Shinkenger to Power Rangers

Compiled by Joe Rovang

WARNING: This document contains significant spoilers for Shinkenger and Power Rangers Samurai.

JaydenRed Ranger
KevinBlue Ranger
MikeGreen Ranger
EmilyYellow Ranger
MiaPink Ranger
AntonioGold Ranger
Laurensecond Red Ranger
Zordsmain five are red Lion, blue Dragon, green Bear, yellow Ape, and pink Turtle
Samurai Megazordprimary five-piece robot
Beetle Zordorange, can combine with Megazord (Beetle Blaster Megazord)
Swordfish Zordblue, can combine with Megazord
Tiger Zordwhite, can combine with Megazord
BattlewingBeetle + Swordfish + Tiger
Battlewing MegazordMegazord + Battlewing
Octozordwhite squid, used by Gold, can combine with Megazord
Claw Zordgold lobster, used by Gold, can turn into four different Claw Battlezords (one of which merges with the Octozord)
Claw Armor MegazordMegazord + Claw Zord; Battlewing and Octozord form a supplemental cannon
Light Zordlantern and stick wielded by Gold, can transform into an autonomous giant robot
Shark Zordsharp-toothed legged creature (!), usually used as a sword
Bull Zordred bull, can turn into warrior mode
GigazordMegazord + Battlewing + Octozord + Claw Zord + Bull
Sanzu Rivermythical river; the Nighlok occupy a boat on this river
Xandredboss of the villains
Dayuvillainess, plays the shamisen (so-called "harmonium")
Octoroosquat, squid-headed scholar
Moogersfoot soldiers (also seen in giant form)
Monsterscreatures from Sanzu River, sometimes have to leave battle to rehydrate
Spitfangscreatures resembling crocodile heads on legs (also seen in giant form)
Dekercursed warrior, seeks duel with Red Ranger
Serratorevil general who debuts later, can create giant warriors (Papyrox) from cut paper
Ep #DescriptionPRS #Title
1gathering1Origins, part 1
2teamwork2Origins, part 2
3Green solo3The Team Unites
4Blue/Pink4Deal with a Nighlok
5Fire Smasher5Day Off
6insulting Emily6Sticks and Stones
7Swordfish7A Fish Out of Water
8Dayu and brides8There Go the Brides
9Blue mind-controlled9I've Got a Spell on Blue
10Green goes rogue10Forest for the Trees
11Red leaves11Test of the Leader
12Red returns12Jayden's Challenge
13demon-children-Party Monsters
14Richard Brown--
15Green vs. shapeshifter-Stuck on Christmas
16shell monster22Shell Game
17Gold debuts13Unexpected Arrival
18Red/Gold14Room for One More
19Gold/Blue15The Blue and the Gold
20Claw Zord16Team Spirit
21egg monster--
22Yellow as fiancée--
23temple17The Tengen Gate
24vest power-up18Boxed In
21Super Samurai
25dream monster19Broken Dreams
26Deker/Red duel20The Ultimate Duel
27body switcher23Trading Places
28Gold's lantern24Something Fishy
29lantern leaves29Runaway Spike
30brainwashed students--
31hospital hostage25The Rescue
32rogue Bull26The Bull Zord
33Bull tamed
34Pink's parents27He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother
35Blue Morpherless28Kevin's Choice
36Yellow/Gold-Clash of the Red Rangers
37Green/Blue stuck31A Sticky Situation
38Ji's day off32Trust Me
39Red hardcore
40Xandred's outing33The Master Returns
41appetite monster30The Strange Case of the Munchies
42pillars of light34A Crack in the World
43Serrator falls35Stroke of Fate
44female Red debuts36Fight Fire with Fire
45working with female Red37The Great Duel
46purposeless Red
47Deker falls38Evil Reborn
48the seal39The Sealing Symbol
49final battle40Samurai Forever


Each sentai episode is summarized below in blue as though it were directly translated for Power Rangers. Usable sentai footage is listed in black bullet points. Updated information is in green.

Episode 1

As the Nighlok attack, Jayden reluctantly accepts help from four individuals trained to serve him.


Use: This episode was adapted as PRS #1: "Origins, part 1," but Jayden was less of a jerk, and Kevin was a swimmer rather than a kabuki performer. All cockpit footage has been reshot (employing US-original "Mega Mode").

Episode 2

The Rangers and Jayden learn to trust each other. The Megazord debuts.


Use: This episode was adapted as PRS #2: "Origins, part 2," but little tension between Jayden and the team remained.

Episode 3

Jayden scolds Mike for his inferior skills; Mike outsmarts a monster but comes to respect Jayden's skills (wanting to surpass them someday).


Use: This episode was adapted as PRS #3: "The Team Unites," but the team dynamic was softened. The hand-severing was unexpectedly retained.

Episode 4

Kevin and Mia investigate a boy who had a suspicious contact with a monster; they come to terms with their own postponed dreams.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #4: "Deal with a Nighlok."

Episode 5

Jayden struggles to power a new disc; he succeeds, and a new cannon and Beetle Zord debut.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #5: "Day Off." Predictably, the monster's bullet-based attacks were modified (the barrel of his gun even painted over). The Red Mega Ranger was inserted over footage of Red Ranger outside the Zords.

Episode 6

Mike is irritated by Emily's low self-esteem; the Rangers face off with a monster whose insults send them flying (except for Emily, who's used to such insults and has little self-esteem to lose).


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #6: "Sticks and Stones."

Episode 7

Kevin is sent to capture the Swordfish Zord, and a disaffected assistant (now a fisherman) makes him question his resolve. A monster poisons the others, but the Swordfish heals them, and Kevin saves the day. Deker looks on.


Use: This episode was adapted fairly closely as PRS #7: "A Fish Out of Water," but the fisherman was turned into an encouraging fellow with no backstory.

Episode 8

Jayden and Mia try to serve as bait to figure out the villains' bride-kidnapping spree (Dayu is making a dress). Deker interrupts the Rangers' battle, awaiting the day he battles Jayden.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #8: "There Go the Brides," but it was Emily rather than Kevin who served as the second decoy bride.

Episode 9

A monster arrives with the Tiger Zord under his command. Kevin is ensorcelled, and Jayden has to battle him (Deker watches in human form); all ends well, thanks to a "Resist" disc Jayden uses.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #9: "I Got a Spell on Blue."

Episode 10

Jayden assigns new discs to Kevin and Mia, but Mike tries to use Mia's instead; Mike learns to use his own power to defeat a flying monster (but Mia then gives him her disc anyway).


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #10: "Forest for the Trees."

Episode 11

Targeted by the villains, Jayden doesn't want the others risking their lives to defend him. Deker interrupts a battle with a tough monster but finds Jayden isn't ready for their fight.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #11: "Test of the Leader."

Episode 12

Jayden leaves to think. Xandred drives Deker away. Jayden saves a young boy and works with the team to counter the monster's attacks. Kevin suggests a new Megazord formation.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #12: "Jayden's Challenge." Kevin introduced the Battlewing Megazord drawings earlier than in the sentai.

Episode 13

A monster burdens the male Rangers with demon-children whose cries weigh them down; Emily is concerned about Mia's injuries from battle as Mia speaks of wanting to be a bride and mother. Mia and Emily team up against the monster.


Use: The villains' boat footage from this episode was used for the Halloween special "Party Monsters." The plot of this episode was not adapted.

Episode 14

Kevin has a hard time shaking an overzealous Ranger admirer ("Richard Brown" in sentai); meanwhile, the team needs Kevin to thwart a fire-based monster.


Use: This episode was skipped, except for a similar theme of Bulk and Spike wanting to train at the dojo in PRS #30: "The Strange Case of the Munchies."

Episode 15

Mike struggles to master a blade grasp technique; a monster knocks him out and causes trouble by impersonating him. Dayu finds Deker lying unconscious on the riverbank.


Use: A Dayu/Deker scene was used in PRS #15. The main plot of this episode was skipped, but some of its battle footage was used in the Christmas special "Stuck on Christmas."

Episode 16

Kevin, Mike, and Emily try to outdo the mansion's assistants as they help out around town; the Rangers work together to defeat a shell-bearing monster.


Use: This episode was skipped in season 1 (except for a Dayu/Deker scene in PRS #15). It was later adapted mildly closely as PRS #22: "Shell Game," except that new Super Samurai and Zord footage were substituted in, and the subplot about the assistants was omitted.

Episode 17

As Jayden is haunted by an unknown presence, Mike and Emily track down a mysterious sushi seller (Antonio); he ends up helping them as the Gold Ranger against the monster who's been spying on Red.


Use: This episode was adapted fairly closely as PRS #13: "Unexpected Arrival." Antonio sells grilled fish rather than sushi, and the Octozord emerges from a different vessel. A childhood flashback of Jayden and Antonio appeared in this episode rather than the next.

Episode 18

Antonio is revealed as Jayden's childhood friend; Jayden overcomes his reluctance to allow Antonio to serve as the sixth member of the team.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #14: "Room for One More."

Episode 19

Kevin bickers with Antonio, but they have to work together to thwart Octoroo's plan to prime an evil well.


Use: This episode was adapted fairly closely as PRS #15: "The Blue and the Gold." Octoroo's scheme was changed to involve stolen toys rather than hatcheted schoolgirls, and Dayu/Deker scenes were moved here from Shinkenger 15 and 16.

Episode 20

The day before Emily's birthday, a monster steals her soul; the Rangers must defeat the monster in 24 hours, but he's nowhere to be found. After unwittingly meeting Deker, Antonio saves the day with his new Claw Zord, but someone steals the Octozord.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #16: "Team Spirit," minus the Octozord thief.

Crossover #1: Episode 24 of Kamen Rider Decade takes place between Shinkenger episodes 20 and 21. In it, Gold confronts the Octozord thief, a Masked Rider from another universe, but a monster steals the Rider's powers. (The Rider crossover was skipped.)

Episode 21

A Rider-monster remains on the loose (see crossover above). Mia and Mike run into Mike's dad at a restaurant; another monster turns people evil, and Mia and Mike deal with a hostage situation. Later, a stranger warns Jayden about a destroyer of worlds.


Use: This episode was skipped.

Crossover #2: Episode 25 of Kamen Rider Decade takes place between Shinkenger episodes 21 and 22. In it, the Rangers meet the purported destroyer of worlds, another Masked Rider, who helps them defeat the Rider-monster. Gold exchanges the thief's powers for the stolen Octozord, and the Riders depart. (The Rider crossover was skipped.)

Episode 22

Emily pretends to be the fiancée of a wealthy heir who has a crush on her, while Jayden pretends to be her servant; Emily has to sour the heir's affections to save him from an emotion-leeching monster.


Use: This episode was skipped.

Episode 23

The Rangers visit a temple where a new device is being prepared; Jayden is poisoned by Octoroo, but Deker carries him away (after learning Gold Ranger is the sushi seller he somewhat admired). Xandred overloads a monster who attacked the Rangers without permission (cont'd below).


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #17: "The Tengen Gate," except that Dayu and Deker's backstory was original.

Episode 24

Deker heals Jayden and reveals his origin (which Dayu overhears); Jayden vows to fight him the next time they meet. Antonio completes the new device and gives it to Jayden, who uses it to defeat the powered-up monster (see previous episode).


Use: Most of this episode was adapted closely as PRS #18: "Boxed In," except that the ending veered off when Jayden and Antonio arrived: no Super Mode was introduced, and Arachnitor wasn't destroyed in small scale (hence, his Zord battle wasn't used, nor did the Spitfangs appear). Arachnitor's demise (including Super modes and Claw Armor Megazord) was then loosely adapted for PRS #21: "Super Samurai."

Episode 25

Dayu goes AWOL; a monster casts Dayu and Mia into a dream world, where Mia learns her foe's origin. Kevin and Mike break the dream spell, and Emily is injured as Mia is reluctant to fight Dayu. Jayden and Antonio exhaust themselves in a Zord battle, but Deker shows up for his duel (cont'd below).


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #19: "Broken Dreams," except that Dayu's backstory was rewritten to involve Deker. Further, the Claw Armor Megazord was replaced via nimble editing (it hadn't debuted yet in PRS).

Episode 26

Deker defeats attacking Moogers and delays his duel with Jayden as a favor to Antonio. Jayden later heads out to his duel despite Kevin's objections. The monster returns, and Kevin uses Jayden's power-up device to defeat him. Jayden wins his duel with Deker (by strategically allowing himself to be stabbed in the shoulder), and Deker falls off a cliff.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #20: "The Ultimate Duel," except that the Claw Armor Megazord still didn't appear.

Episode 27

A monster goes about switching people's souls with inanimate objects; four of the Rangers succumb to his curse, leaving only Mike and Emily unaffected. With Yellow's help, Mike swaps bodies with the monster and coerces him into undoing the curse; the duo then defeats him in battle. The monster's master, Serrator, arises from the river (cont'd below).


Use: This episode was closely adapted as PRS #23: "Trading Places," but the Rangers' objects were different, and the monster's tentacle-stab was given a "boing" sound effect to make it seem non-stabby. Serrator wasn't seen in this episode.

Episode 28

Antonio is paralyzed by a fear of sushi, inflicted on him during his time as a piece of sushi (above). Despite the others' attempts to help him conquer his fear, Antonio retires from the team and creates a talking robotic lantern to take his place. Serrator tests the five Rangers in battle, but Antonio arrives brandishing the lantern, having been cured of his fear with tough love from Jayden's advisor. Serrator departs.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #24: "Something Fishy" (with Antonio afraid of fish), except that the Light Zord doesn't speak.

Episode 29

An argument between Antonio and his lantern prompts the lantern to run away. Mia tries to reconcile them, but the Rangers must fight a monster who creates doubles of himself. At night, Antonio apologizes to the lantern, and his light helps the Rangers defeat the monster.


Use: This episode's battles were used in PRS #29: "Runaway Spike," but the plot was mostly US-original (notwithstanding the coincidental runaway theme).

Episode 30

Kevin and Emily investigate a school of brainwashed students and teachers. The lantern helps reveal the monster responsible, and Kevin defeats him.


Use: This episode was skipped.

Episode 31

A nurse tells the Rangers that the villains have taken a young hospital patient hostage. The Rangers are ambushed in the hospital basement (as they expected), and Jayden uses a new power-up. The monster takes Antonio and the nurse hostage, but the others rescue them.


Use: This episode was loosely adapted as PRS #25: "The Rescue." Ji and Antonio were the hostages, and no hospital was involved.

Episode 32

The Rangers are visited by a boy from the mountain where the Bull Zord was sealed long ago. A monster uses the boy to release the Bull, who remains trapped inside it. Dayu finds the remaining piece of Deker's sword (see episode 26).


Use: This episode and the next were condensed into PRS #26: "The Bull Zord." The plot was more or less the same, minus the foreshadowing of Deker's return.

Episode 33

Serrator tells Dayu that Deker is still alive; she finds him and relays Serrator's offer to repair their respective items. The duo later attacks the Rangers, but Jayden follows the monster and evicts him from the Bull. The boy tames the Bull, which he and Jayden use to destroy the giant monster.


Use: See previous episode. Dayu and Deker were omitted.

Episode 34

Mia's father invites her to Hawaii (her parents left her to train with her grandmother after their generation's great battle). As the Rangers fight Moogers abducting children, Mia plants an alarm on a boy before he's taken. Xandred punishes Serrator for secretly hiring Deker and Dayu. The Rangers free the children as Mia's father watches. Mia later reconciles with her mother.


Use: This episode's battles were used in PRS #27: "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother," but the plot was US-original. Deker's return was again delayed, and Xandred didn't stab Serrator's foot.

Episode 35

After reminiscing about his former career, Kevin has his Morpher eaten by a monster. In disguise, he inspires his old friend at the theater but then joins the others as they recover his Morpher. The Gigazord debuts.


Use: This episode was adapted fairly closely as PRS #28: "Kevin's Choice," but with a swimming theme in place of kabuki. Deker and Dayu's prior scenes were also condensed and delayed until this episode.

Episode 36

After people rave over his curry (which he made per Emily's request), Antonio is offered a job at a curry restaurant. Emily counters a destructive monster. Antonio resumes his dream of making sushi.


Use: The first of this episode's monster battles was used in "Clash of the Red Rangers," but the conclusion was skipped. The main plot of this episode was skipped.

Episode 37

A gluey monster sticks Kevin and Mike together; they have to work together to beat the monster.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #31: "A Sticky Situation."

Episode 38

The Rangers insist that Ji take his annual day off (disabling the mansion's alarms to get him to leave), but they have trouble against a monster and his rifle squad. Just in the nick of time, Ji shows up with the Bullzooka, having seen through the team's ruse.


Use: The monster battle and Bullzooka debut from this episode were combined with episode 39 (below). The subplot of Ji's day off wasn't adapted.

Episode 39

The Rangers investigate a village turned mad by ashes from Serrator's altar. Mike and Antonio are turned on each other. Unnerved by Deker's suggestion that he's gone soft, Jayden destroys the altar; Mia remains concerned about Jayden.


Use: This episode was adapted somewhat closely as PRS #32: "Trust Me," but with elements from the previous sentai episode (notably, the monster battle) worked in.

Episode 40

Octoroo demands Dayu's shamisen back from Serrator; after retrieving it from a crevice, Serrator turns on Octoroo and then barely escapes Xandred's wrath. Despite nearly turning to stone, Xandred injures Jayden and repairs the shamisen before Octoroo drags him away.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #33: "The Master Returns." Footage of Xandred sinking (see next episode) was used here.

Episode 41

After receiving a letter from her sister, Emily regrets being a burden to the team as the youngest Ranger (and her sister's substitute). Her recklessness in battle leaves the others vulnerable to a monster's appetite spell, but she gains self-confidence in time to save the day.


Use: This episode was loosely adapted as PRS #30: "The Strange Case of the Munchies"; the monster's effects were retained, but the Emily plot was altered heavily. Further, the Bullzooka was omitted, and footage of Xandred sinking into the Sanzu River was delayed (this episode's adaptation was moved up relative to other Shinkenger episodes).

Episode 42

The Rangers realize Serrator's attacks form a line across the country. Serrator reveals his plan will open a fissure to Hell, but he needs Deker to cut it open, promising the souls of Deker's family trapped inside his sword will be freed. Serrator begins the process, sure Deker will follow through (cont'd below).


Use: This was adapted as PRS #34: "A Crack in the World."

Episode 43

Antonio hesitates to slay a weakened Deker after thinking of his family. He fails to convince Deker to stop, but Deker ends up striking Serrator, revealing he knew all along his sword was made from his family (yet he killed with it all this time anyway). As Deker is clearly no longer human, the ceremony fails. The Rangers finish off Serrator and then decorate for Christmas.


Use: This episode was adapted as PRS #35: "Stroke of Fate," with Deker's backstory altered. It wasn't Christmastime.

Episode 44

As New Year's approaches, Jayden receives an unexpected letter. Dayu returns, and Octoroo endows a monster with a fire-eating attack to target Jayden. Jayden unexpectedly survives the attacks (albeit barely) and destroys the monster with a suicide attack. A female Red Ranger helps the Rangers finish off their now-giant foe. Below, her assistant introduces her as Princess Lauren, the true head of the Shiba family.


Use: This episode was adapted as PRS #36: "Fight Fire with Fire." Lauren was changed to Jayden's sister, and she had no accompanying assistant.

Episode 45

As Jayden remains injured, the Rangers learn that he was a double intended to cover for Lauren, but she no longer wishes to hide (she, not Jayden, knows the special symbol required to seal Xandred away). The others are reluctant to follow anyone but Jayden, but he's busy feeling guilty and empty; when Deker challenges him to another fight, he agrees (cont'd below).


Use: This episode and the next were condensed into PRS #37: "The Great Duel."

Episode 46

Jayden and Deker fight. Octoroo sacrifices half of his life to empower a monster. After destroying the monster, the others (minus Kevin) rush off to help Jayden.


Use: See previous episode.

Episode 47

After some convincing by his fisherman friend (see episode 7), Kevin sets out to join Jayden. Meanwhile, it seems Deker just won't die, and Jayden is nearly tempted to the side of evil, but Deker's sword pins him in place, and he finally succumbs to Jayden's earlier slice. The Rangers slap some sense into Jayden, and he helps the Rangers fight badguys. Dayu's shamisen is broken open, and Xandred arrives.


Use: This episode was adapted fairly closely as PRS #38: "Evil Reborn."

Episode 48

Xandred absorbs Dayu. As the Rangers (minus Jayden) fight Xandred, Lauren draws her sealing character; it seems to work, but Xandred returns (albeit with a scarred chest), having absorbed enough humanity from Dayu to render him immune. Xandred injures Lauren, and Jayden helps the Rangers escape. Lauren steps down, announcing that she has adopted Jayden as her son, entitling him to the role of her successor. Xandred then attacks as the Sanzu River overflows.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #39: "The Sealing Symbol."

Episode 49

As the others defend him, Jayden uses a special disc provided by Lauren; it only injures Xandred. Xandred leaves to attack Lauren, but the Rangers receive two more special discs, which they use to defeat Xandred. He grows, and the Rangers close in (despite great damage to their Zords) to deliver a finishing strike. The Sanzu River waters recede, and the Rangers go their separate ways for now.


Use: This episode was adapted closely as PRS #40: "Samurai Forever."

Crossover (Shinkenger vs. Go-onger)

A Venjix general, Professor Cog, casts the RPM Rangers into alternate worlds. The Samurai Rangers are joined by Scott (RPM Red) against Grinders, but Jayden isn't impressed. Cog needs Sanzu River water for his pollution generator; Venjix's former generals are revived, but they dine at Antonio's and then return to the underworld rather than serve Cog. Cog tries to banish Scott and Jayden, but the other Samurai Rangers are lost instead; a Nighlok then captures Jayden's advisor and Scott's robot friend.

In alternate universes (one Christmasy, one samurai-themed, and one full of junk), the Samurai team meets the assorted RPM Rangers. When Jayden rejects Cog's demands even to save the hostages, Scott fights him, but it was just a distraction to free the hostages. The RPM Zords bring the others, and all morph.

As the thirteen Rangers do battle, Serrator, Deker, and Dayu arrive but are repelled by the following year's Ranger team! Jayden and Scott trade weapons, and the monster and Cog grow upon defeat. As the villains fly to the moon (the site of the generator), the Rangers chase in their respective Zords and destroy the monster; Cog merges with his generator, but the Zords destroy him as well. After saying goodbye on Earth, the RPM Rangers fly their Zords through a portal in the sky.


Use: This movie was somewhat liberally adapted as the hour-long special "Clash of the Red Rangers." Only Scott appeared (and never in unmorphed form). The teamup finale (including the arrival of the other RPM Rangers) was replaced with battle footage from another unrelated Shinkenger movie.