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So where does all of this leave us? Which of the named domes occupy which positions? What can we say about the unnamed domes? What's up with the Ocean Dome?

Here is a round-up of what we know. (It's helpful to keep in mind below that episode 15, "Redemption Day," had a lot of weirdness all around.)

Red dome

The red dome was shown a number of times, but not in connection with any dome name.

Orange dome

Well, orange didn't have a connecting tunnel in schematics for some reason. Otherwise, we don't know much about it, and we never even saw a good close-up of it.

Yellow dome

Yellow wasn't named, but we did get a decent look at it.

Green dome

The green dome also wasn't named (there's a pattern here!), but it was seen fairly well on at least two occasions.

Blue dome

Blue has a good chance of being the Mountain Dome, per episode 37. (That name was also used in episode 35, but there was no accompanying establishment shot in that episode.)

Also note that the Mountain Dome was the setting of episode 15 as the Scorpion Stinger drained the colony's energy through it (the Magna Defender also died here). That episode, however, mostly used shots of yellow and purple to depict the Mountain Dome at this time, with the exception of the tunnel attack:

Purple dome

Purple was shown in a lot of establishment shots for foresty/mountainy areas. It was apparently named the Forest Dome once. (The Forest Dome's name was also mentioned in episode 4 as the future home of a particular fruit tree cultivated by the Science Division.)

Ocean Dome

The Ocean Dome was mentioned by name in episode 27, and its beach was shown in that episode and probably several others (episode 41, for one). Where was it?

Personally, I know Lost Galaxy had a skewed sense of scale at times, such as trying to fit all of sentai Tokyo into the city dome, but I just can't see that huge ocean landscape fitting into the tiny dome from episode 27 — unless you wanted to say all of the tiny domes together made up the Ocean Dome through some sort of fragmented spatial warp. That would be crazy enough to be interesting.

Otherwise, if I were writing a fanfic and had to place the Ocean Dome somewhere, I suppose I'd put it in either yellow or orange. Yellow is nice and big, but its landscape looks pretty dry. We saw so little of orange that that might be the best way to go, in lieu of a better candidate. But I'm not really happy with having to ignore those two establishment shots above.

Parting thought: Why did the orange dome have a low tunnel that never appeared on schematics?

Thanks for reading.