samurai, Darkest Hour i: darkest-hour-samurai.jpg | Samurai Rangers seen during Grid infection * Accompanied by [Mistress Vile], **[Dark Specter]** invades the Samurai era. [Mia|Samurai Rangers] and [Kevin|Samurai Rangers] are later among his morphed minions. - MMPR #114 > left | #samurai == Years before SPD era ((early 2010s est.)) #sky-dad | TV, SPD i: sky-dad.jpg | Sky's father protecting civilians (not to be confused with Time Force Red) * An [SPD|SPD Rangers] Red Ranger dies in battle with the alien [Mirloc]. ((He is survived by his son **[Sky]**.)) [= Newtech City] - "Messenger, part 1": series date of 2025 - "Reflection": Red Ranger, Mirloc, Sky's age estimated == Post-Samurai era ((after Xandred's defeat)) #shattered-grid-samurai | Boom!, Samurai, Shattered Grid | 2 cols | col 2 i: drakkon-vs-samurai.jpg | Drakkon's forces vs. Samurai Rangers | right * **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces invade the post-Samurai era (([Jayden] is away at the time)). [Lauren] escapes with the [Mighty Morphin = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Kimberly] team, but the [others = Samurai Rangers|Kevin|Mia|Mike|Emily|Antonio] are taken captive. * Lauren and [Jason] later lead the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated, but powerless [Mia] and [Mike] escape aboard the [Promethea]. - MMPR #26: Drakkon attacks - MMPR #27 / Free Comic Book Day 2018: Samurai Rangers taken captive - MMPR Annual 2018: Samurai Sentries debut - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone - MMPR #31: Mia and Mike n: [Promethea = #beyond-the-grid] > left | #samurai [xx] == Megaforce era #break-megaforce * The Mega Rangers battle the Warstar aliens and the Armada with the help of Legendary Rangers. [xx 26 26] == Megaforce era ((2012–13 est.)) #megaforce | TV, Megaforce i: mega-rangers.jpg | Mega Rangers | left * [Vrak] ((son of [Emperor Mavro])) joins the Warstar aliens' attack on Earth. [Gosei] recruits five teenagers as **[Mega Rangers|Troy|Jake|Noah|Gia|Emma]** but keeps the [Ranger Keys = Ranger Keys] in reserve. * [Robo Knight] later awakens. * Injured in battle, Vrak is rebuilt as a cyborg. - Power Rangers Megaforce: 2013 airdates - "Mega Mission": first day of school, Mega Rangers recruited, Ranger Keys first appear - "He Blasted Me with Science" / "End Game": Vrak's relation to Mavro - "Robo Knight": Robo Knight - "Raising Spirits": Halloween special - "The Human Condition" / "The Messenger": Vrak injured and rebuilt - "The Robo Knight Before Christmas": Christmas special > down | #super-megaforce == Pre–Super Megaforce era (("many months" before Orion's arrival)) #orion | TV, Megaforce i: orion-first-morph.jpg | Orion's first morph * On Andresia, **[Orion]** finds a Morpher and [Ranger Key]. Soon, the [Armada] arrives and decimates the populace. * Months later, Orion downs an Armada ship and eventually sets out in search of the Armada. - "Silver Lining, part 2": events spanning "many months" and then even more months == Pre–Super Megaforce era ((3 months after attack on Andresia)) #hyperforce-andresia | RPG, Hyperforce, Megaforce i: hyper-force-orion.jpg | Cameron Jebo roleplaying as Orion | top * On Andresia, the **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** down an [Armada] ship. [Vesper] implants a dormant [Venjix] virus. * **[Orion]** uses the downed ship to leave Andresia. - Hyperforce episode 18: events, "3 months" after attack on Andresia p: [Ransik = #hyperforce-ransik] n: [Legendary Battle = #hyperforce-legendary-battle] > left | #orion [xx 33] == Super Megaforce era ((2013–14 est.)) #super-megaforce | TV, Megaforce | 2 rows i: super-mega-rangers.jpg | Super Mega Rangers | left i: legendary-battle.jpg | Legendary Battle * [Vrak] goes into hiding as the [Armada] arrives. The **[Super Mega Rangers|Troy|Jake|Noah|Gia|Emma]** use [Ranger Keys] to harness the powers of past [Ranger teams = MMPR|Alien Rangers|Zeo Rangers|Turbo Rangers|Space Rangers|Galaxy Rangers|Lightspeed Rangers|Time Force Rangers|Wild Force Rangers|Ninja Storm Rangers|Dino Rangers|SPD Rangers|Mystic Rangers|Overdrive Rangers|Jungle Fury Rangers|RPM Rangers|Samurai Rangers] (([some = Battalion Rangers|Blitz Rangers|Prism Rangers|Lightning Rangers|Supersonic Rangers|Squadron Rangers] never before seen on Earth)). * The Rangers unlock various Zords and meet [Jayden], [Casey], and the [Red Lion Wild Zord = Wild Zords|Animarium]. * [Orion] arrives on Earth, unlocking the [Sixth Ranger = Green Ranger|White Ranger|Gold Ranger|Space Rangers|Magna Defender|Quantum Ranger|Wild Force Rangers|Ninja Storm Rangers|Dino Rangers|SPD Rangers|Daggeron|Leanbow|Overdrive Rangers|RPM Rangers|Samurai Rangers|Robo Knight] keys ((and a [Q-Rex] from the [future = #future-q-rex])). * The Rangers retrieve a Zord from [Corinth] ((which has been "at peace for a long time")). [Professor Cog] is defeated again. * [Robo Knight] gives his life force to Orion, and Vrak is destroyed. * The teens attend a concert featuring [Antonio] and [Mia]. * Following [Emperor Mavro]'s death, [Tommy|Green Ranger|Saba] leads past Ranger teams ((brought by [Master Green])) to defeat the Armada's ground forces. ((Teams include [Mighty Morphin = MMPR|Jason|Zack|Billy|Trini|Aisha|Kimberly], [Alien = Alien Rangers], [Zeo = Zeo Rangers|Gold Ranger|Adam|Rocky|Tanya|Kat], [Turbo = Turbo Rangers], [Space = Space Rangers|Andros|Carlos|TJ|Ashley|Cassie|Zhane], [Lost Galaxy = Galaxy Rangers|Magna Defender|Leo|Damon|Kai|Maya|Karone|Mike Corbett], [Lightspeed = Lightspeed Rangers|Carter|Chad|Joel|Kelsey|Dana|Ryan], [Time Force = Time Force Rangers|Wes|Lucas|Trip|Katie|Jen|Eric], [Wild Force = Wild Force Rangers|Cole|Taylor|Max|Danny|Alyssa|Merrick], [Ninja Storm = Ninja Storm Rangers|Shane|Dustin|Tori|Hunter|Blake|Cam], [Dino Thunder = Dino Rangers|Conner|Kira|Ethan|Trent], [SPD = SPD Rangers|Jack Landors|Sky|Bridge|Z|Syd|Sam], [Mystic Force = Mystic Rangers|Nick|Chip|Madison|Vida|Xander|Daggeron], [Overdrive = Overdrive Rangers|Mack|Will|Dax|Ronny|Rose|Tyzonn], [Jungle Fury = Jungle Fury Rangers|Casey|Lily|Theo|RJ|Dominic], [RPM = RPM Rangers|Scott|Flynn|Summer|Ziggy|Dillon|Gem|Gemma], and [Samurai = Samurai Rangers|Jayden|Kevin|Mia|Mike|Emily|Antonio]; some Rangers' identities are ambiguous.)) - Power Rangers Super Megaforce: 2014 airdates - "End Game" / "Super Megaforce": Armada arrives - "Super Megaforce": Super Mega Rangers, new school year - "Earth Fights Back" / "Samurai Surprise" / "Power of Six" / "The Perfect Storm" / "The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer" / "The Wrath" / "Legendary Battle extended edition": powers not previously seen on Earth - "Earth Fights Back": Delta Runner - "Blue Saber Saga": Mystic Dragon - "A Lion's Alliance": Red Lion - "Samurai Surprise": Jayden - "Spirit of the Tiger": Casey - "Silver Lining": Orion, sixth-Ranger keys, Q-Rex - "In the Driver's Seat": Corinth - "Vrak is Back": Vrak, Robo Knight - "Emperor Mavro": Mia and Antonio - "The Wrath": Mavro launches invasion, school still in session - "Legendary Battle": Mavro's demise, Legendary Battle - Dino Fury: "Morphin Master": Master Green's help == Super Megaforce era ((after Orion gets Q-Rex)) #shattered-grid-super-megaforce | Boom!, Megaforce, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-super-megaforce.jpg | Noah and Gia in assault on Drakkon's base * **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces presumably invade the [Super Megaforce = Super Mega Rangers|Troy|Jake|Noah|Gia|Emma|Orion] era. ((Drakkon later has two Gosei Morphers.)) * [Noah] and [Gia] join [Kim] and [Jen]'s forces for the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated, but powerless [Orion] survives aboard the [Promethea]. - MMPR #27: invasion everywhere - MMPR #28: Noah and Gia - MMPR #30: stolen Morphers seen - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: Q-Rex, timeline undone - MMPR #36: Orion n: [Promethea = #beyond-the-grid] > left | #super-megaforce == Super Megaforce era ((2014)) #hyperforce-legendary-battle | RPG, Hyperforce, Megaforce i: troy-orion-mavro.jpg | Troy and Orion vs. Mavro (image from TV series) * During [Mavro]'s invasion, the **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** activate the [virus] in [Orion]'s ship, thwarting the [Alliance]'s takeover of [Armada] ships. * The Hyperforce Rangers participate in the Legendary Battle. - Hyperforce episode 18 p: [Andresia = #hyperforce-andresia] n: [Drakkon = #hyperforce-drakkon] > left | #super-megaforce [30 xx] == 20 years before Soul of the Dragon #boom-master-morpher | Boom!, Side Story i: zeo-coin-sotd.jpg | Tommy as Zeo Ranger V (later) | top * **[Tommy]** receives a [Master Morpher|Green Ranger|White Ranger|Zeo Rangers|Turbo Rangers|Dino Rangers], which he uses in ongoing Ranger activities. - Soul of the Dragon: Zeo Coin from 20 years prior == Years after Dino Thunder #kat-tommy-wedding | Boom!, Side Story i: kat-tommy-wedding.jpg | Kat and Tommy's wedding | top * A bounty hunter attacks **[Tommy]** on his wedding day ((he uses his [Master Morpher|Green Ranger|White Ranger|Zeo Rangers|Turbo Rangers|Dino Rangers])). **[Kat]** assists, and the couple marries. * Attending the wedding are [Aisha] ((via time travel)), [Tanya], and apparently [David], [Billy], [Zack], [Jason], [Adam], [Kimberly], [Trini], and [Rocky] ((also [Elsa] or [Cassie]?)). - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special > left | #boom-master-morpher [xx 45] == Pre–Dino Charge era ((2014 est.; "about a year" before Dino Charge)) #dino-charge-pre | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension, Negated Timeline i: koda-discovered.jpg | Koda discovered * [Albert] bonds with the purple [Energem]. * [Kendall] and [Keeper] locate [Chase], who has bonded with the black Energem. They later discover and thaw [Koda]. - "Past, Present and Fusion": Chase, Koda, and Kendall backstory - "Breaking Black": Chase flashback - "World Famous (in New Zealand)": Albert, "about a year" - "When Evil Stirs": Koda discovery and thawing flashback == Years before Beast Morphers era ((2014–15 est.)) #evox | TV, Beast Morphers i: young-nate-experiments.jpg | Young Nate experiments with Morph-X * Having joined [Grid Battleforce] at age 6 and tapped into the [Morphin Grid] ((in the form of [Morph-X])) at age 10, young [Nate] unwittingly releases **[Venjix]** ((now [Evox])) while experimenting with previous Ranger technology. - "Beasts Unleashed": Nate's stated ages - "The Evox Snare": old Ranger tech used as basis for Grid Battleforce technology - "Source Code": Evox placement: Nate is a kid, but Gosei Morpher is seen [xx] == Dino Charge era #break-dino-charge * In another dimension, the Dino Charge Rangers battle Sledge's forces. They change history, resurrecting the dinosaurs of their world. [xx] == Dino Charge era ((2015 est.)) #dino-charge | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension, Negated Timeline i: dino-charge-rangers.jpg | Dino Charge Rangers | right * [Sledge] returns, his ship crippled by [Keeper] long ago. The **[Dino Charge = Dino Charge Rangers|Tyler|Chase|Koda|Riley|Shelby]** team assembles. * Gold Ranger [Ivan] escapes from [Fury], and [Prince Phillip] bonds with the graphite [Energem]. [Albert] surrenders the purple Energem, which later bonds with [Kendall]. - Power Rangers Dino Charge: 2015 airdates - "Powers from the Past" / "Past, Present and Fusion": Tyler, Shelby, and Riley - "Past, Present and Fusion" / "No Matter How You Slice It" / "One More Energem": Riley is away from home only for the summer - "A Fool's Hour": Sledge's return - "Double Ranger, Double Danger": date given as June 10 - "Break Out": Gold Ranger - "Rise of a Ranger": Graphite Ranger - "World Famous (in New Zealand)": Albert - "One More Energem": Kendall becomes Purple Ranger - "The Ghostest with the Mostest": Halloween special - "Race to Rescue Christmas": Christmas special [xx xx] == Dino Super Charge era ((2015 est.)) #dino-super-charge | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension, Negated Timeline i: dino-charge-rangers.jpg | Dino Charge Rangers | right * [James] resurfaces as the Aqua Ranger, not having aged in the years since his disappearance. * [Lord Arcanon] arrives. [Zenowing] is split from his evil half, as is [Heckyl] from [Snide]. [Sledge] destroys Arcanon. * Sledge pulls the Earth out of orbit. The [Rangers = Dino Charge Rangers|Tyler|Chase|Riley|Shelby|Ivan|Prince Phillip|Kendall|James|Zenowing] destroy the [Dark Energem], opening a black hole that swallows Sledge's ship and the Earth itself. The Rangers travel back to [prehistory = #end-of-extinction]. - Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: 2016 airdates - "When Evil Stirs": Shelby taking summer classes - "Roar of the Red Ranger": Aqua Ranger - "Recipe for Disaster": Arcanon arrives - "Silver Secret": Zenowing split from Doomwing - "Freaky Fightday": Heckyl split from Snide - "Worgworld": Sledge destroys Arcanon - "End of Extinction": Dark Energem destroyed, black hole - "Trick or Trial": Halloween special > up | #dino-charge == Dino Super Charge era ((after Kendall becomes Purple Ranger, before Heckyl's reform)) #shattered-grid-dino-charge | Boom!, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-dino-charge.jpg | Kendall talks dinosaurs | right * After **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces invade the Dino Super Charge era, [Koda] and [Kendall] join [Kim] and [Jen]'s forces. ((Drakkon later has Gold Dino Charge [Sentries], as well as Silver's Titano Charge Morpher and an unidentified Dino Charge Morpher.)) * Koda and Kendall join in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated, but powerless [Tyler] and [Riley] survive aboard the [Promethea]. - MMPR #27: Dino Charge Rangers vs. Drakkon's forces - MMPR #28–30 / Shattered Grid #1: Koda and Kendall present - MMPR #29–30 / Shattered Grid #1: Heckyl, identity not revealed - MMPR #30: Gold Dino Charge Sentries, stolen Titano Charge and Dino Charge Morphers - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone - MMPR #31: Tyler aboard, doesn't know Heckyl's identity - MMPR #36: Riley n: [Promethea = #beyond-the-grid] > left | #dino-charge [30 xx] == Dino Super Charge era ((2015 est.)) #now-with-dinosaurs | TV, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension i: dinosaur-zoo.jpg | Amber Beach Dinosaur Zoo * The [Rangers = Dino Charge Rangers|Tyler|Chase|Riley|Shelby|Prince Phillip|Kendall] ((including youngish [James])) return from destroying [Sledge] in [prehistory = #end-of-extinction] to find they now work at a dinosaur zoo. - "End of Extinction" > up | #dino-super-charge == Dino Super Charge era ((dinosaur zoo)) #darkest-hour-dino-charge | Boom!, Dino Charge, Dino Dimension, Darkest Hour i: darkest-hour-dino-charge.jpg | Possessed Dino Charge Rangers * [Mistress Vile] and **[Dark Specter]** invade the Dino Super Charge era and enslave [Keeper], [Chase|Dino Charge Rangers], [Riley|Dino Charge Rangers], [Tyler|Dino Charge Rangers], and [Koda|Dino Charge Rangers]. Transported by the [Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Joe|Vesper|Chloe|Eddie|Jack], [Kendall] joins the resistance against Dark Specter. * [Shelby] and [Ivan] are later among Dark Specter's unmorphed captives. - MMPR #113: invasion, Hyperforce - MMPR #114: Shelby and Ivan captive n: [Darkest Hour = #darkest-hour-mmpr] > left | #now-with-dinosaurs [xx 45] == Years before SPD era ((2015)) #spd-earth-founded | RPG, Hyperforce, SPD i: delta-base.jpg | Delta Base (image from TV series) * [Doggie Cruger] founds **[SPD Earth|Newtech City]**, allowing humans and aliens to coexist peacefully. - Hyperforce episode 13: SPD Earth established in 2015 - Hyperforce episode 14: Cruger's founding role == Years after Tommy and Kat's wedding #baby-jj | Boom!, Side Story i: baby-jj.jpg | Tommy and Kat with newborn JJ * **[Tommy]** and **[Kat]** have a newborn, [JJ]. Tommy joins [Adam] on a week-long mission. - MMPR 30th Anniversary Special [xx] == Ninja Steel era #break-ninja-steel * The Ninja Steel Rangers battle the forces of Galvanax and Madame Odius. [xx] == Ninja Steel era ((2017 est.)) #ninja-steel | TV, Ninja Steel i: ninja-steel-rangers.jpg | Ninja Steel Rangers * Following his escape from [Galvanax]'s ship ((joined by [Mick])), [Brody] and five other [teens = Brody|Preston|Calvin|Hayley|Sarah|Levi] become **[Ninja Steel Rangers]**. * [Madame Odius] scrambles [Levi]'s memories, but he later remembers his original identity as Aiden. * The Rangers meet ((and inspire)) Princess Viera of the [Lion Kingdom]. * [Dane] is released from the [Ninja Nexus Prism]. After his ship is damaged by a Ninja Steel asteroid, Galvanax is destroyed; the Nexus Prism is ruined in the process. - Power Rangers Ninja Steel: 2017 airdates - "Return of the Prism": Sarah's first day at school, but not everyone else's? - "Return of the Prism" / "Forged in Steel": Ninja Nexus Prism, five Rangers - "My Friend Redbot" / "Hack Attack" / "Gold Rush": Levi captured - "Hack Attack" / "Gold Rush": Levi escapes, meets others - "Family Fusion": Levi remembers identity - "The Royal Rival" / "The Royal Rumble": Princess Viera - "Galvanax Rises": Dane released, Galvanax destroyed - "Grave Robber": Halloween special - "Past, Presents, and Future": Christmas special - Super Ninja Steel: "Echoes of Evil": new school year [30 xx] == Super Ninja Steel era ((2017–18 est.)) #super-ninja-steel | TV, Ninja Steel | 3 rows i: madame-odius.jpg | Madame Odius * [Sledge] emerges from a wormhole and repairs [Madame Odius]'s ship. ((This is the Sledge who pulled his dimension's Earth out of orbit.)) * The [Rangers = Ninja Steel Rangers|Brody|Preston|Calvin|Hayley|Sarah|Levi] use Odius's Super Steel to restore their powers. * Lord Draven captures [Tommy] from [Reefside]. ((Tommy has a [Master Morpher|Green Ranger|White Ranger|Zeo Rangers|Turbo Rangers|Dino Rangers], and he and [Kat|Turbo Rangers] are raising a young son, [JJ].)) [Wes|Time Force Rangers], [Gemma|RPM Rangers], and [Koda|Dino Charge Rangers] accompany the Ninja Steel team to Draven's Antiverse to free Tommy and other Rangers (([Rocky|MMPR], Kat, [TJ|Space Rangers], [Trent|Dino Rangers], [Antonio|Samurai Rangers], and [Gia|Mega Rangers])). The [Falconzord = Ninjazords] appears. * Odius is destroyed. * Using a transportal device from Wes, the Ninja Steel Rangers team up with [Koda] to destroy Sledge. ((This is the Sledge who helped Odius.)) - Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel: 2018 airdates - "Echoes of Evil": Sledge and Odius, Super Steel, new school year, 9/21/18 seen on novelty check - "Dimensions in Danger": Tommy, JJ, Kat, Antiverse - "Love Stings": Valentine's Day // - "Sheriff Skyfire": Skyfire - "Monster Mix-up": Halloween special - "Reaching the Nexus": Odius destroyed - "The Poisy Show": Koda, Sledge, Christmas special > up | #ninja-steel == Ninja Steel or Super Ninja Steel era ((25 years after MMPR battled Rita; after Levi joins)) #boom-25th-ninja-steel | Boom!, Ninja Steel i: mick-and-alpha.jpg | Mick and Alpha-5 * **[Alpha-5]** arrives from [Eltar] to enlist the [Ninja Steel Rangers|Brody|Preston|Calvin|Hayley|Sarah|Levi]' help against a creature [Rita] tried to summon 25 years prior. - MMPR 25th Anniversary Special > left | #super-ninja-steel == Super Ninja Steel era #shattered-grid-ninja-steel | Boom!, Ninja Steel, Shattered Grid i: drakkon-vs-ninja-steel.jpg | Drakkon's forces vs. Ninja Steel | left * [Brody] stops **[Lord Drakkon]** from stealing his Morpher but loses a piece of his [Power Star = Ninja Steel Rangers] ((which Drakkon later uses to enhance [Saba])). * The six [Ninja Steel Rangers|Brody|Preston|Calvin|Hayley|Sarah|Levi] ((and their Megazord)) later join in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR Annual 2018: Drakkon vs. Brody - MMPR #27: Ninja Steel Rangers vs. Drakkon's forces - again? - MMPR #30: Ninja Steel Megazord, Saba enhanced - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone > left | #super-ninja-steel == Ninja Steel or Super Ninja Steel era #darkest-hour-ninja-steel | Boom!, Ninja Steel, Darkest Hour i: darkest-hour-ninja-steel.jpg | Preston captive | top * Accompanied by [Mistress Vile], **[Dark Specter]** invades the Ninja Steel era. [Preston|Ninja Steel Rangers] is later among his unmorphed captives. - MMPR #114 > left | #super-ninja-steel [xx] == Beast Morphers era #break-beast-morphers * The Grid Battleforce Rangers battle Evox's forces. (Evox is revealed to be Venjix from the RPM dimension.) [xx 20] == Beast Morphers era ((2019 est.)) #beast-morphers | TV, Beast Morphers i: beast-morphers.jpg | Grid Battleforce Rangers * In Coral Harbor, the **[Grid Battleforce Rangers|Devon|Ravi|Zoey]** battle [Evox]'s forces. In the Cyber Dimension, Evox conscripts [Scrozzle]. * [Nate] builds a robot, [Steel], and both become Rangers. * Evox possesses Mayor Daniels for a time; [Dr. K] advises [Devon]. * [Keeper] and the [Dino Charge Rangers|Tyler|Chase|Koda|Riley|Shelby|Ivan] help against resurrected [Snide] and [Sledge]. When [Goldar Maximus = Goldar] joins the fray, Devon calls [Jason] through the [Morphin Grid] ((thanks to [Master Green])), and the [Mighty Morphin = MMPR|Zack|Adam|Billy|Trini|Aisha|Kimberly|Kat] ((identities unclear)) and [Dino Thunder = Dino Rangers|Conner|Kira|Ethan] teams join in, as do their [Megazords = Dinozords|Dino Rangers]. ((A [data card = Psycho Rangers] and [Lord Zedd]'s staff remain in the Crystal Dimension.)) * [Dr. K] helps Nate after he learns Evox's origin. Evox taps the Morphin Grid, but the Rangers destroy him. Steel becomes human ((again thanks to Master Green)). - Power Rangers Beast Morphers: 2019–20 airdates - "Beasts Unleashed": Grid Battleforce, Evox, after Sledge and Galvanax - "Evox's Revenge": Scrozzle - "The Cybergate Opens": Nate, Steel - "Evox: Upgraded" through "The Evox Snare": Mayor Daniels possessed - "The Evox Snare": Dr. K advises Devon - "Hypnotic Halloween": Halloween special - "Scrozzle's Revenge": Christmas special - "Finders Keepers": Snide, Sledge, Keeper, Dino Charge - "Finders Keepers" / "Making Bad": data cards, Zedd's staff - "Making Bad" / "Grid Connection": Goldar, Dino teamup - "Source Code": Nate and Dr. K - "Evox Unleashed": finale - Dino Fury: "Morphin Master": Master Green's help == Beast Morphers era #shattered-grid-beast-morphers | Boom!, Beast Morphers, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-beast-morphers.jpg | Grid Battleforce Rangers vs. Drakkon (from Jason's vision in Go Go Power Rangers #23) | right * **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces may invade the [Beast Morphers = Grid Battleforce] era. [Devon], [Zoey], and [Ravi] later join in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR #27: invasion everywhere - MMPR #29–30 / Shattered Grid #1: Grid Battleforce Rangers present - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone > left | #beast-morphers [33 xx] == One year after Beast Morphers era ((2020 est.)) #beast-morphers-epilogue | TV, Beast Morphers i: steel-birthday.jpg | Steel's birthday party | left * [Devon] now heads **[Grid Battleforce]**, which uses renewable energy in lieu of [Morph-X]. * [Col. Truman] escorts [Scrozzle = Evox] to Grid Battleforce after [Ben and Betty = Grid Battleforce] capture him under [Corinth]. * The Rangers celebrate [Steel]'s one-year birthday. - "Evox Unleashed" p: [Grid Battleforce = #beast-morphers] > up | #beast-morphers == 5 years before SPD era ((2020)) #young-z | TV, SPD i: young-z.jpg | Young Z * 12-year-old [Z] runs away from her new school in **[Newtech City]**, branded a freak by her human and alien classmates. She is secretly aided by [Doggie Cruger]. * Z and [Jack = Jack Landors] begin stealing to help disadvantaged aliens. * [Boom] flunks out of [SPD Earth], but [Commander Cruger] hires him as chief gadget tester. - "Beginnings, part 1": Jack and Z begin stealing 5 years prior to series - "Beginnings, part 2": Boom - "Beginnings" / "Sam, part 2": alien integration, Cruger on Earth - "Sam, part 2": 12-year-old Z runs away, saved by Cruger - "Messenger, part 1": series date of 2025 [xx] == Dino Fury era #break-dino-fury * The Dino Fury Rangers battle Sporix forces led by Void Knight and Void Queen. [xx] == Decades after MMPR era ((2022)) #once-and-always-trini | TV, MMPR i: robo-rita.jpg | Robo Rita * In a new [Command Center] below Cranston Tech, **[Billy]** tries to bring back [Zordon], but [Rita]'s evil energy creates Robo Rita from the body of [Alpha-8 = Alpha]. The original [Mighty Morphin Power Rangers|Jason|Kimberly] assemble ((with [Tommy] as [Green = Green Ranger])). [= Angel Grove] * Robo Rita kills **[Trini]** and then goes into hiding. [Zack] steps down as a Congressman to care for [Minh]. Billy and [Alpha-9 = Alpha] begin contingency plans. - "Once and Always" [xx] == Dino Fury era ((2022 est.)) #dino-fury | TV, Dino Fury i: dino-fury-rangers2.jpg | Dino Fury Rangers | almost-left * When [Void Knight] releases the [Sporix], four [Earthlings = Ollie|Amelia|Izzy|Javi] ally with [Zayto] as **[Dino Fury Rangers]**. ((J-Borg from [Hartford Robotics = Andrew Hartford] helps out at [BuzzBlast].)) [= Area 62] * [Master Green] awakens [Aiyon] after locating him with the [Ninja Nexus Prism]. ((Having tracked the prism, [Mick] returns to the [Lion Galaxy].)) * [Izzy] and [Fern] start dating. * Revived by the sorcerer Reaghoul, [Lord Zedd] departs in search of his staff. * Zayto and Aiyon brave the nightmares of [Nibyro] to retrieve two Zords. Master Green restores the Rangers' powers when they're lost in battle with Void Knight. * Santaura absorbs Sporix energy to become [Void Queen]; she then transforms Tarrick into [Void King]. * Zedd attacks a [Grid Battleforce] facility and frees Lothorn ((nephew of [Lokar])) and [Scrozzle]. Scrozzle retrieves Zedd's staff. * Zedd destroys [Rafkon]. Master Green again helps the Rangers (([Master Red = Morphin Masters] rescinds their policy against helping mortals)), and Lord Zedd is sealed in a crystal. ((Scrozzle escapes.)) * Rafkonians arrive with hostile intentions but decide to help the Rangers protect Earth. * [Amelia] learns of her past, and Tarrick is freed. Zayto's sacrifice weakens the Sporix, and Santaura is pacified. The [Morphin Masters] depart with the imprisoned Sporix. * [Mucus] survives and reluctantly wishes herself human to join [Slyther]'s circus. - Power Rangers Dino Fury: 2021 airdates (season 1) / 2022 Netflix release (season 2) - "Destination Dinohenge" / "New Recruits": four teammates - "Unexpected Guest": Mick, prism - "The Matchmaker": Izzy and Fern - "Old Foes": Halloween, Zedd revived - "Storm Surge" / "Ancient History": Aiyon - "Waking Nightmares": Nibyro - "Void Trap": Master Green restores powers - "Tiny Trouble" / "Jam Session": Void Queen - "The Copycat": Void King - "Ultimate Mystery" / "Love Hate": Lothorn, Scrozzle - "Morphin Master": Rafkon destroyed, Master Green, Zedd - "Bad Vibes": March 12, apparently Saturday: 2022? - "The Invasion": Rafkonians - "The Truth": Amelia's past, Tarrick freed - "The Nemesis": finale - "The Nemesis" / Cosmic Fury: "Changing Sides": Mucus and Slyther [xx] == Cosmic Fury era #break-cosmic-fury * Trini's daughter Minh becomes Yellow Ranger. * The Dino Fury Rangers gain Cosmic Fury powers to battle Lord Zedd. [xx] == Decades after MMPR era ((one year after Trini's death: 2023)) #once-and-always | TV, MMPR i: minh-morphed.jpg | Minh morphed | top * At some point, [Bulk] and [Skull] have established a food company (("Skullovitch & Bulkmeier")). * On the anniversary of [Trini]'s death, [Robo Rita = Rita] captures [Jason], [Tommy], and [Kimberly], seeking power to travel back in time to join her [past self = #mmpr1]. ((She also captures the [Phantom Ranger] and assorted Rangers from [Zeo = Zeo Rangers|Tanya], [Space = Space Rangers|Carlos|Ashley], [Galaxy = Galaxy Rangers|Kai|Leo|Damon], [Wild Force = Wild Force Rangers|Merrick], [Dino Thunder = Dino Thunder Rangers|Conner|Trent], and [Grid Battleforce = Grid Battleforce Rangers|Devon|Ravi|Nate].)) [= MMPR, Green Ranger, Angel Grove, BuzzBlast] * [Kat] and [Rocky] use proxy [Power Coins] to join [Billy] and [Zack] as Rangers. **[Minh]** morphs as the Yellow Ranger, and the team destroys Robo Rita and her monsters on the [moon = moon palace]. [= JJ|Dinozords] * [Aisha] and [Adam] ((now members of [Space Patrol Alpha = SPD] contending with the [Troobians = Emperor Gruumm])) arrive from [Sirius] to transport Robo Rita's former captives to [Aquitar] for recovery. Billy plans to reunite with [Cestria] and resume his space travels ((he also considers not giving up on [Zordon])). - "Once and Always" [43 xx] == Decades after MMPR era (("three decades" after Rita's 1993 release: 2023)) #renegade-present | RPG, Renegade, MMPR i: renegade-games-power-chamber.jpg | Power Chamber * Numerous [Ranger teams = MMPR|Alien Rangers|Zeo Rangers|Turbo Rangers|Space Rangers] have defended the Earth from [Rita] and other alien threats. The [Zeo Crystal] remains buried beneath [Angel Grove], which is now the center of an "alien tech goldrush." * Having replicated the [Power Coins], [Zordon] recruits new Rangers to counter Rita's ongoing attacks. [= Command Center|Power Chamber] - Renegade Games Core Rulebook == Decades after MMPR era ((30 years after Rita's release: 2023)) #the-return | Boom!, MMPR, The Return i: selena.jpg | Selena with Morpher | top * Decades after the alternate-timeline [Serpentera disaster = #the-return-serpentera], [Trini] has died from an illness. * [Jason|MMPR] is ambushed by a mystery figure after years of using his powers on crimefighting and counterterrorism missions. [Billy] and [Zack] seek answers. * After attending a dedication for Trini in [Angel Grove], **[Kimberly]** returns home, where she has a surprise meeting with Trini's relative Selena, keeper of Trini's Morpher. ((to be continued)) - The Return [xx] == Cosmic Fury era ((6 months after Dino Fury era; 2023 est.)) #cosmic-fury | TV, Cosmic Fury i: cosmic-fury-rangers.jpg | Cosmic Fury Rangers * The [Rafkonians|Tarrick|Santaura] have made [Area 62] their home, and [Aiyon] has opened a cafe. * [Bajillia Naire] and [Scrozzle] free **[Lord Zedd]** on [Zordnia] ((where [Billy] and [Mick] are conducting research)). The [Morphin Masters] revive [Zayto], who brings the [Dino Fury Rangers|Ollie|Izzy|Javi|Aiyon|Amelia]. ((Mick's [Red Ranger = Ninja Steel Rangers] powers are restored.)) * Evil [Ollie] banishes Zayto. Scrozzle imprisons the Morphin Masters. [Javi] loses an arm releasing the **[Cosmic Fury = Cosmic Fury Rangers]** Zords. * After Zedd destroys their powers, the Rangers ((and [Fern])) flee to an alien world, where Billy designs Cosmic Fury Morphers. [Amelia] becomes Red, and Zayto returns as the Zenith Ranger. Fern later joins as Orange. * With assorted Rangers trapped in Zedd's prisons, Aiyon, [Tarrick], and [Heckyl] ((now the [Dark Ranger = Dino Charge Rangers])) disable Zedd's Zord-disrupting forcefield ((with assistance from [Grid Battleforce])). Freed from [Angel Grove], Billy's [team = Mighty Morphin Power Rangers|Jason|Kimberly|Zack|Minh|Tommy|Green Ranger] lends help to [Reefside]. Rangers battling Zedd's forces off-world bring alien refugees to [Newtech City]. * [Slyther] and [Mucus] ((her body restored by Zayto)) infiltrate Zedd's [Eltarian] base and free Ollie. Zayto exhausts his magic and returns to the [Morphin Grid]. Aiyon apparently meets [Zordon]'s spirit in a vision. * Zedd absorbs the Morphin Masters' energies but is then imprisoned by Scrozzle ((per Bajillia's plan to unleash a wave of evil across the universe)). The Rangers escape Eltar with help from assorted Megazords (([Grid Battleforce = Grid Battleforce Rangers], [Ninja Steel = Ninja Steel Rangers], [In Space = Space Rangers|Astro Megaship], and [Lost Galaxy = Galaxy Rangers], as well as Billy and apparently [Minh] in the [Dino Megazord = Dinozords])). * Bajillia is destroyed. Zayto ((now a Morphin Master)) and Ollie convince Zedd to save himself by surrendering the Morphin Master energies; he is left on [Nibyro] with nightmares of [Rita]. * Back on Earth, Billy reels upon learning of the existence of Zordon's spirit. - Dino Fury: "The Nemesis": six months, Zayto returns - Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: 2023 Netflix release - "Lightning Strikes": Zedd freed, Zordnia, Morphin Masters imprisoned, Cosmic Fury Zords - "Beyond Repair": Zedd destroys Rangers' powers, they flee - "Off Grid": Cosmic Fury Morphers, Amelia becomes Red - "Team Work": Zayto returns - "Take Off": Orange Ranger - "Operation Seasoning": Heckyl, forcefield - "Switching Sides": Billy's team, placement after "Once and Always", Mucus and Slyther free Ollie - "Master Plan": Newtech City, Zayto dies, Master Zedd - "The End": Zordon's spirit, Megazords, Zedd pacified [xx] == 2 years before SPD era ((2023 est.)) #b-squad-training | TV, SPD i: b-squad-training.jpg | B-Squad in training (circa 2025) * **[SPD]** B-Squad cadets [Sky], [Bridge], and [Syd] begin simulated training overseen by [Kat Manx] (([Boom] assists)). - "Beginnings, part 1" [xx] == SPD era #break-spd * The SPD Rangers battle Emperor Gruumm's forces. (This TV series aired in 2005 but took place in 2025.) [xx] == 1 year before SPD era ((2024 est.)) #dru | TV, SPD i: broodwing.jpg | Broodwing * Enticed by [Broodwing], [Sky]'s friend Dru abandons [SPD]. He will later be arrested by Sky. - "Idol": Dru, "over a year" [40 xx] == SPD era ((2025)) #spd | TV, SPD | 2 rows i: spd-rangers2.jpg | SPD Rangers * In [Newtech City], [Kat Manx] issues Morphers to [B-Squad = Sky|Bridge|Syd]; [Z] and [Jack = Jack Landors] then complete the **[SPD Ranger = SPD Rangers]** team. * [Emperor Gruumm] reaches Earth and secretly recruits [A-Squad]. * [Sam] ((the last child born to [SPD] pioneers)) moves into the Delta Base. [Commander Cruger] becomes the Shadow Ranger. [Piggy] opens a restaurant. * [Baskin] receives help from the SPD Rangers; he then departs for New Zealand. - "Beginnings": Gruumm arrives, B-Squad, Jack and Z recruited - "Confronted" / "Endings, part 1": A-Squad defection - "Sam, part 2": Sam - "Stakeout": Syd's birthday celebrated - "Shadow": Shadow Ranger, Piggy - "Abandoned": Baskin - "Messenger, part 1": series date of 2025 - "Zapped": Syd is a Gemini: "Stakeout" birthday was between May 20 and June 21 > up | #dru == SPD era ((2025; A-Squad gone, B-Squad active or in training)) #hyperforce-spd | RPG, Hyperforce, SPD i: lina-song.jpg | Malika Lim roleplaying as Lina Song in episode 14 | top * With the help of [Lina Song], the **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** find [Marv]'s brother [Joe] undercover among a [mutant] gang in 2025. * [Thrax] absorbs the mutants' energies. Joe's [Time Force Silver = Time Force Rangers] Morpher is destroyed. - Hyperforce episode 14: Rangers find Joe; A-Squad in space, B-Squad said to be either taking care of aliens or in training - Hyperforce episodes 14–15: Lina Song, Joe's mission - Hyperforce episode 15: absorption - Hyperforce episode 15–16: Joe's Morpher stolen, destroyed - Hyperforce episode 24: Thrax's identity revealed p: [Mystic Mother = #hyperforce-mystic-mother], [Joe, mutants = #joe-shih-disappears] n: [A-Squad = #hyperforce-a-squad] > left | #spd == SPD era #darkest-hour-spd | Boom!, SPD, Darkest Hour i: darkest-hour-spd.jpg | SPD Rangers seen during Grid infection * Accompanied by [Mistress Vile], **[Dark Specter]** invades the SPD era. [Bridge|SPD Rangers] is later among his unmorphed captives, while [Jack|SPD Rangers] has become a morphed minion. - MMPR #114 > left | #spd [20 xx 28 | 2 rows] == SPD era ((July 11, 2025)) #spd-earth-falls | TV, SPD, Negated Timeline i: devastation.jpg | Devastation walks away from the defeated Rangers (from timeline at right) | left * **[SPD Earth]** falls to [Emperor Gruumm]'s forces, granting Gruumm a longstanding foothold on Earth. [Sam] survives. - "Messenger" > up | #spd > right | #spd-late == SPD era ((2025)) #dino-success | TV, Dino Thunder * [Kira] is now a famous musician, [Conner] has founded soccer camps, and [Ethan] is a software developer. - SPD: "History" > right | #spd-late == SPD era ((2025)) #spd-late | TV, SPD | 2 rows i: omega-ranger.jpg | Omega Ranger | right i: spd-new-colors.jpg | SPD Rangers with new colors | right * [Katana] visits from the [past = #katana]; as he returns home, the **[Omega Ranger = Sam|SPD Rangers]** arrives from [2040 = #omega-origin]. The [future = #elevator-music] apparently changes once Omega helps the [Rangers = SPD Rangers|Jack Landors|Sky|Bridge|Z|Syd|Doggie Cruger] win a pivotal battle on July 11. * Broodwing obtains the [Dino Gems] on [Onyx] and summons the [Dino teens = Conner|Kira|Ethan] from [2005 = #dino-thunder-reunion]. [Kat = Kat Manx] restores the [Dino Gems]. The teens return home with no memory of the future. * [Gruumm] and Mora briefly visit [2004 = #dino-thunder], with the SPD Rangers in pursuit. * After Gruumm and crew are defeated, [Nova Ranger] escorts Sam back to their [time = #nova-questions]. [Jack = Jack Landors] retires, [Sky] and [Bridge] change colors, and the rank of [A-Squad] is retired. * At some point, [Cruger] becomes supreme commander of SPD, with Sky replacing him as head of [SPD Earth]; Bridge becomes Red Ranger and will go [back in time = #oo]. - "Samurai": Katana, Omega arrives - "Messenger": Omega Ranger debuts, 2040 - "History": Dino Rangers to 2025 - "Wormhole": Gruumm to 2004 - "Endings, part 1": A-Squad, Broodwing, and generals confined - "Endings, part 2": Nova, Gruumm confined, Jack retires - Operation Overdrive: "Once a Ranger": additional promotions, Bridge goes back in time == SPD era ((after Jack gets Battlizer)) #shattered-grid-spd | Boom!, SPD, Shattered Grid | 2 rows i: ric-3-0.jpg | RIC 3.0 munching Drakkon * When **[Lord Drakkon]**'s forces invade [Newtech City], [B-Squad] and [C-Squad = SPD] mount a successful defense. At some point, Drakkon recruits [A-Squad]. * B-Squad and [Cruger] later join [Kim] and [Jen]'s forces for the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - Hyperforce episode 19: Coinless Lina older than SPD-era Lina - MMPR Annual 2018: SPD Rangers vs. Drakkon's forces - MMPR #27: SPD Rangers vs. Drakkon's forces - again? - MMPR #27: A-Squad - MMPR #28–30 / Shattered Grid #1: SPD Rangers present - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone > left | #spd-late [xx] == Post-SPD era #break-post-spd * This period contains the aftermath of SPD's time travel. * In some stories, later SPD Rangers include Lina Song, as well as Tommy and Kat's son JJ. [25 xx] == Post-SPD era #boom-master-morpher2 | Boom!, MMPR, SPD i: tommy-injured-sotd.jpg | Tommy's "car accident" * **[Tommy]** receives cybernetic implants after being injured in battle. He retires his [Master Morpher|Green Ranger|White Ranger|Zeo Rangers|Turbo Rangers|Dino Rangers] at this point. ((He has previously teamed up with [Sky] of [SPD Earth].)) - Soul of the Dragon > down | #soul-of-the-dragon == 2 years after SPD era ((2027 est.)) #hyperforce-a-squad | RPG, Hyperforce, SPD i: a-squad-red.jpg | A-Squad Red (image from TV series) * Aided by [Lina Song] as [SPD Green = SPD Rangers], the **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** contend with [A-Squad]. * Lina later helps Hyperforce against the [Alliance]. ((She is unaccounted for after history is changed.)) - Hyperforce episode 16: A-Squad, "about two years" after SPD visit - Hyperforce episodes 24–25: Lina time travels - Hyperforce episode 25: Lina unaccounted for p: [Lina Song = #hyperforce-spd] n: [Ransik = #hyperforce-ransik] [xx] == Years after SPD era ((8 years after Tommy retires Master Morpher)) #soul-of-the-dragon | Boom!, MMPR, SPD, Side Story i: tommy-sotd.jpg | Tommy | almost-left i: holiday-2018.jpg | JJ's team (Bridge, Z, JJ, Lina, Sky, Syd) * [Scorpina] returns and sows chaos in [Newtech City] for [Lokar]. * While [Kat] is away on [Triforia], **[Tommy]** investigates the disappearance of their son **[JJ]** ((a young [SPD] detective)). Tommy's damaged [Master Morpher|Green Ranger|White Ranger|Zeo Rangers|Turbo Rangers|Dino Rangers] breaks each of his Power Coins as he uses them. [Finster] dies. * Joined by Kat and other allies ((including [Blue Senturion] and a female [SPD Blue = SPD Rangers|Lina Song])), Tommy helps JJ defeat Scorpina. JJ begins serving as [SPD Green = SPD Rangers] ((equipped with his father's [Dragon Shield])). - Soul of the Dragon: Tommy, JJ, Dragon Shield, female SPD Blue seen - [2018 holiday card = https://www.instagram.com/p/BrlI9WVALgd/]: JJ's teammates are [Bridge] as Red, [Z] as Yellow, [Lina Song] as Blue, [Sky] as the Deka Ranger, and [Syd] as Pink [xx 45] == Years after SPD era ((2040; without Omega in 2025)) #omega-origin | TV, SPD, Negated Timeline * Years after the fall of [SPD Earth], [Emperor Gruumm] continues to rule the planet. Grown-up [Sam] ventures into the past as the **[Omega Ranger = SPD Rangers]**. * Weeks later, on July 11, the resistance broadcasts a distress signal on the 15th anniversary of SPD's defeat. - "Messenger, part 1" n: [Omega saves the day = #spd-late] > right | #nova-questions == Years after SPD era ((2040; with Omega in 2025)) #nova-questions | TV, SPD i: nova-and-sam.jpg | Nova and Sam prepare to depart 2025 * The state of Earth in the wake of [Gruumm]'s defeat is unrevealed. ((Do [Sam] and [Nova = Nova Ranger] return to this future? Did the Nova seen in [2025 = #spd-earth-falls] hail from this future or the @left panel?)) - "Messenger": Earth saved? - "Endings, part 2": Nova Ranger, Gruumm captured n: [2135 = #elevator-music] > down | #omega-super-legends [xx] == Unknown ((post-SPD era?)) #omega-super-legends | Game, SPD i: omega-ranger-super-legends.jpg | Omega Ranger in the Hall of Legends * The **[Omega Ranger = Sam|SPD Rangers]** serves as the protector of the Hall of Legends, a repository of Ranger knowledge located outside the timestream. He assembles Rangers from across time to stop [Lord Zedd] from running amok with a time crystal. - Power Rangers Super Legends [xx] == Generations after Zeo era ((mid–21st century est.)) #season-to-remember | TV, Zeo, Holiday Special i: old-tommy-and-kat.jpg | Old Tommy and Kat with non-Ranger grandson * Old **[Tommy]** and **[Kat]** have at least two grandchildren, one of whom is apparently a Ranger. - "A Season to Remember" [50 xx] == 100 years after Time Force era ((early 2100s est.)) #trizyrium | TV, Time Force i: trizyrium-crystal.jpg | Trizyrium crystal in 2001 * [Trizyrium crystals] are discovered. ((Was this discovery date later altered by limited anachronistic research in [2001 = #alex-arrives]?)) [= Bio-Lab] - "The Time Shadow" / "A Calm Before the Storm" == 2135 ((with Omega in 2025)) #elevator-music | TV, SPD * An elevator music broadcast from July 11, 2135, is somehow received by [Boom = SPD] in [2025 = #spd]. ((This is regarded as good news.)) - "Messenger, part 2" [50 xx] == 200 years after Time Force era ((early 2200s est.)) #serum | TV, Time Force i: serum.jpg | Healing serum display in 2001 * [Healing serum = serum] is developed; [Ransik] will be dependent on this serum in [3000 = #time-force-origin]. ((Was this discovery date later altered by limited anachronistic production in [2001 = #alex-arrives]?)) [= Bio-Lab] - "Frax's Fury" / "Dawn of Destiny" == 2205 #bs-ninjor | Boom!, MMPR, Turbo i: ninjor-and-blue-senturion.jpg | Ninjor and Blue Senturion * In futuristic [Angel Grove], [Blue Senturion] teams up with [Ninjor] against Monsieur Muster's [Putty Rangers = Putties]. - The New Adventures of Blue Senturion & Ninjor (MMPR #25–36) // 2566 was the year given in the Time Blaster ride when a futuristic landscape was seen defended with aggressive laser defenses [xx] == Time Force era ((future)) #break-time-force-future * Time Force develops time travel technology. Ransik escapes into the past. [xx 27] == Late 30th century ((est.)) #time-force-origin | TV, Time Force i: millennium-city.jpg | Time Force's city i: ransik-frees-mut-orgs.jpg | Ransik frees the Mut-Orgs | right * In a futuristic city, designer babies are commonplace, and aliens live among humans. * As **[Time Force]** experiments with time travel, the [Q-Rex] and [Quantum Morpher] are lost in [prehistory = #q-rex]. * Bio-tech accidents give rise to **[Ransik]** and other [mutants]. Apparently shunned, some mutants develop a hatred of mankind. * Wandering the wastelands, Ransik frees three [Org] spirits, who become [Mut-Orgs]. Ransik gains blade powers. - "Force from the Future, part 1": city, aliens - "Ransik Lives": designer babies, mutants arise, Ransik supposedly rejected - "The Quantum Quest": Q-Rex and Morpher lost // - "The Quantum Quest": Ransik's recognition, Rangers' apparent unfamiliarity with Q-Rex - "Reinforcements from the Future, part 2" == Late 30th century ((est.)) #project-midnight | Boom!, Time Force, Side Story i: project-midnight.jpg | Dr. Ferricks debuts new Morphers * **[Dr. Ferricks]** helps develop [Time Force]'s time travel technology, which is tested outside the timestream in [Outpost One] for safety. * Dr. Ferricks later builds portable Transwarp drives into two [Morphers = Time Force Rangers] ((Project Midnight)), but his proposal to change history is rejected. - Sins of the Future > left | #time-force-origin > down | #venomark-boom [32 24 xx] == Late 30th century ((est.)) #dr-ferricks | TV, Time Force i: dr-ferricks.jpg | Dr. Ferricks with Ransik | right * Poisoned by the mutant [Venomark], **[Ransik]** receives healing [serum] from **[Dr. Ferricks]**, but Ransik destroys his lab. Dying, Ferricks secretly rebuilds himself as [Frax]. * Ransik later dons a metal mask and organizes a mutant militia. He also raises a spoiled daughter, [Nadira]. - "Force from the Future": Nadira - "Ransik Lives": Ransik dons mask, forms militia - "Frax's Fury": serum, Dr. Ferricks > up | #time-force-origin > down | #alex-and-jen == 2999 or 3000 (("over 17 years" before Vesper's siblings attack)) #vesper-origin | RPG, Hyperforce, Time Force * In the rubble of [Dr. Ferricks]' lab ((@left)), assistants discover baby **[Vesper]** and raise her as a human. * Vesper's cyborg siblings help rebuild Dr. Ferricks as [Frax]. - Hyperforce episode 16 > left | #dr-ferricks == Late 30th century ((est.)) #venomark-boom | Boom!, Time Force, Side Story i: ferricks-and-z.jpg | Dr. Ferricks and his test subject "Z" | left * Secretly continuing his research, **[Dr. Ferricks]** genetically alters his volunteers ((including an [Eltarian])), but none are spared from the ravages of the Transwarp drives. * Dr. Ferricks' creation, [Venomark], leads to the dawn of the [mutants]. * Transferred out of [Outpost One] following a breakthrough with the [Morphin Grid], Ferricks works on a [serum] to cure mutants, but [Ransik] kills him and destroys his lab. * Ferricks' mind lives on in his creations [Frax] and [Frix]. - Sins of the Future [xx] == Late 30th century ((est.)) #alex-and-jen | TV, Time Force i: jen-receives-badge.jpg | Jen receives her badge * The [Time Force Police] arrest most of [Ransik]'s gang. **[Alex]** provides support as the Red [Time Force Ranger = Time Force Rangers]. * Alex coaches cadet **[Jen]**; they become partners after Jen's first partner, [Steelix], is arrested. - "Force from the Future, part 1": lone Alex, Jen and Alex a couple - "Jen's Revenge": Jen and Alex partners, arrest Fatcatfish - "Trust and Triumph": Jen trains under Alex - "Time Force Traitor": Steelix [xx 42] == 3000 #ransik-escapes | TV, Time Force i: alex-falls.jpg | Ransik (seemingly) kills Alex * The [Time Force Police] have cleared the city of all known criminals except **[Ransik]**. (([Nadira] and [Frax] are also free.)) * [Alex] arrests Ransik as he tries to escape into the past. Alex and [Jen] get engaged. * Ransik seemingly kills Alex and escapes to [2001 = #ransik-arrives]; Jen and her teammates (([Trip] from [Xybria], super-strong [Katie], and racer [Lucas])) follow with [Morphers = Time Force Rangers]. - "Force from the Future" > up | #alex-and-jen > down | #alex-in-charge == Years before 3006 ((est. 3000)) #alex-different | Boom!, Time Force, Side Story i: cyra-grief.jpg | Cyra grieves | bottom * [Alex] ((@left)) is mourned by his sister, **[Cyra]**, who possesses [Dr. Ferricks]' black [Chrono Morpher = Time Force Rangers]. * The presence of [Jen] and her [team = Time Force Rangers|Wes|Lucas|Trip|Katie] in the past somehow averts Alex's death, but he is no longer as Jen and Cyra remember. - MMPR #28: original mention of Alex coming back different - Sins of the Future: Cyra > left | #ransik-escapes > down | #alex-in-charge [xx] == 3000 ((with Ransik in 2001)) #alex-in-charge | TV, Time Force i: alex-testing-time-shadow.jpg | Alex the mystery man * Still alive, **[Alex]** serves as the brooding head of [Time Force]. * Alex monitors the concurrently unfolding events of [2001 = #ransik-arrives] and eventually sends the [Time Shadow] to help. * As [Frax] prepares [Dragontron] in the past, Alex grows concerned with deviations from the history banks and travels [back = #alex-arrives] to intervene. He returns after healing [Mr. Collins] on his deathbed. ((The impact of this change is unknown.)) * Alex later blocks [Circuit]'s remote access to the history banks as a time hole crisis looms in the [past = #time-holes-timeship]. Alex rescues his [team = Time Force Rangers|Lucas|Trip|Katie|Jen] with a Timeship ((they died originally)), but upon learning of [Wes]'s death in the past, the team goes back to save the day. They return to the future with [Ransik] in custody. - "The Time Shadow": Alex monitors past, sends Time Shadow - "Time Force Traitor": Alex concerned, outranks Captain Logan? - "Dawn of Destiny": Alex to 2001 - "Destiny Defeated": Alex changes history, returns to 3000 - "Circuit Unsure": Circuit's access blocked, impact of alternate Collins family history apparently minimal - "The End of Time, part 1": Alex sends timeship to rescue four officers - "The End of Time, part 2": four arrive, refuse memory adaptation - "The End of Time, part 3": Rangers return with Ransik - Wild Force: "Reinforcements from the Future, part 1": impact of Silver Hills' survival apparently minimal [xx] == 3001 #mut-orgs-escape | TV, Time Force, Wild Force i: jen-in-leather.jpg | Jen in 2002 | almost-right * The [Mut-Orgs] travel back to [2002 = #wild-force] in search of [Dr. Adler], whom they describe as the "true" Master Org. [Jen] follows. * [Wes] later contacts [Time Force] from 2002; **[Ransik]** and [Nadira] accompany the [Rangers = Time Force Rangers|Lucas|Trip|Katie] into the past to stop the Mut-Orgs. ((There, Ransik is purged of [mutant DNA = mutants].)) - "Reinforcements from the Future" > up | #alex-in-charge [xx 25 20] == 3006 #outpost-one | Boom!, Time Force, Side Story i: outpost-one.jpg | Jen, Nadira, and Cyra crash on Outpost One | top * **[Jen]** is directed to end her relationship with [Wes] and begin training for [Hyperforce = Hyperforce Rangers]. * As [Time Force Black = Time Force Rangers], **[Cyra]** has repeatedly tried to save her original version of [Alex]. Meanwhile, [Frix] edits history using the Transwarp Mainframe in [Outpost One] in an effort to undo the creation of [mutants]. * In an alternate 3006, [Jen] is blamed for the deaths of [Wes] and Alex. Aided by future [Nadira], Jen and Cyra confront Frix in Outpost One, but Cyra is tossed into prehistory. * After breaking Frix's second Morpher, Jen apparently fixes time by giving the black Morpher ((and some encouragement)) to young Cyra in the past. Much older Cyra returns and surrenders the Morpher. * Jen repurposes Outpost One as a base for the [Time Force Rangers|Wes|Lucas|Trip|Katie|Jen] ((and a place to meet Wes on dates)). - Sins of the Future == Unknown ((after Outpost One established)) #shattered-grid-time-force | Boom!, Time Force, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-jen-wes.jpg | Wes and Jen * From [Outpost One], the [Time Force Rangers|Wes|Lucas|Trip|Katie|Jen] detect a spacetime fracture and the presence of [Lord Drakkon]'s godlike form. **[Jen]** escapes into the [past = #shattered-grid-mmpr] as her teammates are seemingly lost. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR #25: Jen escapes - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone > left | #outpost-one == Unknown #ranger-academy-jen | Boom!, Time Force, Ranger Academy i: professor-scotts.jpg | Professor Scotts teaching holographically | top * **[Jen]** (("Professor Scotts")) holographically teaches [Ranger Academy] students across time. - Ranger Academy [xx] == Hyperforce era #break-hyperforce * The Hyperforce Rangers pursue an evil Alliance through time. [36 xx] == Years after 3000 ((3012–13 est.)) #future-q-rex | TV, Megaforce i: q-rex-prsm.jpg | Orion's Q-Rex | right * A [Q-Rex Zord = Q-Rex] ((a different design from the [Quantum Ranger]'s Q-Rex)) departs **[Time Force]**'s city when summoned by [Orion] in the [past = #super-megaforce]. - "Silver Lining, part 2": Q-Rex summoned; 999 years added to Super Megaforce's estimated year == 3013 ((4 years before episode 10)) #joe-shih-disappears | RPG, Hyperforce i: joe-silver.jpg | Yoshi Sudarso roleplaying as Joe in episode 12 | top * [Nadira]'s fiancĂ© **[Joe]** disappears on a secret mission as the Silver [Time Force Ranger = Time Force Rangers]. ((He will infiltrate a group of [mutants] who have escaped into the [past = #hyperforce-spd].)) - Hyperforce episode 10: Joe's disappearance 4 years ago; episode concurrent with early 3017 - Hyperforce episode 12: Joe revealed as Silver Ranger - Hyperforce episode 16: mutant mission explained - Hyperforce episode 17: engagement to Nadira > down | #hyperforce-thrax-revived [xx] == 3015 ((2 years before episode 23)) #hyperforce-thrax-revived | RPG, Hyperforce i: hyper-force-mr-ashford2.jpg | Angel (image from Hyperforce graphic novel) | top * The head of an evil **[Alliance]**, Angel Ashford revives [Thrax] using the [Corona Aurora]. ((Other Alliance goals will include collecting villains, absorbing dark energy, assembling an [armada], and preventing [Zordon]'s energy wave.)) - Hyperforce episodes 9 and 10: Alliance's goal of saving Zordon - Hyperforce episode 17: five goals listed - Hyperforce episode 23: Thrax's revival, cited as 2 years prior - Hyperforce episode 25: Chloe's father revealed - MMPR #114: Angel's name > down | #hyperforce [xx] == 3016 #hyperforce | RPG, Hyperforce i: director-jen.jpg | Transmission from Jen Scotts (episode 12) * [Jen] sends [Alpha-55] and a team of **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** ((including [Joe]'s brother [Marv] and [Angel = Alliance]'s daughter [Chloe])) in pursuit of Timeships stolen by the [Alliance]. * Jen is later revealed to be serving as acting director of [Time Force]. Her [teammates = Time Force Rangers|Wes|Lucas|Trip|Katie] ((including [Wes], now a Time Force officer)) have been captured by the Alliance. - Hyperforce episode 1: Hyperforce team departs - Hyperforce episodes 9 and 25: Time Force Rangers captured - Hyperforce episode 13: Jen as acting director - Hyperforce episode 25: Wes stated to be officer, senior to Hyperforce n: [Aisha = #hyperforce-aisha] [xx] == 3017 #hyperforce-ransik | RPG, Hyperforce i: vesper.jpg | Cristina Vee roleplaying as Vesper in episode 17 | top * The **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe|Joe]** visit home and stop [Vesper]'s siblings from attacking [Ransik], who now directs a [mutant] rehabilitation program. * [Joe] stays with [Nadira] and will at some point receive a Green [Hyperforce = Hyperforce Rangers] Morpher. - Hyperforce episode 16–17: Rangers visit home - Hyperforce episode 17: Rangers protect Ransik, Joe stays - Hyperforce episode 21: green Morpher p: [A-Squad = #hyperforce-a-squad] n: [Andresia = #hyperforce-andresia] > up | #hyperforce [40 xx] == Hyperforce era ((after Joe receives Green Morpher)) #shattered-grid-hyperforce | Boom!, Hyperforce, Shattered Grid i: shattered-grid-hyper-force.jpg | Chronos Hyperforce Megazord in assault on Drakkon's base * The six **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe|Joe]** ((and their Megazord)) join in the assault on [Drakkon's base = #shattered-grid-drakkon]. * This timeline is undone when Drakkon is defeated. - MMPR #30 / Shattered Grid #1: assault on Drakkon's base - Shattered Grid #1: timeline undone n: [Drakkon's world = #shattered-grid-drakkon] == 3017 #hyperforce-wedding | RPG, Hyperforce i: joe-green.jpg | Yoshi Sudarso roleplaying as Joe in episode 25 | top * The **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe]** attend [Joe] and [Nadira]'s wedding. ((Their memory of their time in the Coinless universe has been wiped, and [Vesper] now has a robotic arm.)) * Joe leaves his reception to join the Rangers on a mission in the past. - Hyperforce episode 21 p: [Drakkon = #hyperforce-drakkon] n: [Corona Aurora = #hyperforce-corona-aurora] > up | #hyperforce-ransik > down | #hyperforce-bad-future [xx] == 3017 #hyperforce-bad-future | RPG, Hyperforce, Alternate Timeline i: hyper-force-jen-resistance.jpg | Resistance leader Jen (image from Hyperforce graphic novel) * With [Zordon] never destroyed, the **[Hyperforce = Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe|Joe]** and [Time Force = Time Force Rangers|Wes|Lucas|Trip|Katie] Rangers return to a dark future. The Time Force Rangers stay with alternate-timeline [Jen] to help the resistance against [Lady Nadira = Nadira]. [= Alliance] - Hyperforce episode 25 p: [evil banquet = #hyperforce-banquet] == Hyperforce era #hyperforce-aftermath | Boom!, Hyperforce, Alternate Timeline i: chloe-upset.jpg | Chloe * In their ruined timeline, the **[Hyperforce Rangers|Marv|Eddie|Jack|Vesper|Chloe|Joe]** split up: [Chloe] joins her [father = Alliance], [Joe] disappears seeking [Nadira] (([Marv] follows)), and [Vesper] breaks up with [Eddie]. * [Jack] and [Alpha-55] interrupt Chloe's attack on [Jen]'s forces. They retrieve Vesper from the [North Pole = #vesper-high-elf] and Eddie from [medieval England = #eddie-wedding]. * Chloe briefly betrays the team again, but all escape in the Hypership after Chloe learns her father has allied with another dimension's [Mistress Vile = #mistress-vile]. * The Hyperforce Rangers bring [Taylor = #darkest-hour-wild-force] and [Kendall = #darkest-hour-dino-charge] to the [Mighty Morphin era = #darkest-hour-mmpr]. ((They remember Drakkon but have some memory loss.)) - Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce: Chloe, reunion, Taylor - MMPR #113: Kendall, Drakkon n: [Animarium = #darkest-hour-wild-force] > up | #hyperforce-bad-future [xx] == Years after 3006 #hyperforce-nadira | Boom!, Hyperforce, Side Story i: future-nadira.jpg | Nadira arrives in 3006 | top * At some point, **[Nadira]** works for [Hyperforce = Time Force], while [Ransik] serves as director and [Alpha-55] assists. * Nadira travels back to [3006 = #outpost-one] to help [Jen] (("Professor Scotts")) with a series of time anomalies. - Sins of the Future [xx] == Ranger Academy era #break-ranger-academy * Ranger Academy trains cadets to be Power Rangers. [xx] == Unknown #ranger-academy | Boom!, Ranger Academy i: ranger-academy.jpg | Ranger Academy * At **[Ranger Academy]** ((founded by [Zordon])), cadets routinely speak with Ranger mentors across time ((including [Billy], [Leo], and [Jen])), while [Doggie Cruger] and [Yale] teach in person. Only five Ranger colors are taught. * During her Morphin Trial to meet the [Bandorian monks] on Chromia, new cadet Sage is ashamed to discover her color is Green. ((to be continued)) - Ranger Academy