Go-busters to Power Rangers

Compiled by Mark Ivey

WARNING: This document contains significant spoilers for Go-busters and (at least to some extent, if it's ever adapted) Power Rangers.

This guide outlines how Power Rangers could adapt the 2012 super sentai, Tokumei Sentai Go-busters.

Go-busters stars a team of "Spy Rangers" who, along with their Droids, attempt to prevent their city's experimental energy from being used by an evil computer virus to break free from subspace and take over the world.

Redassociated with the Cheetah.
Blueassociated with the Gorilla.
Yellowassociated with the Rabbit.
CheetahDroidRed's personal droid, which can transform into a motorcycle.
GorillaDroidBlue's personal droid.
RabbitDroidYellow's personal droid.
Cheetah CycleRed's motorbike, which is the alternate form of the CheetahDroid.
Binocular BladeThe Rangers' binoculars which can transform into daggers.
Lens BlasterThe Rangers' cameras which can transform into blasters.
Spy ShooterA combination of the Binocular Blade and the Lens Blaster.
Cheetah CarRed's vehicle. Can transform into the Ace Megazord.
Gorilla TruckBlue's vehicle. Can transform into the GorillaZord.
Rabbit CopterYellow's Zord. Can transform into the RabbitZord.
Ace MegazordRed's Megazord transformed from the Cheetah Car. Can transform into the CheetahZord.
Buster MegazordA combination of the Ace Megazord, GorillaZord and RabbitZord.
VirusEvil computer program bent on world domination. Appears as a disembodied head.
EnterHuman villain, responsible for creating the monsters that attack the city.
Armor-BotsPurple foot soldiers.
MechsMonsters that are created by Enter.
RobosGiant robots that are unleashed on the city.


Each sentai episode is briefly summarized in blue. Most usable sentai footage is listed in black bullet points. How the footage can be used is in italics. Mark's guess as to how/if the episode will be adapted is summarized in green.

Mission 1

As Blue and Yellow attempt to track down an enemy, Red makes his debut.


The opening battle between Blue and Yellow and the Armor-Bots is mostly brief shots that were shown during the opening credits, but are certainly usable if inserted correctly. Otherwise, some original footage would need to be filmed. Parts of the battle against Bulldozer-Mech include a countdown timer in the corner, so this would need to be refilmed if the timer wasn't adapted (which is likely, given it contains Japanese characters). The majority of the battle against Enter is unusable since he is a human villain, although the shots of the Rangers avoiding is tentacles could be used. When the Ace Megazord and its animal mode first appear they are accompanied by subtitles giving their names (MMPRv2 style), it's unknown if these will be kept for future appearances.

Mark's guess: While the majority of the footage is usable, I can see it being held back until the second or third episode to accomodate a US-premiere.

Mission 2

As Enter unleashes a Flame-Mech onto the city, the Rangers put aside their differences. Virus's backstory is revealed.


Standard teamwork episode, and the Gorilla Truck and Rabbit Copter make their debut. A lot of backstory is also given in this episode as well as displaying the Rangers genetic powers for the first time. The countdown timer is used again, so it seems that this will be a recurring feature leaving it unknown how a US adaption would handle it (they could integrate it, or possibly have a version of the episode without the graphic sent by Toei). How much of the battle against Enter could be used depends on if his costume is adapted or not.

Mark's guess: Straightforward adaptation, however I'm not sure how the personal powers will be handled by Power Rangers since all three have been used in PR before (Super-speed was used in Dino Thunder, while super-strength and super-jumping were used in Operation Overdrive).

Mission 3

The Rangers battle to save a hospital from having its energy drained by Enter's latest creation.


Standard 'Rangers learn to work together' episode, and the Gorilla Truck's Zord mode makes its debut. Once again, a countdown timer appears (but it's not around as long this time) and there's a subtitle when the Gorilla Truck is launched in this episode. The opening fight has Japanese writing prominently in the background, so this would need to be refilmed but otherwise most of this episode could be used.

Mark's guess: Straightforward adaptation.

Mission 4

Enter divides up the Rangers in an attempt to drain an energy tank.


This episode focuses on the Rangers' relationship with their commander while also showing some progress in Enter's plan to steal energy for Virus. The countdown timer appears again briefly, and its now clear this is a regular feature. As I expect Toei would send 'clean' versions of the footage to Saban, I'm no longer going to note this.

Mark's guess: It's unknown if the command staff will be adapted for PR, so its anyone's guess really. I could see the shot of Cutter-Robo's head being sliced into removed.

Mission 5

The Rangers are sent to escort an energy shipment, but things go wrong when a mech attacks. Yellow is left traumatised when she witnesses Blue's weakness first-hand.


Primarily Yellow focus. Blue's weakness is revealed to be a tendancy to overheat if put under too much stress, causing him to go berserk to the point that he nearly punches Yellow when she tries to stop him. The RabbitZord is introduced in this episode. Blue's fight against Bike-Mech is quite violent, and would almost certainly be toned down (especially the nature of Bike-Mech's destruction). The question of how much of the truck footage could be retained depends upon if the energy angle of the show's premise is ported over and keeps the same name ('Enetron').

Mark's guess: It depends upon if the genetic powers and weaknesses are adapted (which I can see happening), but if they are then I can see this as a mostly straightforward adaptation, albeit with some of the violence toned down.

Mission 6

The Rangers struggle to form the Buster Megazord, while Enter manages to infiltrate their base.


Megazord introduction episode, as well as minor Red focus. After thirty years, Toei finally explains why an enemy can't attack during a Megazord transformation sequence. The events of the fourth episode (Cutter-Robo allowing itself to be captured by the Rangers to study) play a large part of this story, as Enter takes advantage of the situation to learn the location of the Rangers base.

Mark's guess: Straightforward adaptation (assuming Enter is included in Power Rangers).

Mission 7

The Ace Megazord is left out of commission when an inexperienced maintenence worker makes a mistake.


First filler episode of the series, as well as focusing on a character-of-the-day. Nothing really remarkable happens in this episode, although Enter's plan to create Train-Mech in order to draw energy from the railway system is an interesting one.

Mark's guess: Nothing to stop it getting adapted, however the series would lose nothing if it was skipped.

Mission 8

Blue is reunited with an old friend, as Enter attempts to steal plans for the newly-developed FrogZord.

Movie #1

Power Rangers take on the Kamen Riders.